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    sh*t i did to nooooo whyyyy 3 years ago  
    how could people do that their friend computer 3 years ago  
    i would go crazy 3 years ago  
    dc sucks its just muscle out guys and hot girls marvel their smart wimpy guys who use thought instead of brute strength spider-man for the win 3 years ago  
    yah me to 3 years ago  
    im an outcast and hate people 3 years ago  
    no no hes not hes horrible your probally black just saying its not racist its true k racist means to believe your race is better than others 3 years ago  
    they could kill the child what if they dont think there ready 3 years ago  
    wolf because Girls love wolves 3 years ago  
    i drink more than that in a day come on i want a challenge 3 years ago  
    i hate water 3 years ago  
    wealth better than smarts money will lead to smarts 3 years ago  
    ill invent video games 3 years ago  
    not with nuetella then yah 3 years ago  
    already do 3 years ago  
    ill use sharigan thatll shoow them 3 years ago  
    cyode canyon yum yah 3 years ago  
    that what sucks 3 years ago  
    hockey kills more but personally f*ck sports i never broke my arm or anything gamer for life 3 years ago  
    you are shunned 3 years ago  
    space cooler cant wait to find aliens there are aliens k people who dont beilve there are billions of planets so think of that 3 years ago  
    already am 3 years ago  
    neither im straight 3 years ago  
    dubstep yah 3 years ago  
    wars possible 3 years ago  
    yah nazi are great slaps the sh*t out of this 3 years ago  
    america 3 years ago  
    mostly cops the legal gang co*ks of people shooting c.o.p.s. see 3 years ago  
    single ready to mingle 3 years ago  
    legs wont help me love computer 3 years ago  
    id f**k them and hope they let me go 3 years ago  
    your a retard if your teachers a Bi**h its hard to learn and half of the stuff in school is pointless like history 3 years ago  
    id get al the bi**hes i would be like ever be fu**ed by an invisible guy 3 years ago  
    we would die from pollution 3 years ago  
    yah there better 3 years ago  
    what 3 years ago  
    u f**k a hat 3 years ago  
    i would be like look at my phone see it says she dump me and kiss the closest person to me pick her up and leave 3 years ago  
    sickness ends computer virus doesnt and i couldnt do that to my friend i love u computer 3 years ago  
    the moment u saw would change because u know that now 3 years ago  
    dont touch me u filthy casual 3 years ago  
    i dont want to get any skinnier i might die 3 years ago  
    dick kicks hurt and i would want to die bye fire also kill it with fire 3 years ago  
    good for him im stealing it later 3 years ago  
    praze derpy 3 years ago  
    rave 3 years ago  
    im not gay but it doesnt say i half to bang them it says they me whateve 3 years ago  
    like for boobs 3 years ago  
    i hate these type of people keap it to yourself over relegios douche who put these comments to yourself god aint real k lots of people dont believe im 1 and if he endds up being real k ill be in hell with my boy satan 3 years ago  
    play video games with rainbow and fluttershy hell yah 3 years ago  
    at least being in a coma i would miss 5 years so sao can be real 3 years ago  
    friends come and go but computers are loyal and wont leave u for sports 3 years ago  
    it proves opposite of what u said if they give something that u dont like it shows they dont know u 3 years ago  
    mario sucks 3 years ago  
    cats are asshole xbox hating demons who shut off xbox 3 years ago  
    dont give a sh*t 3 years ago  
    but im not gay 3 years ago yah i would want to see this 3 years ago  
    i would talk to a coconut 3 years ago  
    including u 3 years ago  
    its better in the long run 3 years ago  
    cats scare the crap out of me and turn off my xbox so f**k cats 3 years ago  
    you dont get caught 3 years ago  
    ill give him a pony b****es love ponies 3 years ago  
    make my own audio 3 years ago  
    i already cant 3 years ago  
    i couldnt live with myself sry but yah 3 years ago  
    be able u dont half to 3 years ago  
    dont half to learn how to drive 3 years ago  
    no there not 3 years ago  
    suck the tits 3 years ago  
    ksssss it burns 3 years ago  
    flsh games arent better than speed 3 years ago  
    god isnt real 3 years ago  
    make bigger tits that wont way more 3 years ago  
    no dr 3 years ago  
    got boobs whateve 3 years ago  
    cant use he saays 3 years ago  
    sh*t didnt read that 3 years ago  
    dubstep is everything and got me past lots of things people who make dubstep arent idiots 3 years ago  
    u would be miserable opposite of happiness 3 years ago  
    doesnt metter got sex 3 years ago  
    michael before white yah hes cool 3 years ago  
    monkeys are horrible and will rip your face off pigs are bacon so when its older there u go 3 years ago  
    yah 3 years ago  
    u can make everyone immortal boom 3 years ago  
    make the thing from sao come true 3 years ago  
    your an idiot u dont have to be married to reproduse how old are u 3 years ago  
    no i want to be a cool wizard like dovakiin 3 years ago  
    u alredy little mermaid u said it twice once at 1st and last 3 years ago  
    unicorns already are who to say a bull and a horse werent like hai there lets f*** thats how i see it 3 years ago  
    9-11 did kill tons but it brought a lot of people together so yah 3 years ago  
    i somewhat like 80s clothes because they look funny 3 years ago  
    im not going through that crap im 14 rather be here still 3 years ago  
    i fight giant monsters in my dreams so hell yah it would make an awesome show 3 years ago  
    penguin penguin penguin penguin i hope this changed a few minds 3 years ago  
    one ear ill even chop it off 3 years ago  
    i like michael scott 3 years ago  
    no no no i would rather die 3 years ago +1
    wouldn't half to see his dick 3 years ago +1
    dont know the other 3 years ago  
    i would pull him off and throw him out the window because hes a pervert and doesn't belong in my house 3 years ago  
    i love peppers 3 years ago  
    love coffee 3 years ago  
    use jedi mind and make them get u a free games and money 3 years ago  
    leia give me a blow job 3 years ago +1
    i want a fair fight 3 years ago  
    i can play video games im happy 3 years ago  
    god is just what hopeless people say if they dont believe in them selves yah i said it fight me 3 years ago +1
    not the same a hangover not literally screaming 3 years ago  
    ill just do what i usually and call mr torgue to scare with an explosion to get rid of them 3 years ago  
    black karate kid for the win 3 years ago  
    monkeys have thumbs u dumbass 3 years ago  
    your an idiot 3 years ago  
    you put a gun t your with 1 bullet inside in a revolver and hope it doesnt blow your brains out 3 years ago  
    so hes dead 3 years ago  
    use youtube idiots 3 years ago  
    the world would be dead and in horrible pain a nuke would make are lives end fast at least we woundt eve know what happen idiot 3 years ago  
    actually 1billions less money than 10 billion 3 years ago  
    that what i was thinking 3 years ago  
    im squeamish 3 years ago  
    id be 200 something pounds or something like that that aint bad but being 50 something no thank u 3 years ago  
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