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I lied about my age when I first joined and said I was 16 when I was actually 13, as you can tell by my comments and my questions.

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    omg the baby on 'A' is so cute! :D  
    screw you for saying Xbox 360! +1
    that is a matter of opinion, i personally prefer Penguins much more  
    oh yues plz I'm 15, its gonna be fine :P  
    since forever  
    uh actually I'm using a mac right now, and still know that windows is better  
    yet you chose it….  
    You should be drinking 2-litres of water instead of 2-litres of cola  
    Hey Eminem is good! :(  
    the earth was created accidentally… the two rocks crashed together by accident… so an accident made the earth we live on  
    no, but if someones crush is a celebrity……. think about it  
    Not all the time! Like I don't think Pugs are obnoxious barking rats :D  
    CRAP! wrong one, I like my body fine, my face though...  
    a lot of people  
    stop the act people, you know you wont give it away  
    jokes on you now its 52 48 HA! :P  
    I waited a very long time for the money... still waiting for it +1
    well you're nice...  
    how dare you! :P  
    I didnt choose 'A' because it said soccer -.-  
    well, you're nice  
    Its Charlie the guinea pig, not charlie the hamster  
    marijuana makes street fights and more dangerous stuff, I also dont want my kids to smoke it  
    attacked, its not that hard to spell +2
    wow, just WOW -.-  
    no need to tell us that you hate him, just vote and move on  
    its called a wig, I'm a girl and if we keep on shaving, it will be... eck, and waxing is a pain in the a**  
    her has so much swag  
    you are missing out in the world  
    I respect both religions but I am an Atheist, there is no problem believing in god or not, just respect each others religions. :) +1
    indie* if you are going to say that, say it right  
    how are we assholes? this is a would you rather, how is this offending you?  
    i have galaxy SIII And it is really bad! I can't even type with it and there is always some random spam  
    none of my bestfriends know my crush, I wouldnt feel betrayed because they never knew  
    k, nice to know  
    just choose!  
    aw crap! Wrong one!  
    jacob looks like a Alpaca  
    discussing religion doesn't mean you believe in religion, you only talk about it...  
    girls can masturbate as well, it would probably hurt a lot for girls :[  
    ahahahah 69! LOL! XD  
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