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    is it really hard 2 years ago  
    a begger is nicer and will go to heaven 2 years ago  
    big dogs will kill u when u get home 2 years ago  
    harry potter or who?? 2 years ago  
    ???? 2 years ago  
    asains=fu**ing b*tches 2 years ago  
    your a selfish b*tch 2 years ago  
    it wasted time 2 years ago  
    idk what star trek is 2 years ago  
    fail watch 2 years ago  
    who the hell will waych a f 2 years ago  
    68% b*tche 2 years ago  
    y fail, 6*5 r bi 2 years ago  
    FU*K U 2 years ago  
    same thing 2 years ago  
    b*tch 2 years ago  
    YE 2 years ago  
    but i will still pUT god above me 2 years ago  
    and your the king of b*tches 2 years ago  
    stupid, justin has nuts too, but i get the joke 2 years ago  
    yep, micheal looks disgusting 2 years ago  
    i don't like big boobs 2 years ago  
    DUH 2 years ago  
    a penis in vagina or pussy, then u hump 2 years ago  
    yes, u have sex 2 years ago  
    i'm already a kid 2 years ago  
    lie 2 years ago  
    yep 2 years ago  
    it 2 years ago  
    got, wish for unlimited wishes 2 years ago  
    idiot 2 years ago  
    jerk 2 years ago  
    vampire 2 years ago  
    swag for blacks normal for ppl 2 years ago  
    how old r u 2 years ago  
    yea 2 years ago  
    :):) 2 years ago  
    so bad voice 2 years ago  
    aliens, pick another billionths planet 2 years ago  
    oops, i thought it said what would u rather have 2 years ago  
    i would rather stop 9-11 2 years ago  
    i'm not Jewish 2 years ago  
    DUH 2 years ago  
    stupid, youtube 2 years ago  
    better than asia 2 years ago  
    a stupid animal 2 years ago  
    Iwill be in the shadows 2 years ago  
    i would have real love 2 years ago  
    DUH 2 years ago  
    i will never die, WE CAN BE IMMORTALS 2 years ago  
    cool 2 years ago  
    say that after they kill u 2 years ago  
    duh, USA is not foreign 2 years ago  
    where u spin a gun on a table and who ever it points to pulls the trigger 2 years ago  
    O_O y u want to do the same 2 years ago  
    reported 2 years ago  
    i don't like starbucks 2 years ago  
    if u had a real childhood 2 years ago  
    everything free and kill things 2 years ago  
    i don't want to be bad 2 years ago  
    i will train them not to be psycho 2 years ago  
    me too guy 2 years ago  
    DUH 2 years ago  
    no 2 years ago  
    pause, private reasons 2 years ago  
    WEREWOLF 2 years ago  
    i had fun :):) ik what that means 2 years ago  
    blah 2 years ago  
    btw, blood is in u, liar 2 years ago  
    weak 2 years ago  
    eww 2 years ago  
    i can help ppl 2 years ago  
    they both hurt, i think peircings will hurt less?? 2 years ago  
    u make no sense, and tatoos hurt 2 years ago  
    hard 2 years ago  
    this is just mean 2 years ago  
    this is hard 2 years ago  
    stephen hawkin, hi specail needs 2 years ago  
    so money makes ppl rude and selfish 2 years ago  
    i still have a , long live ahead of me 2 years ago  
    smartas* 2 years ago  
    idiot 2 years ago  
    money can buy life 2 years ago  
    duh 2 years ago  
    quebec, u'll live 2 years ago  
    i'm scared of hieghts 2 years ago  
    RICH 2 years ago  
    i could have good times with green 2 years ago  
    i will love green 2 years ago  
    black lives matter, no, blue live matter 2 years ago  
    b*tch 2 years ago  
    so 2200, i'm am so atleast 100 yrs old 2 years ago  
    idc what u pick, your opinion, i would do funeral bc i will be dead anyway 2 years ago  
    ???? 2 years ago  

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