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    help the kids first  
    i rule  
    back in time  
    i want fake people to come to my funeral and real people play them while they are crying it would please me  
    that was on naruto sai can do that and id love to  
    1st baby and child rapist 2nd baby and child killers and 3rd rapist  
    you only have one shot do not miss your chance to blow cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime  
    smartest i choose brains over beauty  
    win the lottery  
    i need th e date its very important  
    do you know lenetra wysinger  
    james hetfild so he can kick my ass in bed with his awesome music  
    money because i need it now i live in lake providence  
    live in a world where i rule that would be heaven  
    no cellphone i need the internet or im gonna die of boredem  
    i choose the first one id steal so much candy  
    bring on the alien's!  
    both ill teach my cats to steal for me  
    yea and pray for protection first  
    i would never hitler over someone else's feelings and emotions  
    this makes me sad  
    the voice because id love to sing like my fav bands  
    i am a kind person i would give to the poor  
    harry potter is the best ever  
    skips question  
    i would be immortal and marry jesus christ  
    i want to be sexy and date rich men  
    love is everything to me it reminds me of jesus  
    more money so i can be happy  
    being the best friend of michael jackson is all i ever want  
    both are scary as crap because i am a christian i really wanna go to heaven  
    i choose flying id be stealing so much candy and just taking off with the cops behind me lol  
    i choose michael jackson thriller or bad era in a tie perfect  
    harry potter rocks  
    i choose real love because money is nothing if you have no one to share it all with i dont wanna be alone  
    no problems  
    back in time  
    bye celly lol  
    i hate him but i love chocolate more  
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