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    I stay single :)  
    I'm already there.  
    I don't want kids, anyway.  
    Why do people think love automatically means "significant other". You can have love of a family, or platonic love. It's more solid than friendship, which often tends to be fickle.  
    Option A: Would it be real?  
    My sister is my soul mate.  
    Angry sex +1
    So, I just have to share the same bed?  
    I'm going to pretend, for a minute, that I don't hate the Twilight series, and pick the one I like more. He's one of the few characters I don't hate.  
    I saw meat.  
    Jobs are harder to get.  
    My sister is my best friend. And she would probably feel guilty forever. She's that type. +1
    I pretty much fail at everything, but I want to be more independent.  
    Families are creepy.  
    Well-meaning "friends" who want me to fit in with them, and make me go on a date with someone whom no one else wanted? No thanks. I'd rather have a fake date, than a bad date.  
    Love changes. Trust is more consistent.  
    Either would probably fail. I'd rather be happy, in a relationship.  
    Less drama. Seriously.  
    I have a fear of being homeless. So, no thanks.  
    Since I'm kind of pessimistic...  
    More fun to chop down :D  
    Being trapped in a relationship, huh? How charming. +1
    Ugly but loved by everyone? I would be easy to use.  
    Easier way of finding out of the other likes you.  
    Been there, done that.  
    Both are bad. But at least, this way, I would have someone who could support me.  
    I am a girl.  
    I'm going to be hated by some, anyway. Better to have power, than not. +1
    I have low enough self-esteem for the both of us. We don't need to be dragging each other down. A cocky person would handle my self esteem issues better. And a person who has low self-esteem would just drag me down, more so. I know, from experience!  
    If I loved life, I wouldn't mind getting old as much.  
    It's better than poverty.  
    I don't do iTunes.  
    I don't like to get too much attention. Just let my hide, in luxury.  
    I already have enough enemies. And, I'm not very chatty, anyway.  
    I would consider Edison to be more of a "businessman". But inventors tend to be look upon, as a group, more favorable. Also, they create things that actually benefit peoples' lives.  
    He has a kind of face I want to punch.  
    As long as I don't have to be elderly. Just let my age freeze where it is! Being a child sucks. I remember not liking life until I was in my early 20s.  
    I saw the word "permanent".  
    Better decorations  
    I'll look at the bright side: sensitive hearing will be a thing of the past.  
    I've bitten my tongue, before. The pain doesn't last very long.  
    That was easy. (I'm single.)  
    Sleep would be a mere luxury.  
    Money was worth more, back then.  
    If they're my friends, I'll automatically have complain buddies.  
    You said "find". You didn't say "keep". Money is harder to hold onto.  
    My mother is dead, so that would be two kinds of creepy.  
    I'm already that pale. Some cultures find that attractive. Cancerous skin is gross. +1
    I hardly, if ever, wear makeup. Hygiene is important.  
    Old age is something I'd like to avoid. +65
    Why is this a question? +209
    None of the above.  
    What s.o.?  
    I'd probably get nothing.  
    I hated kids, even when I was one.  
    I don't want children.  
    Smoothies are just as fattening as milkshakes. If I'm going to have some junk, I'd rather it not be a health food impostor.  
    I have no career goals, but I don't want children.  
    I'm already weird. And yes, average people do exist. You're thinking of "normal".  
    I'm more comfortable around women.  
    Being disabled is a curse.  
    Short gingers can still be hot, if female.  
    People are sometimes useful.  
    If they decide to hate my soul mate, they're obviously not real friends.  
    Croatia. Not as bad as people think. I want to prove them wrong. Besides, I've come to expect better of Hawaii. I'm more likely to become disappointed. +1
    If fat shunning worked, there would be fewer fat people. But it, in fact, does the opposite.  
    I wouldn't wish homelessness on anyone.  
    Something that gives my life purpose? Sign me up!  
    I can't drive (ataxia).  
    Allergic to sunlight  
    I would save my sister. I have no reason to live, if I'm without her.  
    Movie on mute, while listening to music. Done it!  
    People don't care.  
    Fish, anyone?  
    Both, but mostly older. Skrillex is murder to my ears.  
    Except, you can't use incognito mode.  
    Awkward moments are always infinitely more awkward, with family involved. +1
    No pain +1
    I guess I know who you would pick (since I don't even see a Dumbledore).  
    Kill Hitler. Save more than 5 people.  
    Out of sight, out of mind. I've been friend-zoned before. I'll just break off contact with them. But, my best friend is my sister. So...  
    Being a normie = fate worse than death.  
    Pigs are easier to train.  
    My hair is a mess, anyway.  
    Fail compilations are easy to find. Fools abound.  
    Happy morons. They're not happy. Just stupid.  
    I'm not good with milk. It's the texture.  
    1 hour with Bieber feels like 10 hours.  
    More free days, for vacations.  
    I have AS. Being able to understand speech would do me well. Plus, I'd be able to watch and understand any kdrama.  
    These are the two classes I always pick, in MMOs. I'm going with wizard, based on the fact that I'd have magic in an unmagical world.  
    I hate my hometown.  
    Infinite Power: I would become what I hate.  
    The Holocaust may be worse, but it does not affect me as directly. Yeah, I'm selfish.  
    My ideal guy is someone who doesn't piss me off, so...  
    I don't live in the past.  
    I would be adorable.  
    Immortality in this world? No thanks. Even if I were able to travel through time and space (forward and backward), I would eventually become mad from the boredom and loneliness.  
    Being smarter and having to deal with the stupidity of others? No thanks! Hot people get better favors.  
    Why do you torture me?  
    Easy, because I don't have a crush. The hottest people I know are generally famous.  
    It takes money, to make money.  
    I would rather just live and die. I don't want fame, but it's still preferable to nothing at all. Love isn't enough to survive on.  
    Private wedding: intimate. Empty funeral: no one cares.  
    King > clown. Even if creepy.  
    I don't finance it. I've learned from my mistake of college.  
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