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    iewl 6 years ago  
    and you are the most self loving person ever 6 years ago  
    no he's not 6 years ago  
    god isn't real and would never be real, stupid 6 years ago  
    no. no problem at all! :D 6 years ago  
    I never ask for jewerly, a kiss is ok with me 6 years ago  
    same thing 6 years ago  
    I know I am supposed to kill myself but be honest, ifit comes to it, would you be able to? 6 years ago  
    and why is that??? because straight people are so perfect?? 6 years ago  
    the heck?? 6 years ago  
    none duh 6 years ago  
    not funny 6 years ago  
    skipping.... the maker of this one is mental 6 years ago  
    none please 6 years ago  
    captain jack sparrow! 6 years ago  
    Oops ment no internet 6 years ago  
    the maker of this one is a vegie 6 years ago  
    no it can't 6 years ago  
    some show where you can win mony with stupid games like dragging your ass over the flore (really) 6 years ago  
    I prefer him bald 6 years ago  
    because it takes ages an ages to do so. duhhh 6 years ago  
    nothing to do with enfections duh. just how clean you keep it..... learn your body dumbass 6 years ago +3
    none 6 years ago  
    but you can ask and leanr 6 years ago  
    size isn't everything 6 years ago  
    those are not muscular! 6 years ago  
    both suck 6 years ago  
    even one night next to him and be killed is the rest of your life... 6 years ago  
    but chair is faster 6 years ago  
    gas is less painfull 6 years ago  
    same for you.... 6 years ago  
    why don't you go to a mental hospital and shut up? 6 years ago  
    australia had bigger spiders 6 years ago  
    none 6 years ago  
    READ! if you chose the beautifull body you get the ugly face if you want it or not. you're blond? 6 years ago  
    Hide the body 6 years ago  
    NEVER CUT IT AGAIN! 6 years ago  
    it's over faster 6 years ago  
    with a nice and cute umbrella 6 years ago  
    I am a singer... yeah 6 years ago  
    Italy has cute boys! 6 years ago  
    A am a girl so 6 years ago  
    that's true, that wh I want to live in Europe. USA saves Erurope so I am sure to have it good there :D 6 years ago  
    you will learn to love them 6 years ago  
    that involves my crush so... 6 years ago  
    ....... full of yourself aren't you? 6 years ago  
    none, mwuahahahaha 6 years ago  
    music is the language of everyone 6 years ago  
    It's warm in an elevator.... 6 years ago  
    you are sick in your head. 6 years ago  
    So you would wish that to your beloved one? I would wish my beloved one all the best of the world, and if that includes cheating on me, so be it! 6 years ago  
    you are mental 6 years ago  
    to the other 60%, what is stopping you from doing it right now? go ahead! 6 years ago  
    there is no heaven 6 years ago  
    and he doen't exist, child of no one 6 years ago  
    5 lives for 1? and what about the people who will miss me, they don't want me to take the offer. AND when I wake up again, no one I ever loved will be there, 6 years ago  
    sitting dows is easier to hide, just stand up very quick 6 years ago  
    ..... so he is worth more then a beloved one??? that's just sad.... 6 years ago  
    hard one... 6 years ago  
    a BALD eagle. as in NO FEATHERS! HOW THE HACK IS THAT SUPPSED TO FLY! 6 years ago  
    DO dubplicate trends, it's fun 6 years ago  
    having the same problem... 6 years ago  
    I AM the second one 6 years ago  
    you just freaked me out there 6 years ago  
    true. but since I like to go on a holliday and not want to put my god in a pethotel, it's easier to take a small dog with me. and it's cheaper 6 years ago  
    yep 6 years ago  
    ..... no you can't... and where would you put your thingy in??? EVER seen a hole in one??? 6 years ago  
    I did 6 years ago  
    better not be able to see myself then be lonly cause I stink 6 years ago  
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