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i hate everybody XD 3 years ago  
too much awesomeness XDDDD 3 years ago  
id choose a cold shower in darkness 3 years ago  
i like his name XD 3 years ago  
hi 3 years ago  
you cant go beyond infinity, beyond infinity is infinity 3 years ago  
sor ree 3 years ago  
i chose b because if you look at the sci fi element interstellar is way better. but action wise the terminator is amazing 3 years ago +1
bullsh*t 3 years ago  
you would be scared of your own sickness 3 years ago  
travels to anime universe. never uses power again 3 years ago  
too lazy 3 years ago  
F YEAH 3 years ago +1
everyone who chose a has never had a strudel 3 years ago  
i have a diving license, got it in thailand. best vacation ever 3 years ago  
my best friend, he is strong. 3 years ago  
XDDDDDDD, so relatable. apart from friends/ family i dont care about the rest of humanity. XDDDD 3 years ago  
ah, thats nice of you. XD 3 years ago +1
you shouldve called ned cloak. then they'd be called cloak and dagger(for the tf2 players) 3 years ago +1
higher killstreak XD 3 years ago +2
food contains water. so for survival you would be able to survive with b 3 years ago +2
nekopara h-edition *faps in corner* XD 3 years ago  
made my day XD 3 years ago  
i like both very much, only b is getting repetitive after so long 3 years ago  
eh, i havent seen the other mission impossible movies. 3 years ago +1
easier to kill XD 3 years ago  
the reason i still chose tomorrowland is because rogue nation was just horrible. i found it a complete waste of time. it was way too predictable 3 years ago +1
you can imagine anything, but you cant know everything 3 years ago  
i havent even seen tomorrowland and i voted for it 3 years ago +1
but i love music. 3 years ago +3
night = love night = life 3 years ago +1
watch something like counterstrike for example. 3 years ago  
mine are allready pretty long 4 years ago  
id write a list of things i want and wish that everything on that list happened 4 years ago +1
i have this a lot. 4 years ago  
ever watched e-sports. those people are super skilled 4 years ago  
if he had unlimited power he wouldve already solved all world problems 4 years ago  
i hate them 4 years ago  
we'd become buddies 4 years ago  
i liked cod till aw. now i have trust issues 4 years ago  
if its the best school it will probably be able to make you smart 4 years ago  
have both. XD 4 years ago  
sliding down mt everest would kill me, kicking my best friend face would also kill me. so id rather go out fast 4 years ago  
seed machinegun 4 years ago +1
hyouka is amazing, and its main protagonist is so relatable 4 years ago  
i personally dont really like batman 4 years ago  
*slow clap* 4 years ago  
why does it have to be believable. fantasy ftw 4 years ago  
good quality vs trash 4 years ago  
i have a divers license(no not a drivers license, a divers license). 4 years ago  
if you live forever there is one thing in life you can never do. and thats dying 4 years ago  
the guys who hack isis 4 years ago +2
lets rule with us 3 XD 4 years ago +1
its not wrong, but i dont do it myself. and i never will 4 years ago  
i would be scared by the fact that i dont have a parachute 4 years ago  
i could laugh at the stupidity of some people 4 years ago  
you could just accept his preference you dick 4 years ago  
b protects you from the sun. it also works as isolation 4 years ago  
XD 4 years ago  
log horizon is about the same but it is more strategy based 4 years ago  
true, id rather have our king rule instead of the government 4 years ago +1
sure 4 years ago  
i dont vote for ugly things *grabs popcorn* 4 years ago  
i dont have one 4 years ago +2
fellow dutchie YAY 4 years ago  
i have one but i havent used it in years 4 years ago  
belgium, germany, great brittain, france, italy, spain, chech republic, poland, thailand, sri lanka, norway 4 years ago  
nice try nsa 4 years ago  
id crash it at like 2 mph so i could pay the repairs 4 years ago  
holy cow 4 years ago  
but 1 thing i need is a kind of forcefield that keeps flying insects out(i cant stand them). 4 years ago  
what, how. 4 years ago  
i brush everyday in the morning and evening and i still have yellow teeth 4 years ago  
guess mine 4 years ago  
if he does bad stuff i have a valid reason to make him/her sleep outside 4 years ago  
yeah, and then in one of those old fashion houses with a hotspring and stuff 4 years ago +1
i hate flying things, i kinda like spiders 4 years ago +1
if i can meet him i could kill him MUHAAHAAA(i wouldnt because i dont attack girls) 4 years ago +1
people think that if you dont go to school you become dumb, but they dont realize that you can teach yourself 4 years ago +1
i like onions raw 4 years ago  
dog: banjer cat:mucho(say mutcho) 4 years ago  
god is created as a excuse for the greed of the people in the past(grabs popcorn) 4 years ago +2
i like ur profile pic 4 years ago  
i honestly think black people are way nicer than white people(im white myself) 4 years ago  
dark stuff 4 years ago  
to see if it fits or not *winks* (sorry i am terrible) 4 years ago +1
i dont think there is a god but i dont draw conclusions on just thoughts 4 years ago  
something someone actually worked hard for vs the a couple pictures from google thrown together. choice clear 4 years ago +1
have already been to thailand 4 years ago  
why would you cover legs, shoes are for on your feet , not to be used as pants 4 years ago +2
QUAD FEEED 4 years ago  
ranpo kitan: game no laplace is a amazing example of the difference in the culture of the east and west 4 years ago  
he asked if you think guns are bad, not if you think the murders with them 4 years ago  
going on a plane, fast train, car on highway enz. there are way more things that are dangerous if something goes wrong and people still use 4 years ago  
dont forget to get high 4 years ago  
you can duplicate the oghma, did it once, got everything to lvl 100 4 years ago  
you could learn the true worth instantly 4 years ago +1
lol im a guy XD, i chose purple because its darker. i like dark colors 4 years ago  
if i could have music on 4 years ago +1
i say nu-tella because in dutch nu means now so it feels more natural 4 years ago  
id have a skill enabled that would kill all insects that come near me 4 years ago +1
i honestly think that healthcare is the problem. way too many people who normally would die can now survive because of healthcare. 4 years ago +2
lol 4 years ago  
i think death note is kinda boring 4 years ago  
oh people in the past didnt know the horror yet 4 years ago  
why would you cancel a show you hate. you could just ignore it 4 years ago  
attack on titan leaves bigger impression 4 years ago +1
ive never even seen naruto and i know my choice 4 years ago +1
rito is the best example 4 years ago  
never watch tv 4 years ago +1
why would you want the ability to make someone do something once when you can just pull a weapon out of a random person an threaten them 4 years ago +1
lol kiss x sis 4 years ago +1
opion a: 1 time per person use to command them to do something option b: able to extract a weapon whenever you want for as much as you want 4 years ago +1
it depends on what big is 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
i never read manga anyway so no problem 4 years ago  
its porn but with anime characters and storylines 4 years ago  
shakugan no shana's first 2 seasons have been in my top 20 series ever since i saw it. season 3 sucked tho 4 years ago +2
how in the f does ttgl have only 18% its awesome 4 years ago  
so hard to choose which though 4 years ago  
i want that shirt 4 years ago  
it doesnt say it has to be turned on XD 4 years ago  
you're 4 years ago  
here we see a astounding example of a endangered species called the smart person 4 years ago +3
*slow clap* 4 years ago  
ha 4 years ago  
as a guy im suprised that most people voted a 4 years ago +2
what is milverse 4 years ago  
then you would have a nice view XD 4 years ago +3
im too light for my lenght anyway 4 years ago  
im done, best comment ever 4 years ago  
zzz. just 5 more minutes Zzzzzz 4 years ago  
more food 4 years ago  
never heard of that seed 4 years ago  
i hate babies anyway. 4 years ago  
choice 1: go gay for a funny/awesome guy. choice 2: straight relationship with a monster 4 years ago +1
me, id gladly help a cop catch bad guys 4 years ago  
f the world 4 years ago  
it is a sort of mindsport 4 years ago +1
school, NOPE 4 years ago  
its a kind of nut, try it it is amazing imo 4 years ago  
its a game made in russia(duh) where u put 1 bullet in a revolver , then give it a random spin and hold it to your head without looking. then you pull the trigger . if you are lucky you had a empty one. if bad luck you kill yourself 4 years ago  
that wouldnt work, that mindset wouldve already be calculated and you would die exactly the time it specified 4 years ago  
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