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If you treat me good, I'll treat you good and you'll see Im a nice guy. If you piss me off, I'll piss you off and you won't really like me. But please feel free to talk to me and vote/comment on my questions. I'm open to anyone :)

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    Selfish bastards who choose choice B  
    i hate both  
    You never have a second chance to make a first impression +3
    dont have a sister. i win!  
    cancer runs in my family  
    shot by a nerf gun! +4
    wow what a dumb question  
    are the people who choose B fuc king retards? +99
    I already look 13 +24
    Im 18 and my gf is 16! I win!  
    yahoo's for idiots +1
    wow. a small number of people would rather pay  
    not even fair  
    thts so gross +1
    will you pay me?  
    well worth the wait  
    retarded question +4
    shes actually hot  
    damn i meant to pick B! Shit! Damn! F*ck! +3
    weara damn hat!  
    what the hell?  
    can i shoot myself?  
    Not even fair  
    I'm lazy  
    Either way, she'll die +1
    A. because im a guy. I can get her to laugh at me, dont give a sh*t if shes poor or not, I like kindness, trustworthy is a plus, and i like people who express emotion  
    would you rather be miserable or happy +2
    really dont give a sh*t  
    Who doesn't?  
    I'm impatient  
    So would you rather look young or look young  
    I'd change a LOT!  
    I'll teach her  
    already do it  
    I want to work for it  
    I do both because I lifegaurd at my school pool +1
    Gimmie one to think about  
    I hate my computer  
    I'd let my daughter sleep in my room if she has a nightmare  
    I need someone to read it to me  
    time to strip!  
    Less noticeable  
    I'm psychic  
    I love my bass, but i just cant say no to sports +1
    Both pics are so cute, but the boy pic is just so cute. and ive always wanted a son  
    Majorly spoiled  
    Thtd be funny  
    Im 18  
    I forgive, but i won't forget +2
    I hate Canada  
    I'm very religious actually, but i just don't act like it +2
    I do both  
    whtever, leave summer break alone!  
    Bunch of horsesh*t  
    at least im in a relationship  
    who says I have to spend it +164
    I'd take tht down  
    hahahaha what are "taxes?"  
    I dont have crap at my house  
    Im a dude!  
    The force!  
    So addicting +1
    I hates public transportation  
    I like how the lyrics have a different rythm in songs  
    Cant risk being the youngest  
    I hate spinach  
    Shes actually hot  
    I like butter  
    already do this  
    Unlimited Root Beer!  
    I can make anyone laugh  
    Dumb question  
    Walt Disney, classic  
    Uhh, ya  
    I dont like snow  
    Don't know wht the pink is but whtever it is, tastes good!  
    it takes talent to have skill  
    The manly thing to do  
    No contest. More fame and money  
    none of dos hoes  
    Red wine is the best  
    Both of these are a disgrace to music  
    Black Sabbath needs to write a song about me!  
    No more blood clots!  
    Im a guy. I win!  
    Leave my car alone  
    Shame on you guys +1
    who wouldn't?  
    She is a man  
    RIP John Lennon. A true musical genius  
    I suck at art! I win!  
    Vitamin water is a cheap knock off  
    People don't know what peace is  
    I'm white  
    SABBATH! Rap is terrible  
    No contest  
    thtd get out of hand living with tht many people  
    who would be dumb enough to go to Tornatina when they're allergic to tomatoes?  
    you'd make even more  
    at&t is for idiots  
    I sing like a boss in Rock Band  
    Kick em in the balls as they're doing it  
    hahaha whts love?  
    I'd give a few thousand to them. not all of it  
    I'm Italian! Then, I'd frame the pizza i choked that SOB with and hang it in a museum  
    already do B  
    My ears would blow the hell up!  
    wow, people are stupid  
    wow, people would rather lose a luggage  
    Theres a chick I'd like to bang  
    people still talk about blockbuster?!  
    I'm a soldier  
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