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    clowns ffreek me out 7 years ago  
    oh ill do her any day 7 years ago  
    wtf i skip that that walrus will mush me and that chicken is.....dirty down there 7 years ago  
    well u picked one 7 years ago +4
    owls scare the sh*t out of me damn*t 7 years ago +2
    i would run around naked and no one sees lol jk jk i would liek to be invisidle tho 7 years ago  
    i cant let women down liek that its just not right dude 7 years ago +2
    50 -50 7 years ago +3
    obama is awsome and NOT cuz his black cuz im white so yeha he is awsome 7 years ago +1
    i find one every day cuz im lucky like that well not every day but i dotn eat a whole lot 7 years ago +1
    royal snobs and there weird laughing mbauhahaha 7 years ago +6
    my dad is dead -_- 7 years ago  
    a small chiwawa there mean oh yeah 7 years ago  
    nfl baby 7 years ago  
    wtf that was easy i would live 7 years ago  
    he said homosexual it mean you like the same sex does not mean you like boys duhh 7 years ago  
    i know a guy who tames sharks so ill just learn that 7 years ago  
    i dont roll that way so i skiped it 7 years ago  
    i really dont care alsong as they have ass ha 7 years ago +2
    monkeys rock 7 years ago +1
    niether but the didnt ssay you could take it down 7 years ago +1
    it woudl be and awsome view while im up there 7 years ago  
    i can just get fast internet i love my car so yeha 7 years ago  
    coke really use to have cocain leave to make it .... 7 years ago  
    well wat if they have a std just be suxsesful and then hire a pornstar 7 years ago +1
    but y porn start if its the same 7 years ago  
    you should have done that in the twilight and harry poter one 7 years ago  
    i would have the wish and wish for never ending wishes 7 years ago +2
    im using chromw now 7 years ago +4
    you 8% wtf lol dog cuz the elevator wont drop o.o 7 years ago +2
    ..........hahaha nice 7 years ago  
    wat the heck have for respect dude just get them on you own the flying attracks women 7 years ago  
    44% wat is the matter with you 7 years ago  
    lol didnt martin luther king teach u something us white should not be racist damn 7 years ago +1
    damnit i picked the wrong one i want to know the date so i can live my life when i got it 7 years ago +1
    are you crazy just keep them and say cucumber 7 years ago  
    lol 7 years ago  
    i dont need boobs im a dude and i need that cucumber 7 years ago +5
    thats hard cuz im a dude 7 years ago +1
    i want money then ill get true love duhh 7 years ago  
    lol wow 7 years ago  
    anyway mean i can build a bridge oh yeha 7 years ago +2
    that would be awsome 7 years ago +1
    mj is the pop lengend no one can do the moon walk better 7 years ago  
    wow that was just no right i can kill my family i couldnt live with out them 7 years ago  
    i want to see and alien xD 7 years ago +3
    i have little siblings so i mean as much as there a pain in the ass but ofcore i will im ther big bro 7 years ago +3
    giggty giggty guu 7 years ago +1
    family guy all the way 7 years ago +1
    damn you luis 7 years ago +1
    50-50 light are way more cooler 7 years ago  
    i have a mac 7 years ago +1
    im a guy so..... yeha haha 7 years ago  
    im tried of hearing justin 7 years ago +2
    lol nice man 7 years ago +1
    text y lose my breath 7 years ago  
    well y kill them 7 years ago  
    clowns freek me out and the bk king does to but the clown sounds way less awkward actually ...... 7 years ago  
    this was hard but speaking all the languges is awsome i can go to go a place and talk to the and i will understand xD 7 years ago  
    the 9% who said fire ants ......wats wrong wiht you 7 years ago +4
    lol 7 years ago  
    i dont have to eat the sperm 7 years ago +5
    with sperm 7 years ago  
    stop saying 69 7 years ago +2
    have you ate it b4? 7 years ago  
    who said you couldnt chemically cook it its still not done......i think 7 years ago  
    im taking 5 year damn im a duce 7 years ago +1
    wat the hell do u say 69 for 7 years ago +2
    i never eat a jelly fish but it might be jelly haha 7 years ago  
    wtf ....... 7 years ago  
    i cant eat penut butter so i dont do it yaya 7 years ago +1
    the 12% of u are not to bright just wash off the damn loolipop lol 7 years ago +6
    a mint or the quick brush like in the comurcaila 7 years ago +4
    well ull get blind cuz u have eyelashes to keep the sun blocked duhh 7 years ago  
    i can just pit it with my teeth or turn it side ways 7 years ago +3
    lol did u comit something??? o.o 7 years ago  
    i would not do any put i picked 7 years ago  
    she is only 9 7 years ago +1
    seriously? 7 years ago  
    you still having sex with a girl 7 years ago +2
    that is sick who eat your own sh*t! 7 years ago +3
    lol nice 7 years ago +41
    yeah what is dip spit but i still will haha 7 years ago  
    lol good one 7 years ago  
    My sister is hot so ill do her any day 7 years ago +2
    what about the taste 7 years ago  
    head is sex 7 years ago  
    what the hell is wrong with you 7 years ago  

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