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Would you rather? kiss 2D? or kiss Murdoc? 7 years ago 273 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date? gorillaz 2D or gorillaz Murdoc 7 years ago 361 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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mmmmmm bloody scabs 7 years ago +1
yum cooked orphans and jinger tears :) 7 years ago +1
can I clean it after a jocks football game? 7 years ago  
yum superfast jellyfish mmmm 7 years ago  
mmmm beef 7 years ago  
what dose a puppy have to do with any thing? 7 years ago +2
their both sort of the same just ones hair soap 7 years ago +2
I see dead people 7 years ago +1
who's dirty underwahere 7 years ago +1
I can die with a cool putchline. make my killer think! 7 years ago  
hi dad and bye mom is actually pretty funny 7 years ago +2
kitty chow yum 7 years ago  
ether way you know your gonna die 7 years ago +1
2D: singer for the Gorillaz Murdoc: bass player for the Gorillaz band 7 years ago +1
well do I know any of these 10,000 people? 7 years ago +2
who wants a ginger? 7 years ago  
with 10,000,000 do still need tru love anymore? 7 years ago +1
seriously! who voted for Justin? are they drunk?!?! 7 years ago +2
I can be sent to deth row or whant to die my whole life, ima go with death row! 7 years ago  
what do the terrorists do after they kidnap me? :( 7 years ago  
I had a bush this Christmas! screw an actual tree 7 years ago  
south park is indecent and that makes it funnier 7 years ago +1
if save my brother can't he save me then? 7 years ago  
if I'm a lawyer I can sew a doctor a doctor can't really do anything unless I pay for them to 7 years ago  
DIE!!! Justin die!!!! 7 years ago +1
what the hell! killing a polar bear saves it from starving to deth from the conditions of its habitat!!!!! 7 years ago +1
an abortan kills a baby and a shelter kills puppy's that dont get a home 7 years ago +1
2D: cute, sweet, loveing. Murdoc: an alcahlic, never commits, will dump you after one night and get a new girl the same day 7 years ago +2
well, 2D the sweetheart with a blank page where a brain should be or Murdoc the alcoholic that will only love you for one night 7 years ago +1
can you be a sucsessful pornstar? 7 years ago  
there is sugery 7 years ago +1
i luv 2D!! ps. guy waering cape in option b is Murdoc 7 years ago  

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