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    and you are the most self loving person ever  
    no he's not  
    god isn't real and would never be real, stupid  
    no. no problem at all! :D  
    same thing  
    none duh  
    skipping.... the maker of this one is mental  
    captain jack sparrow!  
    Oops ment no internet  
    the maker of this one is a vegie  
    some show where you can win mony with stupid games like dragging your ass over the flore (really)  
    I prefer him bald  
    because it takes ages an ages to do so. duhhh  
    but you can ask and leanr  
    both suck  
    even one night next to him and be killed is the rest of your life...  
    australia had bigger spiders  
    READ! if you chose the beautifull body you get the ugly face if you want it or not. you're blond?  
    Hide the body  
    it's over faster  
    with a nice and cute umbrella  
    I am a singer... yeah  
    Italy has cute boys!  
    A am a girl so  
    that's true, that wh I want to live in Europe. USA saves Erurope so I am sure to have it good there :D  
    you will learn to love them  
    that involves my crush so...  
    ....... full of yourself aren't you?  
    music is the language of everyone  
    It's warm in an elevator....  
    to the other 60%, what is stopping you from doing it right now? go ahead!  
    and he doen't exist, child of no one  
    sitting dows is easier to hide, just stand up very quick  
    hard one...  
    DO dubplicate trends, it's fun  
    having the same problem...  
    I AM the second one  
    you just freaked me out there  
    true. but since I like to go on a holliday and not want to put my god in a pethotel, it's easier to take a small dog with me. and it's cheaper  
    ..... no you can't... and where would you put your thingy in??? EVER seen a hole in one???  
    I did  
    better not be able to see myself then be lonly cause I stink  
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