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    oh yeah  
    ill just gamble it until i have 100000 or more legal bills lol  
    you can just stalk them from your dream vacation duh  
    my way would be him getting his wife and leaving and coming back the next day to tell me "you had it your way"  
    currency will be candy +3
    then ill have real friends  
    any why only one explosion starts life and rats being our ancestor is a insult  
    i dont know skip  
    sh*t +1
    why eat a rat  
    i rarely listen to music +2
    nerds +2
    so is hitler half i think  
    marvel heros are OP dc is more decent +1
    ikr lol  
    true love? is there true hate too lmao eternity is it own bad thing in a way.. kinda  
    i wish  
    my mother did breast feed me  
    every damn day imagine sh*t sticking to your ass lol i have pets  
    most of the correcters do it just to be an ass +2
    1mil will last 2 years if you spend it smart but 5mil with 1/2 chance am down  
    then people steal time. waste time. then when you run out you die? lol i travel +1
    both suck +1
    not at fault vs at fault  
    we basically are glue.. lol  
    i rather death breathing than drowning  
    wtf is E.U lol  
    now i wish i pick 40  
    get rape in the deep sea or on land in the but ill pass  
    thats what pets r for  
    my past sucks anyway  
    i rather wear a hat then dress like a shiny retard in zebra print tights  
    ill bring back jesus to bring back ALL victims of genocide hopefully he could. then id bring back Abraham L. Colubus to beat the sh*t out of him. and sell the last two choices  
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