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    I'm sick right now with a common cold and it sucks, but I hate having to even deal with computer viruses.  
    I watch anime more often than I play games.  
    This was really hard, but I love my pets so much.  
    I love Skull Candy products.  
    Have you seen Black Butler? I would totally make a deal with the devil, or any demon, especially if it comes with free Sebastian.  
    I love both, but I can play most of my games on the gamecube (The Legend of Zelda ;w;)  
    I use both, but you can do so much more with a keyboard and a mouse while gaming.  
    Windows is better at everything than mac, imo.  
    I have a PC and PCs are f--king amazing. Macs are for losers.  
    I have had the same iPhone 4 for like 3 years  
    I love seafood.  
    I eat raw meat (including chicken) and I've never gotten sick??  
    I skin and burn orphans on a daily basis, anyway.  
    Wet cat food doesn't taste that bad. It's the dry cat food that tastes like sh*t (no pun intended).  
    I've never seen the Human Centipede, but I almost threw up watching 2 girls 1 cup, so human centipede it is.  
    I like anal anyway  
    I'm a girl and I still picked nails.  
    I want a penis so bad.  
    Scorpion is badass  
    My wedding, because it can't start until I'm ready.  
    I picked the sister one, because I don't have a sister.  
    I would be like "So I follow Satan on Instagram..."  
    Jean ;) (from AoT)  
    Normal fog is hella scary, to me, so talking tree. ALSO, I COULD IMAGINE TRYING TO CLIMB A TREE AND IT SAYING "GET OFF ME YOU F***ING PIECE OF S**T" AND I CANT +1
    I don't care if people hate me or not.  
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