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    Erasable pen. 5 years ago  
    Well my name is Violet sooo ;) 5 years ago  
    I'd want to go out quickly but knowing myself I'd end up taking forever. 5 years ago  
    He he shift stick 5 years ago  
    Skip 5 years ago  
    HUMPback 5 years ago  
    Green apples are so sour and gross. 5 years ago  
    Pudding pudding pudding 5 years ago  
    My friend already borrows money and I really don't care as long as it's not like over $10. Plus I'll just give em my sh*tty clothes. 5 years ago  
    Heels are for hoes. Plus I'm already really tall 5 years ago  
    KITTEHZ 5 years ago  
    I'm 13!!!! 5 years ago  
    Hate them both. Thrift stores anyone? 5 years ago  
    61% don't know the pleasure of the jets 5 years ago  
    Honestly I don't care if I don't FRENCH kiss at all 5 years ago  
    THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE 5 years ago  
    The world is my home. 5 years ago  
    I wish I could afford restaurant food. 5 years ago  
    Ice cream in winter? Um no. 5 years ago  
    Ha I don't know any athletes XDDD 5 years ago  
    I have a great face, but a plain bod so yep 5 years ago  
    DAYUM that's one sexy pic.. 5 years ago  
    I'm a white girl. Problem? 5 years ago  
    I have a cute face and a plain bod, yet more I have guys who like me than the whores at my school have guys that like them. Hm 5 years ago  
    Who wears plan white anyways? 5 years ago  
    Shy guys are sooooo cute but it's not like confident guys are bad. I like a really shy guy so.. 5 years ago  
    It says irresponsible sex. If we all got punished we'd be equally irresponsible. 5 years ago  
    I'd go to narnia just because of how awesome it is. Hogwarts to bang Harry 5 years ago  
    Haunted house would be soooo cool 5 years ago  
    Obama and all his f***ing lies. 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl and I choose Megan fox just to not click JB 5 years ago  
    Don't know either but Ian looks sexy 5 years ago  
    How is this a question? A 12 year old girl or the definition of hotness? Really 5 years ago  
    Alone doesn't mean unloved 5 years ago  
    Knowing history can help you with the future you dicks you're just taking the easy way out. 5 years ago  
    Skydiving scares the sh*t out of me, plus I'm already a pretty good rock climber 5 years ago  
    I hate Obama. But I love Owl City 5 years ago  
    I live in the city, just outside the city would be nice though 5 years ago  
    Ima ride a unicorn to school 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl. Plus gay guys are always the hottest. And my crush is sorta gay.. Hm 5 years ago  
    Why the hell is this a question? 5 years ago  
    63% of voters are lying 5 years ago  
    I'm a saver to my own money. Others? Spend spend spend 5 years ago  
    Go out like a bomb. Peace is for sissys 5 years ago  
    Power is so much work. 5 years ago  
    Im using my ipad now. It's like my baby I wuv it and couldn't live without it. 5 years ago  
    Haven't been to Disney Land yet, Magic Kingdom was the sh*t though 5 years ago  
    I do my homework in dead silence, it's way quicker. If I wanted to have fun doing it but no finishing then I'd listen to music 5 years ago  
    Depends on what they did, and which friend this is. 5 years ago  
    I'm a shy nerd, I have a lot of friends, the populars aren't total b*tches to me, and I have quite a few guys checking me out. I'm fine thanks. 5 years ago  
    I don't have a working TV anyways 5 years ago  
    THERES A DIFFERENCE PPL! Nerds are smart but geeks are just lame nerd wanna-bes 5 years ago  
    People saying there's nothing to do in Vegas when your young haven't been. I'm 13 and I loved it, and yes I'm still a virgin 5 years ago  
    Owl city owl city owl city 5 years ago  
    I don't use social media at all.. 5 years ago  
    Hobbit hobbit hobbit hobbit 5 years ago  
    Bacon 5 years ago  
    I hate Obama sooo 5 years ago  
    I HATE SODA. 5 years ago  
    If I love them, I really don't care about their body. And plus I love pleasing people. 5 years ago  
    YUM. Both are good 5 years ago  
    Life would be boring without struggle 5 years ago  
    Harry is so cute 5 years ago  
    I wouldn't mind Australia for a bit, Australian accents are my favorite 5 years ago  
    I already like someone with low self esteem.. 5 years ago  
    There is such thing as cookie dough brownies. 5 years ago  
    How about a KEYTAR? 5 years ago  
    I surf the internet every day of my life. I wouldn't mind one day of surfing the ocean 5 years ago  
    People would nurture you in physical pain. Psychological pain would make you look insane. 5 years ago  
    Aidan 5 years ago  
    Ima bum 5 years ago  
    Still hate soda 5 years ago  
    LATINNNNNN 5 years ago  
    Dat face thou 5 years ago  
    Old, wrinkly and alone or young, beautiful and loved. 5 years ago  
    Nice teachers usually are great at teaching. Mean teachers can be b*tchy, so much so you learn to despise them and not learn 5 years ago  
    Kid doesn't know how to start the car. 5 years ago  
    I'm shy and quiet anyways 5 years ago  
    Pollution? Bullcrap. Stopping animal abuse 5 years ago  
    27% of voters are pervs 5 years ago  
    I never swim at night really but that pic is smexy 5 years ago  
    ROCK CLIMBER! Take THAT 5 years ago  
    Unlimited sh*tty movies unlimited awesome games 5 years ago  
    I love dat sign 5 years ago  
    Sitting on my ass forever? Good for me. 5 years ago  
    I don't use my phone ha 5 years ago  
    White girl question 5 years ago +1019
    LOTR ALL THE WAY!! 5 years ago  
    Like really am I the only person who wouldn't pee in the shower?! 5 years ago +1
    OUT OF SCHOOL 5 years ago  
    My vote fell to the sexy pic 5 years ago  
    I have no enemies. I only silently despise people. 5 years ago  
    I hate soda 5 years ago  
    Are you kidding I'm the queen of cats they FEAR ME!!! 5 years ago  
    Depends what friends I use. 5 years ago  
    THIS GIRL IS ONE FIREEEE 5 years ago  
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