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im already a miserable genius 5 years ago  
if u voted unicorns ur so stupid what are they even good for 5 years ago  
i get annoyed really easily 5 years ago  
at least you're getting some 5 years ago  
everything ive accomplished was just a dream? no 5 years ago  
teleport to Harry Styles bed 5 years ago  
you can basically buy anything on amazon and if not then buy a freaking car and sell it 5 years ago  
im classy 5 years ago  
this was so hard 5 years ago  
why would you i 5 years ago  
the authors note makes me laugh 5 years ago  
omg buffets are my life 5 years ago  
im on the internet 25/8 but i could never loose hearing. 5 years ago  
music is everything 5 years ago  
what te hell kina question is this? 7 years ago +2
i dont know this is a sad question 7 years ago +3
tru thing 7 years ago  
i could turn my head all the way around 7 years ago  
firefox suxks ass 7 years ago +7
um easy question? 7 years ago +2
teaching them would make me their god 7 years ago +2
i can wish for somthing that gets me money 7 years ago +1
they would dry sooner or later and i could play with them! 7 years ago +299
i know it sounds mean but if the robot had feelings itd be like dating a normal person 7 years ago  
my husband would understand and my kid wouod get to live a life he just started 7 years ago +4
what the [email protected]!% is wrong with you? u would let you kid die cuz u can "have another one" 7 years ago +1
someone likes pcs 7 years ago  
i know me to! 7 years ago  
depends who it is............? 7 years ago +1
i would rather kill myself but im scared of deatg 7 years ago  
both i couldnt decide i dissapoiny myself AHHHHHH!b 7 years ago  
love the ocean and i would die in my favoriteplacei 7 years ago +1
i wouldnt want to put him trough that 7 years ago +6
great minds think alike 7 years ago  
good job people that trust the govn 7 years ago  
lakeeerrrrrssss 7 years ago  
there are a lot of starving people out there you guys just cant figure that out 7 years ago +2
geeks r me 7 years ago +1
nerds are smart geeks r just wierd 7 years ago  
i just love animals and yeshh 7 years ago +1
they said "b*tchslap" ...........thats hard 7 years ago +1
if you take the kitty's cast his arm may HEVER heal but if you slap the little one once its all good 10 minutes later 7 years ago +1
neither it would mess up tye space time continoum and i would hever be born 7 years ago  
burger king would be serously wierd and creepy cuz u cat see his reel face 7 years ago  
both yall 7 years ago  
nevr seen it 7 years ago  
ikr? 7 years ago  
i love movies i could watch them all the time 7 years ago +2
at night! the warm water makes me fall asleep in the morning 7 years ago  

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