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    People who don't believe in god are the tru crazy ones T-T  
    Never said allegery was really serious and I would wear a suit or sumthin  
    I have no idea what these are some time to skip  
    Pro life +2
    I only chose this guy is because he look like less of a creeper  
    Never in my life heard of these till now  
    I love Gatorade frost  
    Only reason I would deal with an iPhone is because they mostly have the apps you see on tv and stuff  
    Less agrevating  
    I don't like to eat in front of people I don't know and one or some of the gifts can be food  
    I'mma girl and I don't wear make up so nothing's changed  
    8 hours to spend more money and do more sh*t  
    Lose weight  
    I'm a 5' 8" girl  
    Ba da ba ba ba I'm gaining it  
    Omg I have seen the guy on the right before he's so funny  
    I like flavored beer die  
    Talent can earn me money  
    I would pretend eat it  
    Pokemon cause god is already real +1
    That baby ain't ugly  
    Really guest u sexist  
    Mouth wash lol  
    It doesn't say fall and die parachute  
    My mom is way easier  
    I'll say gracias lol  
    Bath smart one  
    I take baths but it's every once inna while and guest u shower before u take a ap  
    I try and try but everything just looks like it's the last time that I'm going to see so spend it SPEND IT ALL  
    I'm a girl so...  
    What's wrong with glasses lol  
    If stand not real @anthonyp2 then how would you become rich and powerful a-dohie  
    I like the other option but I only choose this one cause of the picture  
    Less death threat to me sooo  
    It feel better  
    We could laugh about how stupid the movie is  
    Why would I go to jail for something I didn't do if their a friend they wouldn't let me take the rap for what they did  
    I rather not die from lung cancer thank you every much  
    It doesn't say what you caught your parents doing  
    As nice as that tenfold sounds I rather remember things cause I'm always forgetting something somewhere  
    I only chose because of the picture  
    U guys or sick who think being anorexic is funny if it was my daughter I would try to help her on her problem  
    Doesn't fame come with wealth?  
    Being sick can be a cold smart ones  
    For the greater good if it has to be done  
    Actually I'm a girl and I rather movies you biased jerk  
    With their tongue  
    Bath them selves  
    Cats aren't disgust slobs smart one at least the don't mp  
    I would wish that my friend could wish for me to have more money lol  
    I love piggies  
    It's funnier  
    Baby is catchy but gang nam style is mental suicide after 20minutes  
    Sex isn't everything ya kno  
    Now people can't cuss me out and think I won't know about it  
    My dreams are just  
    Getting away with lying isn't going to fix ur problems it's going to make them become bigger than the original one  
    I rather catch someone else cheating because stooping that low is just too much guilt to handle  
    It's when someone loads the gun with one bullet and you. Put it to up head and pull the trigger if it's blank ur still alive and it keeps going till someone pulls the trigger and goes ya know  
    Teleportation beats flying and reading minds ain't always so great so...  
    Y'all don't understand how cheap amazon is  
    One I already get free music and two I've always wanted to try Starbucks +296
    1. I'm not a retard and 2. What you don't realize is that yolo also means to live you life to the fullest so good day to you sir  
    I would take 50,000 thousand dollars and give it to 50,000 families in general who need help with life aka food shelter  
    You don't know how many times I would use that thing  
    I kind of want to be that anyways lol  
    I kind of secretly want a tattoo so yea  
    Crap I just thought this through I rather double my weight  
    It's a lose lose situation because if your immortal you be bored of life and end up like Edward  
    Just cause u hot doesn't mean u ain't smart. I mean I'm already cute and there on the smart charts so I no longer see this question with meaning  
    Europe is kind of to crazy for me idk  
    If I lived twice as long I wouldn't be able to enjoy things as much as I do now  
    Because some celebs are real jerks  
    With more time I would able to get more money  
    With my fame and fortune I would help people and change the world cause that's how I do I would upgrade the orphanage because them place aren't always top notch  
    Being the friend gives you the famous life without the annoyances  
    I would make the best of my life until it was over ( and maybe try to prevent it)  
    That money could've been stolen and if you take it you can either be locked up or shot down  
    Credit cards are to much work  
    To be honest only reason why I did this one is causde  
    My hometown is dope to be honest so I see no problem, plus I'll no where everything is  
    Team Burger King all da way  
    Fame and wealth is nice but it's hard to manage and daily threat to you and your family  
    If there were no problems life would be peaceful  
    I would show them how cool dey grandmas was and still will be  
    I rather people at my funeral. A wedding with no one at it is less expensive when u think about it  
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