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I am a creative feller who has many bright and fun ideas. My next invention is a pig cannon. "Matt, I'll go out with you when pigs fly" "Hold that thought a moment...." and he live happily ever after!

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    Every time this comes up I read the comments and end up confused on how to feel. Part of me wants to laugh at how wrong they are, part of me wants to be pissed because people are casting all men in a bad light and most of all I just find myself feeling pity that these people haven't found a fulfilling platonic friendship. I used to get embroiled in the debates but inevitably people would think I was pretending (white-knight) to attract women. So my current stance to just say the following: I am a heterosexual male with an active sex life, 2 awesome relationships (one ended for long distance logistics reasons and the other because Kate passed away) in recent years and 6 VERY close female friends. I would never want anything romantic or sexual with my friends but I still love spending time with them. I can depend on them if I need anything (and vice versa) and it's extremely rewarding because none of us expect anything in return. They are also AMAZING at being my wing-(wo)men and we have helped each other end up in great relationships/ hookups. People without friends like mine are missing out. I am not looking for more friends or a girlfriend so this is not a sneaky ploy. I am not writing to pat myself on the back. I am writing this for the sole purpose of being a voice of reason in this nonsense and in the hopes that people will give friendship a chance and not limit themselves.  
    My life is awesome so i'd rather it be a recollection of real life than just a dream of my younger self. Things can go wrong to the dreamer but the old guy reliving his youth cant ever have that taken away.  
    I have never answered a question on here so fast. Then again.... I'm in med school and learning about malpractice at the moment so i might be a TAD bit biased  
    Invest the equivalent of $10 in a bank in every major currency (some currency is bound to survive). In 1000s of years, I will be super wealthy.  
    Nice question. This site needs more stuff like this.  
    This makes me cry....  
    speak for yourself man. Last week I made it through the 10 hour version of it on youtube and when I was telling someone they said "what's that?" at which point I listened again 2 more times. IMO it doesn't get old. It's not my FAVORITE song it's just a particularly amusing song.  
    For those saying immortality sucks because you'd watch people die... I have forever to get over it!  
    I have forever to get over it....  
    I have a terrible case of fremdschämen and almost no Schadenfreude  
    I, a heterosexual male, take offense to that idea. +1
    I see where you are coming from but in this instance there is possibility of lasting damage from pulling away. The person will likely feel alone and thus may suffer depression (on top of all of the other dangerous things that I mentioned in my earlier comment). I have dealt with addicts both in my personal life and recently professionally and I can promise you that abandonment is almost never effective. Rather conditional aide and unconditional love are needed. If you withdraw aide totally then the child might withdraw from you thus eliminating any chance you have at reaching them.  
    Make money up front and invest! +2
    Eh. there are worse ways to go lol  
    I want to see the future and the future of the future..... I'd rather love and lose than to have never loved at all [paraphrasing]. I'd marry hundreds or thousands of times and still have eons to be a bachelor. I'd possess unparalleled wisdom of the past and thus perhaps insight into the trajectory of the future. I could become a world leader and effect great change for the better. I think dismissing immortality is shortsighted and selfish.  
    "Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." This holds true once this holds true infinite times. Plus: (Assuming you stay in good mental and physical health for this), then the degree to which you can be an asset to human kind if you are immortal far outweighs anything personal you can come up with.  
    Technically this doesnt ask obese or morbidly thin. It asks about anorexia which makes all the "i'd just eat a lot" comments inane. Anorexia is a serious psychological (or as of recent research maybe neurochemical) condition where simply eating because you should or "want to" is not always possible.  
    I know 2 homeless people with PhD in impressive fields. The job market just sucks that much. Even teaching/professorial spots are filled.  
    WOW. There are so many differences between a guy and a girl other than sexual organs. There are secondary sex characteristics like hairiness, adams apple and muscle mass. There are differences in hips, pelvises and skulls. There are differences in libido, spatial reasoning, empathy... There are genetic differences which predetermine certain aspects of your life and disease (different diseases effect you). A tube of flesh does not make a man. Finally NONE of This addresses the fact that gender can be divorced ENTIRERLY from body if a person feels themselves to be 'other'.  
    there is a difference between gender and biological sex  
    5 star restaurant? PFT nonsense!! I want a 3-star restaurant. Jiro Ono will you come live with me and make me noms?  
    I was thinking the same thing!! Because it's the car I deserve, even if it's not the one I need right now.  
    ZOMG YES!!! +18
    most GFs cant cook like a pro chef can. If you are content with sammiches your whole life then go for it lol  
    Ummm of course... lol. Dodo is probably delicious. I just had an ostrich burger and it was yummy.  
    I'm assuming you mean what is pictured though technically 'sushi' is a general term and is very often used to refer to Nigirizushi in most mid to high end sushi places. For the longest time I went with Makizushi (rolls) including Uremaki (rice-outside, which I prefer). After many years I realized that with the freshest fish, surrounding it with nori and vinegared rice was actually detracting from the ability to savor the texture and flavor of the fish. Now I will have the occasional Temaki (hand-roll) but I generally stick to Nigirizushi (over rice) and Sashimi. There is a reason chef Sukiyabashi Jiro, a true master of his craft, primarily served me sashimi and Nigirizushi when I went there last summer. All of that said, with less fresh fish, sometimes getting maki is for the best because the rice and soy sauce mask the fishiness. (Yes I know I sound like a snobby tool but I do love me 'sushi') +1
    PLAN: forever is a long time. Download EVERY song in itunes to as many computers as possible. Destroy music sharing sites by massive upload of virus-carrying mp3 files. Once those are not trust worthy sources of music and I have a library of every song at my finger tips I make my own music service. Free guaranteed-safe (its from itunes after all) music in exchange for loyalty to my newly forming private militia and hacking team. By giving out lots of free music bring record companies to their knees. Force artists to rely on concerts for money making. Watch as new venues pop up to handle all artists needing to tour at all times. Buy cheap swamp real-estate and sell to developers of these new venues and the businesses that will grow to support them. Make $$$$$$ and use it further develop my army. Purchase a small island nation and begin nuclear research. Once nuclear capable: Demand a year supply of Starbucks. Fool Proof!!  
    Prepare ANY meal. Desire DODO? Not an issue! T-rex gravy? All the better! +1
    spelling skills...  
    Depends what kind of restaurant you go to.  
    Near me the living wage is ~320k :( It's so hard to make ends meet. Luckily wages are pretty high. Even when I was younger I got paid very well for odd jobs. 200-400 for baby sitting. 600 for shoveling someone's property. Now I do work out of the area and make almost no money and it's tough.  
    I chose A because I can still effectively live off of 200,000 a year (and be better off because I'm not paying taxes on it) and not have to work while i look for something to pay a bit better. +1
    Exactly. Well put. Sidenote: When Alexw comments on something I said or did it feels like being visited by royalty.  
    The idea of supporting my child in these behaviors is wrong to me BUT I chose it because i know an addict may turn to other sources of income (theft, prostitution, mugging, dealing said drugs etc.). Because of a poor financial situation, he may also turn to lower quality drugs which have more adulterants and are harder to dose and may begin to share paraphernalia which may lead to contracting illness. Also, being homeless can be harmful to one's health and can have LASTING mental/physical ramifications. Therefore making him be homeless is irresponsible. I want to keep him away from crime and illness while we work on ways for him to kick the habit. "Why trade a controllable danger for an unpredictable one?" +428
    Loving someone does not mean you forgive all. In fact the people who love someone the most are often the ones who impose the harshest kick in the pants when the person needs it. I love my nephew but he's an idiot and I let him know that. Even when he is dumb I'm there to show him I disapprove but help him turn things around. +1
    If you mean individual happiness then I would like to respectfully disagree. Overall happiness is what really matters. A true genius has the capacity to improve many lives. A moron stands to endanger himself and others. Happy but dead isn't happy and sad but saving lives is still valuable. +1
    Ignorance is bliss..... Blech. :( Happiness from ignorance is not true happiness in my opinion. If you don't know enough about the world to see the faults then you are missing out on the opportunity to persevere and remain upbeat DESPITE the issues. If achieved, THAT is true happiness. Light is so much more significant when you have spent a lot of time in the dark! +5
    They probably changed their algorithm as this has far fewer votes overall.  
    "Do the rest of the math yourself." Anyone who chose the first option might not be able to......  
    Why would I want to swap brains and bodies with myself?  
    More for me to gain when i crush him. +1
    Neither but a piercing is less of a turn off and some sparse ones can be kinda cute but im more of a natural beauty blank canvas kind of a person.  
    Who cares about the past? it's old news. all eyes should look ahead. I'm more scared of crashing the ship than of being attacked from something we thought we left behind.  
    Funny you should ask. I did listen to the youtube 10 hour gangnam video. I left it playing and alternated between headphones while working and speakers while working out and doing other stuff. I have never been to the baby youtube video.  
    Who cares about the past? it's old news. all eyes should look ahead. I'm more scared of crashing the ship than of being attacked from something we thought we left behind.  
    People have their pet peeves this is mine: Deal with it. In the meantime I will have my pristine shower/bath sans bodily fluids on the bottom. (I wont even sneeze or spit in my shower unless I intend to bleach the basin later). I'm not really a germaphobe in everyday life but my materials for getting clean have should be clean themselves (sinks, showers, etc.).  
    actually running and leaping is the way to get burnt. slow calm shallow steps and ure fine. +1
    Ladies and gentleman: I am MOVING TO TUNISIA. (here is to hoping 1 person is a representative sample)  
    I DOEZNT!!!! I DOEZNT! My shower is clean and you are not invited to use it.  
    EWWWWWW :'( Is nothing sacred Chixo?  
    it's a risk and it happens for sure but i feel like the relationships are more sound when the happen.  
    i must clarify. Jeebus is the term i use so im not actually thanking jesus. It's almost mocking without being impolite to the "bible belters." I'm just glad people have their priorities right. +1
    I can lick the tip and i do it from time to time :P  
    You give yourself handjobs all the time sicko!! :P If it's you its not gay lol  
    ummm no it can't! I really really hope you're a troll!  
    Tough choice. with charlie sheen the show was amazing. BBT is pretty awesome too. very dif kinds of humor.  
    Darren is a friend of mine. He's really fun to hang with. I hear Daniel is kinda stuck up.  
    Spiderman took out wolverine temporarily by affixing his fists to his own head. Eventually logan was enough of a BAMF to extend his claws into his own head and adamantium against adamantium pushed his arms away. He was hurt for a second or two and then BAM back to perfect. Spidey has never gotten the better of him in any other encounter but has gotten his butt kicked plenty  
    I am a bad employee. I think I know better. I am the only boss I want to listen to. hierarchy sucks.  
    Done both. Prefer diving  
    i do wear a bicycle helmet practically everywhere. I bike a lot and if im not styaing long i dont take it off  
    history is lame. Bright minds should all focus on changing the present into a better future.  
    booo. it's people like you who make god think we like winter. booooo :P  
    lots of time to think. It'll finally be quiet. Besides other people might also be immortal. Thats always fun. Floating in space forever with everyone else who chose option A. Never ending space sex? just think of the possibilities.  
    babysitting is not a chore for me. If I could do so without people thinking im a pedo, i'd babysit 5 kids for free. Kids just make me feel alive and giggly and I love being their mentor as they grow. Send me the screaming kids pweez.  
    I want to be 8 forever. I was cool, smart, had fun, no stress. Life was all rainbows and sunshine! now life is a pain. Who wants responsibility?  
    :( reading is awesome. Literacy FTW.  
    :( People with low self esteem make me sad. I am confident and think anyone can do anything. I want my partner to think she is awesome and i will think so about myself and we will go accomplish amazing things without being dragged back by NEEDING one another's validation and having compliment be meaningful when they are given. (no. "oh you're just saying that to make me feel better")  
    playful? They hate you. They'll bite and scratch you and will never get you stuff on command.They dont wait lovingly by the door for your return. They are like having a terrible older sibling. they only show up to torture you. yuck  
    YOu touched this...  
    clicked the wrong one :'( I'd rather deal with the pain than inflict it.  
    .. I tend to get relationship level support from my best friends. Self sacrificing unquestioning take a bullet love. I feel like I have 5 soul mates who have been tested through rough times and stuck by. For sex there is always FWB which has not been ruled out :P BFFFFFFAEAEAEWB = a great solution.  
    decline to answer for fear of life is not a choice?  
    i'd wish for a new world currency to go into effect and be the sole owner of said currency. Then I would wish for invulnerability and infinite wisdom. Then I would make a meritocracy and dole out cash according to importance to society. (arts are important too. Don't worry humanities folk who often get left out by megalomaniacs like me :P)  
    only prob with NYC is too cold. otherwise... i love it here.  
    Must resist urge to sound like a snarky elitist self-important ass.....  
    FALSE! More information cant be bad. Info inequity is the source of most of the world's problems. Imagine if propaganda didnt work because everyone got the whole picture? Do you think people would still hate one another? Imagine if poor people knew all of the tricks of the wealthy and the wealthy knew the plight of the poor.  
    32% of people need to grow down!  
    I'm prepared for the zombies  
    and shocked elephants  
    Lotto you can spend and then be screwed. hard work you can always repeat and people will invest with you because of your earlier results  
    date friends on said island? Why go cold when you can go tropical? This is EASY.  
    Ahhh what's wrong with dressing like a kid? I am actually wearing an oscar the grouch shirt today and im getting nothing but compliments.  
    Weird folks unite. Normal=boring  
    Not a fundie, just a romantic....  
    With lotto you can die tomorrow. This living double thing means (assuming im not old the whole time) that I can enjoy more years of healthy retirement living off my hard earned wages.  
    Oh Thank jeebus! People make some sense! +279
    Ya... I know what anarchy is and may prefer it to our current nonsense not to mention to an authoritarian Nazi Germany... Government is outdated; big gov't more so.  
    This to me is a convoluted trolley problem. Ethics dictates we kill the one to (in theory) spare the few.  
    here here. Non shower-peers unite! *twitch* grossssssss!  
    NOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A MISTAKE. I heretofore will only shower in a shower I do not share with others. Guests can use the hose outside. I feel so violated and dirty :'(  
    Wow the split is incredible. Now shhh im doing HW +2
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