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I'm a big pokemon fan and like to answer and ask questions about pokemon!

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Would you rather have fleshlight hands or have dildo hands 4 years ago 1,805 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who would win? lv. 100 Reshiram or lv. 100 Zekrom 4 years ago 1,294 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Who would win? lv. 100 Dialga or lv. 100 Palkia 4 years ago 1,315 votes 29 comments 0 likes

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Why the f*** u lying??!! 3 years ago  
Jet fuel can't melt dank memes 3 years ago  
Bush did 9/11 3 years ago  
God 3 years ago  
God 3 years ago  
Lol b*tch please it's the other at around 3 years ago +1
Leagalize crystal f***in weed 3 years ago  
Damn. Didn't scroll down fast enough 3 years ago  
Meth. Not even once 3 years ago  
Smoke weed everyday 3 years ago  
Smoke weed everyday 3 years ago  
Coccain is more addictive than weed dumbass 3 years ago  
U are so baked m80 3 years ago  
U are so baked m80 3 years ago  
Wat u say I'm baked m8 3 years ago  
So why'd you choose that? 3 years ago  
I'd constantly be getting messages if I chose the other one... Fml 3 years ago  
Heil hitler 3 years ago  
Wtf is that 3 years ago  
All u magic fags can dissapear 3 years ago  
I'm a guy lol 3 years ago  
Gods already real 3 years ago +1
If da b*tch dat stupid, I don't want her 3 years ago  
F*** it who needs water? 3 years ago  
If I hD a third leg, where would my dick go? 3 years ago  
Hair grows back 3 years ago  
Spam is fish dumbass 3 years ago  
Cause you want you're ass eaten 3 years ago  
You guys DONT want to be part of the human centipede 3 years ago +1
Meth. Not even once. 3 years ago  
Depends on what my wife would want but who f***in cares risk-free sex am I rite? 3 years ago  
More people to see DEES NUTS! 3 years ago +1
Get out of here three year old 3 years ago  
Legalize crystal F***IN weed! 3 years ago  
He's gay... 3 years ago +4
Women vs men lol amirite 3 years ago  
why isn't there a both option 4 years ago  
lol they forgot to cover her tits 4 years ago +5
I like pizza though 4 years ago  
lol Greecey food 4 years ago  
31... Im 13 though 4 years ago  
xDDDDDD 4 years ago  
still don't want to give blowjobs though 4 years ago +1
lol wait. In the DARK? where no one can see anyway? 4 years ago  
There really is no such thing as "homophobia" as the word phobia means fear. Some people just can't understand someone loving someone of the same sex. so they dislike it. Imagine if you came to school one day and everyone was telling some inside joke that you didn't understand. You would probably be frustrated and think it was just annoying. Same concept. Everyone has the right to their own point of veiw in this situation. 4 years ago +4
just swallow it whole 4 years ago +1
they're to b*tchy about it these days 4 years ago +1
what? 4 years ago  
for some reason, i get better presents at christmas than my B-day 4 years ago  
DRUGS I CHOOSE YOU! 4 years ago  
Its like choosing between depression and drugs 4 years ago  
whos bob ross? 4 years ago  
humans will cause the "natural disasters" because of global warming so..... BOTH 4 years ago +1
mmmm jimmy johns 4 years ago  
don't like blood 4 years ago  
OMFG WORLDS BEST MOVIE (though the docking animation was a little dumb) 4 years ago  
lol DIEABEETUS 4 years ago  
im a rebel 4 years ago +2
lol the pics funny though 4 years ago  
I'd probably crash it and die for B 4 years ago  
was she raped? 4 years ago  
I AM LEO 4 years ago  
lol forgot to read the caption 4 years ago +2
im a little afraid of hights sooo... IM POSIEDON NOW!!! 4 years ago  
you mean sexy time? 4 years ago  
free 4 years ago  
shes a complete whore 4 years ago  
mr. beans son 4 years ago  
HOW IS THIS 50-50 IF THERE ARE 123 VOTES?!?!??! THATS AN ODD NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
there is no base in this song 4 years ago  
controll dreams using lucid dreaming then watch them 4 years ago  
shades baby 4 years ago  
in soviet russia questions ask you 4 years ago +3
lol 4 years ago  
they're both gay 4 years ago  
still a better love story than twilight 4 years ago +3
all the girls in town'll be like "LOOK OVER THERE GIRLS ITS JACOB" but B they'd say "... Oh its the foosball guy..." 4 years ago  
agreed 4 years ago  
looks gay either way 4 years ago +8
Wish three- wish for a recliner right now 4 years ago  
Wish 2- wish for more genies 4 years ago  
Wish 1- wish for infinite wishes 4 years ago  
IMMA SHOW HER HO IDS DONE 4 years ago +1
lol an hero 4 years ago +1
Minue as in silent 4 years ago  
lol HOW DO YOU STEAL 1000 LUGGAGE CASES 4 years ago +11
every day 4 years ago +1
omg its like a bee! 4 years ago  
lol I thought it said pedophobia xD 4 years ago  
lol whaaaaaaat????? 4 years ago +6
crunchy..... UGH that would hurt and how would it come out??? 4 years ago  
omg HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!?! 4 years ago  
just look at my name 4 years ago +3
lol without regets 4 years ago  
omg it looks like the wolves are sharing a dildo!!! 4 years ago +4
it looks like a small baby pinis 4 years ago +1
whith his stubb 4 years ago  
trololololollolololololololololololololoololoololoololoololololololololololol 4 years ago +2
thats not a pinky and i think that that finger is dead btw 4 years ago +4
wat da f*** it looks like oune of dem dare carnivorus floweras 4 years ago  
dont where makeup 4 years ago  
Wtf I dont earn shi!!! 4 years ago  
hehehe break a leg 4 years ago  
HMMMMMMMM...... SHUCH HHARd 4 years ago  
what? 4 years ago +1
HMMMMMMM I WONDER......... 4 years ago +2
already do 4 years ago  
did he accidentaly swich them? 4 years ago +19
WTF IS VIDDY??? 4 years ago  
wow double score on this one 4 years ago  
go bald im a guy 4 years ago  
dosen't matter had sex 4 years ago  
doent matter had sex 4 years ago  
Doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago +1
wait your body get a computer virus? 4 years ago  
are there such things as male prostitutes? 4 years ago  
dosent matter had sex 4 years ago  
its called swag 4 years ago  
;n; 4 years ago  
only if im in front 4 years ago  
too bad jb is the example tho 4 years ago +4
Sorry guys but gen sevens coming out soon and there are allready 713 pokemon 4 years ago  
homes I found you 4 years ago  
Wow guys thanks this is my first question and I like all the different responses! 4 years ago  
everyone works for obama 4 years ago  
deepthroat twinkie 4 years ago  
dad lives in prison across the world in japan anyway 4 years ago  
lol what? 4 years ago  
does it even have a penis 4 years ago  
Lol shark is faster 4 years ago  
f*cking vampires 4 years ago  
drive one of these in nfs most wanted 4 years ago +1
just to try something new 4 years ago  
lol wtf 4 years ago  
gossip isnt allways bad 4 years ago  
Id do her any day 4 years ago  
all ready older 4 years ago  
doing what........ 4 years ago  
yeah im 13 sooooooo............. yeah maeby when im 30 4 years ago  
watch tv on pc 4 years ago  
well this is retarded becuase my dream is to be with the woman of my dreams! 4 years ago  
This is the kind of stuff that makes teen suicides 4 years ago  
wtf is the guy fondling her? 4 years ago  
popem till ya drop 4 years ago  
really? 34%? Racisim much? 4 years ago  
There is nothing wrong with homosexuality okay people. If someone chooses this its their choice. I honestly don't know what to believe here because some say that they are born gay. I really do not understand this fully but I don't think they do either. If you have something against it keep it to yourself. Lots of people are gay. I have a gay friend myself. The point of the matter is that no matter who or what you are, the color of your skin, your religion, your height, your weight, or your sexuality, we are all the same, and we are all human. At the same time, no two of us are the EXACT same, so you need to respect every single person, no matter how much they stand out from others! 4 years ago  
xD he loved bacon 4 years ago  
didn't die 4 years ago  
I think that would probably deepen our trust and relationship 4 years ago  
wtf is the parthenon 4 years ago  
wait whats 1-1 again? 4 years ago  
Im a guy and Id pimp slap her if she hit me 4 years ago  
f*ck the president that would be so hard 4 years ago  
lol south park is off the air now xD 4 years ago  
cancer is nothing these days 4 years ago  
who needs friends 4 years ago  
thats what i drink every day 4 years ago  
my grandma isnt annoying 4 years ago  
money isn't worth anything if you have it all 4 years ago  
no boss 4 years ago  
F*ck this im a guy 4 years ago  
id die in the first 3 minutes of the hunger games 4 years ago  
less chance of being raped as a guy, which i am 4 years ago  
sex as kid with 10 inch d 4 years ago  
better rep 4 years ago  
redheads are sexy 4 years ago  
wait wat? 4 years ago  
mabey theyll anal probe me... 4 years ago  
all ready am 4 years ago  
Weed cookies 4 years ago  
doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
WTF? 4 years ago  
racism is pretty much ended 4 years ago +1
osamas at the bottom of the ocean right now 4 years ago  
nutella 4 years ago  
less cost 4 years ago  
Depends on wether or not girlfriend is with me 4 years ago  
doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
F*ck this Sh*t 4 years ago  
niether Im a guy 4 years ago  
OOPPS my crush just got farted on by her boyfriend 4 years ago  
doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
56 4 years ago  
stop drop and roll + i want children so.... yeah 4 years ago  
lol go on a fly? xD 4 years ago  
allready guranteed- got scanned for cancer and live in america 4 years ago  
sometimes war is neccessary 4 years ago +1
both 4 years ago  
Internet on cell phone xD 4 years ago  
LOL tripple x ray vision? 4 years ago  
I probably just made a horrible disision 4 years ago  
who cares anyway is cleaning my bladder 4 years ago  
stay at home + use computer 4 years ago  
uuuuhhhhhh.... doc I need a teste exam like right now 4 years ago  
im 13 4 years ago  
Im underwheit by 49 pounds 4 years ago  
how is #1 even possible 4 years ago  
does anyone even know who started cristianity? 4 years ago  
romance increases sex quality 4 years ago  
lol he sh*t his pants 4 years ago  
lol in home theater 4 years ago  
when she breaks up then she'll be more likely to date me. Plus possibility of 3 way 4 years ago  
at least i don't have volcanoes and sh*t blowing up in my face 4 years ago +1
LOL IM A GUY 4 years ago  
you dont have to know when you are in a coma 4 years ago  
don't shower allready 4 years ago  
popularity is key 4 years ago  
lol what is that thing 4 years ago  
come live with me son but go find a job 4 years ago  
unless it was a wet dream of course... 4 years ago  
ass is what counts 4 years ago  
Drive me to that 5 star restraunt in my limo please, b*tch 4 years ago  
lol last guy 4 years ago  
OMG CAN"T ANSWER TOO HARD!!!!!! 4 years ago  
mental institution isn't as nice 4 years ago  
Imagination is key 4 years ago  
I have stalked her sience she was 11 4 years ago  
I would not like the feeling of drowning as much 4 years ago +1
lines are allways short where I live anyway 4 years ago  
lol more people admire you 4 years ago  
you said myself lol 4 years ago  
omg i now realise they are the same actor 4 years ago  
most slaves died 4 years ago  
wish for infinite wishes and then wish i could change the rules and then have 100 billion 4 years ago  
oh sh*t lol didn't read authors comment 4 years ago  
lol my best friend is my crush 4 years ago  
lol what he said 4 years ago  
milk the cow 4 years ago  
If you can write you can read 4 years ago  
there are a lot of sad things to know 4 years ago  
Hermione had a much better love story than some vampire who got raped by a stalker 4 years ago  
unicorns are back stabbers but i think mermaids would give good sex in a relationship. 4 years ago  
looks the same to me 4 years ago  
get to live longer 4 years ago  
lol already do 4 years ago  
Like a sir 4 years ago  
Wet dreams= porno with my chrush 4 years ago  
wow this one was REAL hard. *rolles eyes* 4 years ago  
Free music 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
im allergic to dogs 4 years ago  
wow really I am only allowed one hour a day and I think i could manage it 4 years ago  
208 is nothing for a man 4 years ago  
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