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I'm a big pokemon fan and like to answer and ask questions about pokemon!

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    Why the f*** u lying??!!  
    Meth. Not even once  
    Smoke weed everyday  
    Smoke weed everyday  
    So why'd you choose that?  
    I'd constantly be getting messages if I chose the other one... Fml  
    Heil hitler  
    All u magic fags can dissapear  
    I'm a guy lol  
    Gods already real +1
    F*** it who needs water?  
    Hair grows back  
    Spam is fish dumbass  
    Cause you want you're ass eaten  
    You guys DONT want to be part of the human centipede +1
    Meth. Not even once.  
    Depends on what my wife would want but who f***in cares risk-free sex am I rite?  
    More people to see DEES NUTS! +1
    Get out of here three year old  
    Legalize crystal F***IN weed!  
    dont where makeup  
    HMMMMMMM I WONDER......... +2
    did he accidentaly swich them? +19
    WTF IS VIDDY???  
    wow double score on this one  
    go bald im a guy  
    dosen't matter had sex  
    doent matter had sex  
    Doesn't matter had sex +1
    wait your body get a computer virus?  
    dosent matter had sex  
    its called swag  
    everyone works for obama  
    deepthroat twinkie  
    dad lives in prison across the world in japan anyway  
    does it even have a penis  
    Lol shark is faster  
    f*cking vampires  
    just to try something new  
    lol wtf  
    gossip isnt allways bad  
    Id do her any day  
    all ready older  
    doing what........  
    yeah im 13 sooooooo............. yeah maeby when im 30  
    watch tv on pc  
    well this is retarded becuase my dream is to be with the woman of my dreams!  
    This is the kind of stuff that makes teen suicides  
    wtf is the guy fondling her?  
    xD he loved bacon  
    wtf is the parthenon  
    wait whats 1-1 again?  
    f*ck the president that would be so hard  
    lol south park is off the air now xD  
    cancer is nothing these days  
    who needs friends  
    thats what i drink every day  
    my grandma isnt annoying  
    money isn't worth anything if you have it all  
    no boss  
    F*ck this im a guy  
    id die in the first 3 minutes of the hunger games  
    less chance of being raped as a guy, which i am  
    sex as kid with 10 inch d  
    better rep  
    mabey theyll anal probe me...  
    all ready am  
    Weed cookies  
    doesn't matter had sex  
    racism is pretty much ended +1
    less cost  
    Depends on wether or not girlfriend is with me  
    doesn't matter had sex  
    F*ck this Sh*t  
    niether Im a guy  
    OOPPS my crush just got farted on by her boyfriend  
    doesn't matter had sex  
    stop drop and roll + i want children so.... yeah  
    lol go on a fly? xD  
    allready guranteed- got scanned for cancer and live in america  
    sometimes war is neccessary +1
    Internet on cell phone xD  
    I probably just made a horrible disision  
    who cares anyway is cleaning my bladder  
    stay at home + use computer  
    uuuuhhhhhh.... doc I need a teste exam like right now  
    im 13  
    how is #1 even possible  
    does anyone even know who started cristianity?  
    romance increases sex quality  
    lol in home theater  
    when she breaks up then she'll be more likely to date me. Plus possibility of 3 way  
    at least i don't have volcanoes and sh*t blowing up in my face +1
    LOL IM A GUY  
    you dont have to know when you are in a coma  
    don't shower allready  
    popularity is key  
    lol what is that thing  
    come live with me son but go find a job  
    unless it was a wet dream of course...  
    Drive me to that 5 star restraunt in my limo please, b*tch  
    lol last guy  
    mental institution isn't as nice  
    Imagination is key  
    I have stalked her sience she was 11  
    lines are allways short where I live anyway  
    lol more people admire you  
    you said myself lol  
    omg i now realise they are the same actor  
    most slaves died  
    wish for infinite wishes and then wish i could change the rules and then have 100 billion  
    oh sh*t lol didn't read authors comment  
    lol my best friend is my crush  
    milk the cow  
    If you can write you can read  
    there are a lot of sad things to know  
    Hermione had a much better love story than some vampire who got raped by a stalker  
    unicorns are back stabbers but i think mermaids would give good sex in a relationship.  
    looks the same to me  
    get to live longer  
    lol already do  
    Like a sir  
    Wet dreams= porno with my chrush  
    Free music  
    im allergic to dogs  
    wow really I am only allowed one hour a day and I think i could manage it  
    208 is nothing for a man  
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