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    talking in rhymes will get boring 6 years ago +4
    speeding tickets i think are cheaper depends 6 years ago  
    there will probably never be world peace unless...... 6 years ago  
    never watched never will just wanted to pick one 6 years ago  
    at least you cant drown in snow i dont think 6 years ago  
    no reason for choice B 6 years ago  
    depends how long has the chicken been there? 6 years ago  
    dont matter to me 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago  
    duh android 6 years ago +1
    idk 6 years ago  
    can barely taste butter 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago  
    save time and money 6 years ago  
    at least 6 years ago  
    at lesat your getting paid in cash at work 6 years ago  
    really change more than one thing 6 years ago  
    but mostly a spender 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    duh 6 years ago  
    enjoy each other on the date 6 years ago  
    blackberrys are old 6 years ago  
    who is kadafi 6 years ago  
    bigger populaton 6 years ago  

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