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    no work  
    first i want a girl then a boy  
    nooooo wrong button  
    is im not spoiled but not poor!!!  
    eminem has nice songs  
    than you get everything  
    to trump  
    cristiano ronaldo was an unwanted child  
    do you have seen the movie the shallows??  
    it matters wich religion. if everyone would be a christian it would be a good because we help each other  
    flying dirt!!  
    i know im going to heaven  
    wrong button sorry  
    wrong button  
    and if im a guy?  
    oops wrong button  
    im a boy  
    wrong button  
    i am alredy tall  
    they did'nt say 2 meters so tall  
    if there is peace people are gonna be nice and help the hungry people  
    christmas? +1
    wrong button  
    i just watched the shallows  
    sonic is an hedgehog so who would win a fight??  
    like if you choosed spain because of camp nou and santiago bernabeu and vicente calderon  
    im semi black semi white  
    wtf who wants a WII before a Xbox 360  
    wait for the perfect GIRL and date no one else before him  
    change it  
    ugly baby but hot men or wife  
    who wants to show his d*ck in public?  
    french kiss when you are 10??  
    i have the body i want  
    God is real +1
    27% want to be donald trump  
    hopefully the one behead of me is a hot girl  
    Like a boss  
    my best friend is a girl and her boyfriend is my best friend too and i would never "steal" the girlfriend from my best friend  
    im a guy..................................................  
    both are the same if you live together  
    did not understand  
    still can game  
    paralysed on my toe  
    reply if you would like to be fat...  
    terrorism is because that  
    have you seen the movie the shallows?  
    wrong button  
    10 pruises does'nt worth the same like 1 lambo  
    KSI for life  
    wrong button  
    cut it  
    im a guy  
    no hate but i almost never used a macbook so i am better at windows  
    and if its donald f*cking trump??  
    gaming at night is a lot cooler than gaming at day  
    wrong button!!!!!  
    both are good  
    oops wrong button  
    i dont want a best friend who lost his parents, be hunted by the most terrifying people in the world  
    but not now  
    1000 dollars is not much. i would rathet be in a serious relationship  
    im the youngest sibling in the 6 kids  
    my best friend is a girl and im a boy  
    just sleep  
    im 11 so he would be 1 year old.  
    and what if you are a boy?  
    are you f*cking kidding us?  
    i would take their hand and they would help me  
    succes with donald trump!  
    more money!  
    i would have a great chance to win the hunger games but then its traumatizating  
    f*cking racist i hope you will be killed with a knife in your ass  
    both thug life  
    i just picked one out because they are both awesome!  
    then how do you have a computer?8  
    1 little thing to control the whole game!  
    i clicked football instantly but i thought they meant soccer +1
    im not gay  
    KSI for life motherf*ckazz  
    like if you instantly clicked the lambo  
    obama is the best ever!  
    i would never want my son to be homelss!  
    tablet phone playstation  
    i would give my life for them  
    i love my siblings asf  
    i would go to luke skywalker!  
    i would wish peace, nature, me and everyone i want never die, no poorness,no quarelleveryone in the world have a ps4 plus all the games and a mega tv and computer, no reclams  
    im sorry for you...  
    like if you would finger and grab your boobs!  
    7 years skrillex  
    with your mom you still wear 80' clothes  
    i would teleport instantly so i would fly  
    who the f*ck would rather kill a baby than a dog?!!  
    wtf racist  
    i would be muscular, not fat  
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