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hold on my facebook thing is Merpederp Lerperp why is it merpaderpl in this O,O

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    Already tall, pretty darn good.  
    Im not a toucan biologist, im a whale biologist, dammit! Thumbs up if you get that joke  
    Dont have phone, dont value tablet as much as computer  
    Im watching pokemon right now :D  
    already do that, no one has noticed  
    who cares if the first one was fake, at least the ones after it were real.  
    um no sex slave plz just normal slave you guys are gross  
    my friends would never do that, my family would  
    magic, yo  
    struck by lightning= probably injuries- bitten by shark= tiny bit of fingernail bit off  
    world peace= everyone is happy= everyone helps eachother= no hunger or disease :D  
    I already only have 1 best friend ;)  
    I have cute glasses that turn into sunglasses when i go outside... so both!  
    I wuv cats  
    Already tall ;) and why do ppl say "im short (girl)" not all girls are short! is this a new stereotype that i dont know about, or i just overreacting? oh well :)  
    aw man everybody is choosing the right D:  
    Why do ppl keep saying that other ppl call each other idiots bc of religious reasons, iv'e never done it  
    The cold is mah enemy O,O  
    i never liked sharing, never will.  
    I dont wear makeup  
    I haz no social life. I stay inside my room playing video games, watching anime, and occasionally texting my one friend. Life is great!  
    WHY DID SO MANY PPL CHOOSE TO KEEP you greedy idiots.  
    I do not want to lose my stuff.  
    Donald Trump= republican. That is all.  
    YAY most ppl chose pokemon :DD  
    I dont drink wine but i chose red bc i like the colour red more than white  
    im already skinny and i love my hair  
    Why do ppl hate Americans so much D:  
    BRUH. if i can't wear my Zoovengers shirt (the Avengers, but animal-ized), then i will FLIP. MAH. SHIZ.  
    Excuse me for apparently being horrible and stupid and won't go to heaven when i die because i don't believe something, but to me god don't exist. So uh, sorry not sorry for making all you people rage.  
    easy: exersize and become fabulous  
    Dance all night with ur friends :D +1
    I would be born social instead of antisocial  
    I can relate to that dishes pic!  
    marry then divorce. Also, teletubbies? Creepy as hell. And they are children.  
    They said "sleep with" not "have sex with" also, i have no daughter  
    bc i love food  
    Not religious, sorry not actually that sorry at all  
    Insults never affect me, and I hate awkward silence O,O  
    although i do like that pic on the right :D  
    BRUH i already have low self esteem and no offense, but i HATE cocky people.  
    I am already shy and a geek bruh  
    Maybe there are NICE GHOSTS there and also it says rest of ur life the killer can still kill you and you still technically would have slept next to them for the rest of ur shortened life  
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