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Would u rather walk round bare foot for the rest of your life or have s*x with the same s*x 7 years ago 459 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would u rather walk round bare foot for the rest of your life or cheat on your gf/bf for a hot cleb 7 years ago 539 votes 23 comments 0 likes

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music today but defo not jb!! 5 years ago +1
wet......... 5 years ago +1
it looks cool! 5 years ago  
I believe I can fly !!! 5 years ago  
stupid people are funny and funny people are stupid!!! 5 years ago +1
both happened 6 years ago  
this already happened but we broke up 6 years ago  
bird as meaning a girl! 6 years ago  
purple pill = both!! 6 years ago +5
i have befor.......... 6 years ago  
coke fanta 6 years ago  
would fkuc it lol 6 years ago +1
ohwell ... never said could use swim suit! 6 years ago  
water or drop roll thingy 6 years ago  
u can carry i ipod easyer 6 years ago  
a meteor! 6 years ago  
hahahhahaha just thought CAMEL TOE!!! like this comment if u no wat i mean! 6 years ago  
kid age 16 or somin so can hav kids! 6 years ago  
i have already 6 years ago  
on christmas not as much pressies! 6 years ago  
my mum is deaf and im half deaf 6 years ago  
both hurt 6 years ago  
ohow has been dead crap wrong one!! and didnt say how long c 6 years ago  
im not gunna lie 6 years ago  
its called spray and mouth wash! 6 years ago  
ima girl so would just close eyes and feel! 6 years ago  
hicup bubbbles!! 6 years ago  
omg the picture looks like simon cowell gone rong!!!!!! 6 years ago  
im flexible 6 years ago  
OMG!!! i get it!! twinkie and sperm!!! get it! 6 years ago  
ima girl! 6 years ago  
i have ate cat food befor and its not tht bad 6 years ago  
ouch! 6 years ago  
or c NONE!! 6 years ago  
ohwell....... 6 years ago  
ohhh tht would be great! 6 years ago  
would quickly shave before hand....... 6 years ago  
i have befoe 6 years ago  
omg ithought they both said get head! 6 years ago  
ima girl 6 years ago  
Nothing wrong with gays! 6 years ago +1
R.I.P. To Micheal Jackson! 6 years ago  
24% are stupid! 6 years ago  
omg!! ihave played both befor! 6 years ago  
johnny depp dressed as jack is fit as! 6 years ago  
wen was 1 6 years ago  
well bothhappen almost everyday anyway! 6 years ago +3
both happend last week cos i fell down the stairs and hit my head at same time! 6 years ago +1
this has happened to me befor 6 years ago  
racism is bulling 6 years ago +2
i gotta learn german! 6 years ago  
police would see and that person would probs get killed 6 years ago  
both hav happened lolz 6 years ago  
bob the builder!!! 6 years ago  
well im not one of those people who sit there and read things backwards!! 6 years ago +1
omg i would be strongest person alive! 6 years ago  
make anyone fall in love with u who is rich 6 years ago +1
watchin film we r all laughin but talkin.......RUN!!!! 6 years ago  
aww so cute 6 years ago  
depends how i feel 6 years ago +2
both! 6 years ago +3
i am underweight anyway 6 years ago  
i have a backwards clock!! 6 years ago  
both look freaky!! 6 years ago  
i dont like pancakes so dont no how i would die on chocking on one1 6 years ago  
depends on mood and if i can be bothered! 6 years ago  
ummmm wtf with this question!! 6 years ago  
i only chose mouse pad cos pic was awsome!! 6 years ago +1
pink-just give me a reson! 6 years ago  
ghost would be awsome cos u can go to see anyone!!! watch anything!! 6 years ago +1
seen both 6 years ago  
both happened 6 years ago  
how bout none! 6 years ago  
both!!! 6 years ago  
crap rong oneee 6 years ago  
yea but then i end up dreaming it anyway!! 6 years ago +1
bliming hilarous!!!!! the show that is!! 6 years ago  
UNICORN!!!!!!!!!! only problem u will get called a dickhead! 6 years ago +3
omg!! i had candy floss yesterday!! 6 years ago  
sounds like sex 6 years ago +6
looks awsome!! 6 years ago +1
pain hurts but happeness can to 6 years ago +1
Havin sex would be akward the other way... 6 years ago +1
SKIP THIS QUESTION!!! 6 years ago  
HERE'S CHUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
ummm i dont care and wats the point of this question!! would i rather wat!!!!! 6 years ago +3
cant kill wats dead!! they look asome anyway!!!! 6 years ago  
i live in a box!! 6 years ago +2
both happened so umm,,,,, 6 years ago +1
has happened befor 6 years ago +1
hahaha i get it!! 6 years ago  
My mum has had both of these happen!! She has cancer and has lost her hearing!! 6 years ago  
mediciane is drugs and drugs are inmost things anyway!!! 6 years ago  
yep!! was going down town with bro adn mate so i went up a tree just to eat a flower!! i got stuck tough lolz!!! 6 years ago  
awww so cute!! 6 years ago +1
there longer!! 6 years ago +3
would fkuc them all of 1D !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
would probs throw up! 6 years ago +1
dont like coconut! 6 years ago  
none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
party!!! 6 years ago  
they have.... 6 years ago  
cats r awsome! 6 years ago  
u could change wat u say to someone! 6 years ago  
"like" if u love it!! 6 years ago  
omg that took me like a year to work this out!! 6 years ago +1
oh yeah good point!! 6 years ago  
already am!!! 6 years ago  
both!! 6 years ago  
none!! 6 years ago  
its called wine not vino! 6 years ago  
i thought i said eat a panda!! 6 years ago  
CANT SPELL SO 6 years ago +2
BOB MARLEY IS LEGAND!!! 6 years ago  
im girl so dik is good 6 years ago +2
has happened 6 years ago  
seriously stop saying tht 6 years ago +2
thts hard! 6 years ago  
umm both happened ........... 6 years ago +1
omg i got tht pic on one of min lolz 6 years ago  
ewwww 6 years ago  
ummm pics... 6 years ago +1
bro fitty! 6 years ago  
writing texting email 6 years ago +6
i fink he fit! 6 years ago  
wtf is a spouse!?!!?!?!?!?!! 6 years ago  
already happened!! 6 years ago  
didnt say how long for 6 years ago  
bassically c or k and crap was menna skip!! 6 years ago  
dont wanna get hurt!! 6 years ago +2
dont want to get hurt!! 6 years ago +1
aaa i hate snakes!! 6 years ago +1
youngest gets spoilt 6 years ago  
jelousey is sadness 6 years ago +2
she might eat me!!! lolz 6 years ago +3
ur already dead so ....... 6 years ago  
how could u save ur sibling if u havent saved yourself!!! 6 years ago  
friendshp is love!!! 6 years ago  
oh yea 6 years ago  
hahaha my aunty was 2 hours late for her wedding!! 6 years ago +2
both have happened so.. 6 years ago +1
he knows already 6 years ago +2
i am.... 6 years ago  
dream = in love with tht person so ...... 6 years ago  
OH YEAH ANYONE!! 6 years ago  
babysitter can be a boy right? 6 years ago  
someones already told the skl my crush so.... 6 years ago +3
have 6 years ago  
already happened :( 6 years ago  
gives him money 6 years ago  
u guys are stupid!! low self-essteem means they think everythink is rong!! nothing can m,ake it right!! 6 years ago  
all ready is so .... 6 years ago  
dont care really cos uncle is gay so.... 6 years ago  
MONEY!!! 6 years ago  
fkuing hell get real!! 6 years ago  
did u no none off them are gay!!! they all have gfs exept from harry who is apparently hitting up with rihanna!!!! 6 years ago  
money=love duh!!! 6 years ago  
hottest person no is clebrity!! 6 years ago  
bassically 6 years ago  
both the same 6 years ago  
remember shoot the zombie in the head twice!!! 6 years ago  
ZAYN!!!! 6 years ago +3
date harry styels!!! 6 years ago  
im on facebook lizzy foot 6 years ago  
can roll 6 years ago  
bath!!! 6 years ago  
dead so wouldnt no 6 years ago  
being embarassed is awkward 6 years ago  
yolo-you only live once 6 years ago  
wealth=fame 6 years ago  
famous=wealth 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
right it on paper use fone 6 years ago  
aaaa jacks hott!!! 6 years ago  
gold 6 years ago  
skip 6 years ago +1
younger 1 older 21 6 years ago  
wat if the hottest guy u no is justin???? 6 years ago  
hot 6 years ago  
penis!! 6 years ago +1
im a girl 6 years ago  
punck them 6 years ago  
wats with the switched pics 6 years ago +13
hard 6 years ago  
the youngest gets spoilt 6 years ago  
sex 6 years ago  
sex yeah!!!! 6 years ago +2
basshunter!!! 6 years ago  
it said sleep nothing else 6 years ago +1
both already happened to me 6 years ago +1
he already does 6 years ago  
50/50 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago  
ima girl lol 6 years ago  
yes and im a girl 6 years ago  
im a girl 6 years ago  
dont mined lol 6 years ago  
i have walked in on them doing it lol!!! 6 years ago  
ewwwwwwwwwww 6 years ago  
welll my love is in my dreams!!! 6 years ago  
i have been caught lol 6 years ago +7
you will both end up rich by sharing the money!!!! 6 years ago  
I DONT REALLY CARE# 6 years ago +2
MONEY 6 years ago  
DEFO HARRY FCK YEAH 6 years ago +1
FCUK YEAH HARRY IS FCKIN FIT!!!! 6 years ago  
hot 6 years ago  
can still eat 6 years ago  
sex lol 6 years ago  
dino lol 6 years ago  
ye man 6 years ago  
its the same thing loser 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago  
i always get the blame 6 years ago  
that was hard cos im a girl 6 years ago  
omg its zayn malik!!!!!! 6 years ago  
MY CRUSH IS A CELEB!!!!!! 6 years ago  
1D!!!!!! 6 years ago  
holy sh!t i have done all of the questions!!!! 7 years ago  
london here i come 7 years ago  
one direction 7 years ago  
im a girl 7 years ago  
my nephew is 1 and loves nicki 7 years ago  
you will die anyway 7 years ago  
i love chineese food 7 years ago  
harry styles!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
harry styles!!!! 7 years ago  
famous every1 will love you get who you want 7 years ago  
i want harry styles 7 years ago  
i wanna live next door to one direction!!!! 7 years ago  
not so hot then 7 years ago  
wig 7 years ago  
fame=wealth 7 years ago  
1 of my dreams is to live foreva anyway 7 years ago  
the boy of my dreams is in my dream!!! 7 years ago  
i get sea and air sick 7 years ago  
i cany go jail 7 years ago  
scared of hights and get sea sick 7 years ago  
i acctually dont no 7 years ago  
im really light any way 7 years ago  
music 4eva 7 years ago  
im a girl i skipped 7 years ago  
i get sea sick 7 years ago  
ya 7 years ago  
tht would be fun 7 years ago  
fly!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
skipped 7 years ago  
ill get squished 7 years ago  
skipped 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
i love 1D 7 years ago +1
same 7 years ago  
pepsi better 7 years ago +2
yh 7 years ago +1
amy passed away cry 7 years ago  
on pirets of the carribian the mermaid came out of the water 7 years ago +1
on the cheek 7 years ago +2
katy perrys awsom 7 years ago +2
im abit scared of heights 7 years ago  
i have befor 7 years ago  
ill probly fall of the horse 7 years ago  
tangeld is awsom 7 years ago +3
thx for votin guys btw this is my question 7 years ago  
thx for votin btw this is my question 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago +3
girl skip 7 years ago  
im a f*ckin girl 7 years ago +2
music rocks 7 years ago  
girl skip 7 years ago +1
im already skinny 7 years ago +1
im gunna dye my hair red 7 years ago  
cant do it 7 years ago  
im a girl so ill let the guys choose 7 years ago  
justin bieber sucks 7 years ago +2
cant swallow hair 7 years ago  
i lov mac donalds 7 years ago +5
neither my mums deaf nd my dads blind 7 years ago +1
neither im a girl 7 years ago  
both i watched pirates of the caribians all week 7 years ago  
nice tiger good tiger 7 years ago +1
skip 7 years ago  
neither im a girl 7 years ago  
gettin drunk is fun 7 years ago  
this is sooooo hard lol 7 years ago +1
3ds hurts your eyes 7 years ago +2
sooo hard both 7 years ago  
im a girl 7 years ago +3
neither im a girl 7 years ago  
im dyein my air red 7 years ago +1
i got told that is ur narral hair colour is blond then ur dumb 7 years ago  
i look ugly without clothes on 7 years ago +5
it would look like a boy with long hair 7 years ago +1
im a f*ckin girl 7 years ago +1
f*ckin hell no 2 both!!!!1 7 years ago  
none 7 years ago +1
who cares 7 years ago  
im a girl so i dont care 7 years ago +5
damm cliked the wrong 1 i love jack sparrow 7 years ago  
need 2 have music 7 years ago  
im not being a lesbian 7 years ago  
come on guys 7 years ago +2
im a f*cking girl so i skipped it 7 years ago +2
glees best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
gay men r funny 7 years ago +2
i cliked the wrong f***ing 1 7 years ago +3
i aleady watch friends 7 years ago  
i always watch glee 7 years ago  
im a woman 7 years ago +4
ill kick them out 7 years ago  
i cant choose 7 years ago  
my dad plays the acoustic guitar 7 years ago  
i cant live without the internet 7 years ago +1
u can have surgery 7 years ago  
im10 11 in couple of months 7 years ago  
i have caught my parents loads of times 7 years ago  
i love dogs 7 years ago  
im sea sick 7 years ago  
damm i cliked tha wrong 1 7 years ago  
babys r life 7 years ago  
id rather b death then u can see ur family and friends everyday 7 years ago  
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