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    i tried it  
    2nd one cause u could jump off. my bro press the 1 one'  
    ill be safe with god  
    bigger food,better life  
    dr.pepper is best but for me pepsi and coke taste the same but come is better  
    1st one actually cause then i can give to the poor  
    family know everythinng  
    small dogs are more educated  
    i would rather be normal then die  
    guest from California I'm not a brat, u are how am going to save a life by dying. Think of that smart pants  
    monkeys get vicious when they grow up  
    adopt a baby  
    The 9-11 killed almost 100,000 people. But then The Holocaust also killed about 100,000 people. I would save both.  
    There should be a button that said Has a excellent relationship  
    guest from Surrey, United States, I'm not retorted u are. Its my opinion so back of loser  
    i think of this question as who would you bring back to life God or Pokemon  
    love both but i love ice cream  
    both but that is so racist  
    wheres the none button when u need it +1
    none because I'm 10 and I'm allergic to meth  
    golf is SOOOOOO boring i love basketball  
    i wish there was a both button cause i love both  
    my friends don't care about me and they talk crap about me  
    im a girl but I'm changing it to who is the best artist  
    mom dry shampoo  
    fudge i meant both  
    I'm weird already lol  
    Nymeria im not a idiot for your stupid information  
    i don't care and I'm not retarded u people  
    im a girl soo none  
    dry shampoo  
    where the I'm going to die anyway button  
    i chose the first option because i already have a photographic memory  
    by the way i am 15  
    i had a bf but were through  
    Mitt Romney accused Obama for violence and it was not real  
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