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I lied about my age when I first joined and said I was 16 when I was actually 13, as you can tell by my comments and my questions.

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Pigs 3 years ago  
You're* 3 years ago  
thanks for showing XD, barely anyone knows Azerbaijan, so I'm not surprised. 3 years ago  
Ooh, right, okay. 4 years ago  
No, I'm from Turkey, haha, why'd you ask? 4 years ago  
B because why not? XD 4 years ago +1
Woops ok no I meant Bad, it's gonna be baadd 4 years ago  
By a book 4 years ago  
I already have a home theater :P not that big, but it's enough for me 4 years ago  
I love both too much, I can't choose x) 4 years ago +1
Im typing this without looking its not that hard, but sometimes it would help to look just to make sure i'm clicking the right letters :P 4 years ago  
wrong onneeeeeee 4 years ago  
I just watched the video... that's horrible, why would they leave a child on the streets! And why didn't that first driver get out of the car to check on her?! What has this world come to? Everyone just ignored that poor little kid! The only person who cared enough to even pay attention to her dragged her off of the road and sat her on the side walk, its horrible! 4 years ago  
SO THERE WILL BE A PART 2!!!! AHAHA >:D 4 years ago  
I feel weird because i actually kind of like the feeling of wet socks....?? x) 4 years ago  
Ohh, i didn't think about thatt.... 4 years ago  
I dont think I'm above everyone not in my clique, but i was usually known by everyone, and people usually like me :3 but I still know those people who hate me... 4 years ago  
Science, I actually like math 4 years ago  
A is normal for me x) 4 years ago  
i dont have any fans XP 4 years ago +1
I honestly don't think this is about the looks, I mean, Cameron Diaz has played in wonderful movies with excellent roles. 4 years ago  
Just because I hate licorice 4 years ago  
The wii u isn't that bad 4 years ago  
Whoops I thought it said ILLEGAL! I change my answer.... 4 years ago  
The suite life of Zach and Cody theme song :3 4 years ago  
Great question!!!!! 4 years ago  
Really hard to choose x) 4 years ago  
The scarecrow from the wizard of oz 4 years ago  
Is it really? I honestly didn't expect that 4 years ago  
I have already done B but i guess i'll do it again :P 4 years ago  
A looks cute :3 4 years ago +2
i already did :| honestly dont know why im not feeling horrible though 4 years ago  
XD a Milkyway bar 4 years ago  
thanks, us atheists appreciate it 4 years ago  
i try to do both actually, but then i see someone else did it and im like 'oh' 4 years ago  
i care about user interaction, just not like the description 4 years ago  
oh wait nevermind XD 4 years ago  
i really dont like peanut butter 4 years ago  
never been, but it looks wonderful! 4 years ago  
I had a bunny but it died because it drank pool water, that idiot. 4 years ago  
both! :D 4 years ago +1
I'm learning to play 'A' on the piano :P 4 years ago  
I highly dislike spicy! So I'm fine with 'B' 4 years ago  
A is actually really good! We make something like that in Turkey and it's delish!! 4 years ago  
i haven't ever seen your real face :'( 4 years ago  
im only good at typing XD 4 years ago  
B happened 3 times now, but its okay :P 4 years ago +1
Thats one of the reason i even made this question! Honestly, people just dont listen to each other anymore but they actually have wonderful ideas that need to be said! 4 years ago  
thank you 4 years ago  
Oh i didnt read the 'yes' and the 'no' i just read the photos and i liked 'a' more :3 4 years ago  
i'll seem pathetic compared to these other guys in the comments but i woke up at like 11 AM and fell asleep at 8 AM then woke up at 9 AM. Not really a story but the longest time i've been awake :s 4 years ago  
for SURE 4 years ago  
Thats one of the biggest problems i have while writing. Comma's ere comma's der comma's errywhere 4 years ago  
thats the only thing that i find decently okay in starbucks. everything else is just coffee with a different name 4 years ago +2
10.568 quadrillion cookies :D 4 years ago  
aww yissss 4 years ago  
I live there, so i kind of have to be pro azerbaijan 4 years ago  
i just really like your profile picture, good choice 4 years ago  
Aww, I'm Turkish :'( 4 years ago  
i honestly watched yu-gi-oh much more than pokemon so wouldnt be too sure which one is better :P 4 years ago  
woopsiee 4 years ago  
You should start playing! They're both really good! 4 years ago  
Coolhwip 4 years ago  
omg XD 4 years ago  
nope, you dont have anything to prove so... but hey! the OP of this says that 'This isnt meant to be disrespectful or offensive. Its hypothetical, God exists in this situation.' so yeah.... 4 years ago  
either that or i was making a joke like those little girls do i dont even know im sorry either way... 4 years ago  
dont mind me please that was the old dumb me who just didnt care about anything, my apologies. 4 years ago  
That's what's hot 4 years ago  
I'll let them eat if it will keep them satisfied and it will help them do their work 4 years ago  
I don't really get into much drama in school or anything, I try to pay attention to class while still hanging out with someone my friends, plus, I never really annoyed anyone... If anything I'm ignored at school :P 4 years ago  
omg the baby on 'A' is so cute! :D 4 years ago  
NO :((( 4 years ago  
I didnt really understand what the American dream is, but my house looks like 'A' so i voted for that.. :\ 4 years ago  
i am sad to say i only got 26 :((( 4 years ago  
i would look ugly if i had dimples :s 4 years ago  
haha! XD 4 years ago  
make christmas cookies with whitechocolate! :D 4 years ago  
omg yes please 4 years ago  
screw you for saying Xbox 360! 4 years ago +1
what about the gods and goddesses of Greece? they may be real ;D 4 years ago +1
They're out if the World Cup anyway so, let's hope they win next year! (Which to be honest I kind of doubt) 4 years ago  
Then buy my son a new kidney 4 years ago +1
I don't know, I looked at the picture and they kind of looked like penguins 5 years ago  
Me :P 5 years ago  
Well what if the condom broke? They do not want a child and they should have a choice wether or not to keep it. It's their body and it's their child. They should abort it if they want to. 5 years ago  
I don't even have a 100$ 5 years ago +1
D: why?! 5 years ago  
Knew It! :D 5 years ago  
university* sorry... 5 years ago  
What is this? Abnegation? 5 years ago  
I have a friend named Bianca :P 5 years ago  
um, how bout no? 5 years ago +3
I honestly hate both names 5 years ago  
Stutter :P 5 years ago  
... 5 years ago +4
Sushi :D 5 years ago  
I am B and i like being it XD 5 years ago  
I'm finishing the Divergent series and it's sad to know i havent read the hunger games series yet, so yeah 5 years ago  
aw wait no, i love kittens and i want it to be healthy. 5 years ago  
went to both places but Switzerland was amazing! 5 years ago  
Why hate him though? I understand you don't like him but hate? 5 years ago  
Oh wait, I hate scarves and love gloves :3 5 years ago  
WRONG ONE! I'm so used to 'Yes' being in A. 5 years ago  
one of my friends had the toes of B on both of her feet. 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago  
wait wrong one Philip is awesome :P 5 years ago  
I REALLY don't like the name Ava, I have some bad history with that name. 5 years ago +1
They are 5 years ago  
yey 5 years ago  
dresses :| 5 years ago  
Oh God! Are you okay now? 5 years ago  
Hardest.Desicion.Ever. 5 years ago +1
Mutated Squid Looking Things? No thanks 5 years ago  
wrong one, squirtle is my second favorite Pokemon :3 5 years ago  
Beatrice/Tris, :D 5 years ago  
Wait wrong one, i wasn't looking while i answered this :P 5 years ago  
if there are no schools how will you be a doctor for a hospital? 5 years ago +1
8/10 5 years ago  
Would you rather have no emotions or laugh whenever something sad happens 5 years ago  
Well, it used to be better... 5 years ago  
hear* 5 years ago  
turns out she's a model and Wiz Khalifa's wife... but yeah, she pointless. 5 years ago +1 its a 5 minute video of what Rachel's Challenge is :) 5 years ago  
screw that baby 5 years ago  
mmmm....chicken..... 5 years ago +1
danngg ittttttt 5 years ago  
This question made me think! Great question! 5 years ago  
Resident of Evil: Retribution 5 years ago  
sorry for being such a pig... 5 years ago +1
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH 'B' isn't a challenge for me! I do it everyday anyway! 5 years ago +1
7:00 AM 5 years ago +1
i can speak 3 5 years ago  
18,270 XD 5 years ago  
you can see the creepy spines of those kids :s 5 years ago +1
said no one ever 5 years ago  
that woman is morbidly obese, being fat doesn't mean being THAT fat 5 years ago +1
ew and ew 5 years ago  
i can bite my nails :P 5 years ago  
do they still fit your feet? :O 5 years ago  
whats the difference? 5 years ago  
*shudder* kids cooking 5 years ago  
oooh, thats nasty : 5 years ago  
I think of the song 5 years ago  
What do you call a pig that can fly? a flying pig... 5 years ago  
oh my god they were both amazing! XD 5 years ago  
OMG yes 5 years ago  
wait, no wrong one. I worry I will be homeless when i grow up :c 5 years ago  
I don't really believe it, my aunt eats a lot of McDonalds yet she hasn't had cancer. Same goes for a lot of other people around the world. 5 years ago  
a pug :3 5 years ago +1
Tom and Jerry both died in the last episode of Tom and Jerry ever by committing suicide because Tom couldn't get a girl he loved and Jerry saw his girlfriend cheating on him. They both sat on a train rail and near the end you could hear train horns becoming louder and louder until it circles around Jerry's face and ends there. 5 years ago +1
really guys? You actually believe in B? -.- gullible people 5 years ago  
hardest.desicion.ever 5 years ago  
both sound horrible 5 years ago  
id be a DICKOSAURUS! :D 5 years ago +1
when someone else takes the credit, THEN I'll tell the world it was me 5 years ago +1
NO! NOT JUSTICEO D: 5 years ago  
it's a poisonous insect from a book series (The Hunger Games) 5 years ago  
Screw love! 5 years ago +1
Murder babies with 7R0LL :D 5 years ago +2
pfft screw them. I'm rich! 5 years ago  
both are horrible names 5 years ago +1
I like your questions :D 5 years ago +1
Not to be racist but Vanessa Hudgens looks like any latino woman ever. 5 years ago  
I know how to play the piano :) 5 years ago  
They're* 5 years ago  
human being… Since not all people believe in god. It's not a dumb question depending on what you believe in. 5 years ago  
their* 5 years ago +1
aw, I like your questions helens! My mouse slipped! :D 5 years ago +2
B is like "its just not me. K? Heuheuheu" 5 years ago  
B looks like Kim Kardashian 5 years ago  
2/9 :( 5 years ago  
when I was like 8 or something I wore a bright pink t-shirt and neon orange jeans because I had no dark clothes 5 years ago  
Zombieland rule 2: The Double Tap 5 years ago  
XP 5 years ago +1
I was guessing this question was about Svamp :P 5 years ago +1
I dont wanna waste 'A's money :L 5 years ago  
Pewdiepie is great, but I don't really think he deserves 1# most subscribed because as much as he works for his videos there are other people, or at least one who go to jail for there pranks or videos (VitalyzTv) soo yeah, pewdiepie's good, just other people can be better :) 5 years ago +1
no adoption read the authors comment 5 years ago  
oh, i thought it said back of penguins 5 years ago +3
Wut? 5 years ago  
B happened to me and I broke my arm, it was a bad day. 5 years ago +1
What if i told you your grammar sucks? 5 years ago  
I wanted to ride A but I couldn't, and now B seems much more fun :D 5 years ago  
the big bang…. darwins theory.. you should learn about these stuff 5 years ago  
I really like Rap God and Berzerk 5 years ago  
i did and it made perfecT sense :p 5 years ago  
depends, I heard that New York has legalized weed for cancer patients to stop pain if it really hurts them, it was something like that, and I support that idea but if it was used for getting high and stuff I would just keep it illegal 5 years ago  
that is a matter of opinion, i personally prefer Penguins much more 5 years ago  
I would love to see him play as joker though 5 years ago +1
I've already been in New York on a rainy say 5 years ago  
B was amazing XD 5 years ago  
Well it f*cking better stay at Vegas, I don't want no zombie coming to my doorstep asking for brains 5 years ago +1
a 25 year old? Fine with me :P 5 years ago  
no 5 years ago +8
if i would always have to tell the truth… Pfff I would have no friends… only enemies 5 years ago  
I don't really like South Park that much :\ 5 years ago  
Play Video games with Alexw and/or periwinkle then Justin Beiber raped you, oh god, why does it have to be Justin? D: 5 years ago +1
I am not the new Katniss Everdeen 5 years ago +1
i don't know what people see in Andrew Garfield, honestly i think he's ugly :| Other than that he is a great actor :D 5 years ago +1
die or die* 5 years ago +2
I LOVE the name Victoria! :D 5 years ago  
Frozen, thank god it was the disney one 5 years ago +2
i feel left out since i never drunk any of these :( 5 years ago +1
some of them (like me) were religious but changed religion because they didn't find religion logical 5 years ago +1
she played in 27 dresses 5 years ago  
Helens looks adorable in the picture :3 5 years ago +1
me, my brother and my dad are atheist while my mom believes in god, but she's not a total extreme Christian 5 years ago +2
dat AS5! 5 years ago  
My best friends dream job is the same as mine :) 5 years ago  
wait wrong one, i wanted to choose yes... 5 years ago  
'A' is pretty much me every day 5 years ago  
nooo you're not mean! :D 5 years ago +1
i have no patience what so ever 5 years ago  
a sword made out of balloons 5 years ago  
none of them, Zayn is getting married and Louis has a girlfriend, or so I heard 5 years ago +2
its pretty much never have i ever 5 years ago  
oh my god no, change my answer, my friend hates this one song because it scares her, and I want to play it in random moment, it will be so funny XD 5 years ago  
I can't choose, I love them both so much! :D 5 years ago  
b never happens to me 5 years ago  
A wouldn't work since my teacher is married and has a child :( 5 years ago +1
both of them are so true XD 5 years ago +3
tbh none of them bother me at all 5 years ago  
when your friend hangs up the phone after you say your goodbyes and stuff, and if they can still hear 5 seconds of your talking after the phone call ended, you would be trash talking them, so you wouldn't have any friends, get it? 5 years ago  
yeee continue these series! 5 years ago  
black tights with leg warmers and a black under shirt with a black t-shirt on top saying 'To err is human but to arr is PIRATE!' 5 years ago +1
I'm from Istanbul Turkey and honestly, they nay reason I go there is to visit my other relatives, or else I find it really boring there, especially the kids have no manners! (not including me :P I grew up in a international school) 5 years ago  
we won't… Chuck Norris will... 5 years ago  
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet, Roy G Biv… I don't see any pink there 5 years ago  
im gonna go try that now 5 years ago  
i look hideously fat in sweat pants, jeans don't bother me 5 years ago  
don't worry, I watches it, its just an eye commercial 5 years ago  
why do you make me CHOOSE?! D: 5 years ago  
amazing! :3 5 years ago +1
i hate poems, 5 years ago +1
for some reason i thought it said 'who would win in a flight' 5 years ago  
i see a retard, but a funny and friendly one who knows nothing is perfect :) 5 years ago +1
oh wrong one, i read it opposite :P 5 years ago  
i prefer sci-fi books 5 years ago  
i got 4, aw man! True Love? Thats boring! I wish I got 1 and 3 :P 5 years ago  
5-guys 5 years ago +1
hihi, pines and vagena 5 years ago +4
now 10 months and 190 votes with 3 comments :P 5 years ago  
because I wanna 5 years ago  
oh god… stretch... 5 years ago  
Amen 5 years ago  
i just did eenie meenie miney mo because they are both such good actors it was hard to choose 5 years ago  
it would be understandable, Ryan Gosling is beautiful…. 5 years ago  
BitStrips :) 5 years ago  
Are you kidding me? The Lego Movie looks AMAZING :D 5 years ago +3
Zombieland Rule 1: Cardio 5 years ago +6
oh yues plz I'm 15, its gonna be fine :P 5 years ago  
i'll sell the dog and try to make money by it?? 5 years ago  
Chase, Zach, James, Nicholas, Jack, John, 5 years ago +1
I missed it today :( 5 years ago  
since forever 5 years ago  
uh actually I'm using a mac right now, and still know that windows is better 5 years ago  
yet you chose it…. 5 years ago  
You should be drinking 2-litres of water instead of 2-litres of cola 5 years ago  
Hey Eminem is good! :( 5 years ago  
the earth was created accidentally… the two rocks crashed together by accident… so an accident made the earth we live on 5 years ago  
guest form Victoria, Australia.. exactly! By the end of the 30 days you would get 536,870,913 dollars 5 years ago  
no, but if someones crush is a celebrity……. think about it 5 years ago  
At least i got chicken 5 years ago  
ok then, The worst place imaginable is… umm DISNEY WORLD!! YEA- I MEAN OH NO!!!!! 5 years ago  
Read books about baking cookies! :D 5 years ago +4
uhh, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays 5 years ago +2
I love drawing on the faces of baby dolls with markers, I make them look like demons! :D 5 years ago +2
I prefer waxing, if that's ok... 5 years ago  
Hunger Games 5 years ago +1
exactly, do you know how many healthy food you can eat and how many junk food you can stop eating? 5 years ago  
I'm too young to drink it but I know the smell of it is amazing! 5 years ago +2
Not all the time! Like I don't think Pugs are obnoxious barking rats :D 5 years ago  
omg B XD 5 years ago  
I think it's Day/Month/Year 5 years ago  
GOD DAMMIT 5 years ago +2
I do, but right now I am in Turkey for the holidays, I'm going to be at Azerbaijan tomorrow :) 5 years ago  
Ahahaha XD 5 years ago  
Tiffany because of The Silver Lining's Playbook book and the movie with Jennifer Lawrence :D 5 years ago  
I love MikelPickle, he's really funny :3 5 years ago  
no… just no 5 years ago +2
AVGN! I love him and his videos XD 5 years ago  
meh, I broke my arm 3 times before, it's no big deal 5 years ago  
oh wrong one, I thought it said 'which one would you want to be'. Now that I actually read it, I choose B 5 years ago +1
how do you not have a diamond yet? 5 years ago  
Snorlax, yeah… Snorlax 5 years ago  
I miss my friends, and all holidays feel like days after school, I never do anything other than play on the computer. 5 years ago  
ugh wrong one, I would LOVE to be an interior designer! That would be amazing 5 years ago +2
Skyrim! :D if I was to be in my favorite movie(s) I would die immediately 5 years ago  
I don't know, the movie didn't show Peeta's prosthetic leg while in the book it was telling us how he was getting used to the new leg, the book wins even though the movies were amazing 5 years ago  
oh my god picture 'A' XD 5 years ago +2
wrong one, I would be a genius with A! 5 years ago +1
B look's adorable :3 5 years ago  
Never could that be done to my brother, I would be so sad :( 5 years ago  
I was falling for that for a second, I'm just like "wait, wut, I'm gonna check this… Hmm, IPod XL?" I am so retarded -.- 5 years ago +3
I never do anything with my friend's anyway. 5 years ago  
I hate being sick so bad, and anyway I have games which don't require internet on my computer. 5 years ago  
oh another 'sex with parent's question, because I haven't seen that yet. -.- 5 years ago +1
That's not stupid :) now that I think of that, I would probably do that as well :D 5 years ago  
1 point -.- 5 years ago  
yes, indeed! 5 years ago  
god damn do I love gossiping 5 years ago +1
mina. done. easy as pie 5 years ago  
I love Emma Watson, but DAMN! She is in every single question I hear nowadays! 5 years ago  
There was a small T.V in the middle of a totally dark room, and it first started showing the old MLP, but then it switched to this demonic video, then back to MLP, and it just went on like that until I woke up... 5 years ago  
haha XD 5 years ago  
overrated is overrated 5 years ago +6
kinkiest person on rrrather, or maybe most twisted minded on rrrather, or my favorite, most forever alone in rrrather, which I can possibly win 5 years ago +3
very horny people chose B 5 years ago  
alexw, you know... the creator of this website 5 years ago  
when I was smaller, i thought everyone in the world were robots and I was the only human in this world... I was so scared that one day they would make me a robot XD 5 years ago +1
never get married, not get married never... sorry 5 years ago  
damn, wrong one. 5 years ago  
trust me, you are very common :D 5 years ago  
when i was like, 7, me and my friends had a kissy circle, we kissed each other on the cheek in one direction, then, when i was going to kiss my friend's cheek she tried to kiss my, we kissed on the lips but quickly washed it away... oh god... why.. 5 years ago  
holy crap, my first crush's name was Tom and he had blonde hair and blue eyes and on picture 'A' the guy has blonde hair and blue eyes, and his name is Tom :D 5 years ago +1
there is, though its called skip 5 years ago +5
january 6th 5 years ago  
as long as it wont bite 5 years ago +2
no need to apologize :) I'm happy you agree 5 years ago +1
russian and turkish :) 5 years ago  
I better not get raped while playing on the PC 5 years ago  
A isn't that pretty 5 years ago +2
I freaking love Chell! I chose the wrong one 5 years ago  
authors comment XD 5 years ago +2
actress? I only see two actors 5 years ago +1
why is everyone hating on katy perry? 5 years ago  
i only have nightmares 5 years ago +1
best...question...ever 5 years ago  
Because Elephants can, I saw them twerk . 5 years ago  
nothing beats the wrath of the rubber duck! 5 years ago +3
i bite my nails, it would be nice if they grew long 5 years ago +1
depends, if I'm writing whY, I type with my right, if I'm writing something like You, I type with my left 5 years ago  
Hello, I am an Atheist, see, not all Atheists are bad :D 5 years ago +3
wrong one :P 5 years ago  
really? Why would the fans even want that? Thanks for the info though 5 years ago  
because he act's terribly! Spitting on fans, Peeing in the mop bucket of a restaurant and more! Or else his singing isnt too bad 5 years ago  
CRAP! wrong one, I like my body fine, my face though... 5 years ago  
no, no, no thats Jenna Marbles 5 years ago  
no one is jealous, you're just a die hard belieber, Katy Cat's for the win! :p 5 years ago +1
I dont find 1D's music too bad, but JB's Dayum girl! Singing lessons wouldn't hurt! 5 years ago +1
B happened to my dad, it was so funny because I saw the seagull coming, but I didn't say anything :p 5 years ago +1
#swag #yolo #likemycommentplz #hipster, Yeah that'll probably get a lot of likes 5 years ago  
I think that he was just making a joke, calm down 5 years ago +1
I'll never give up pizza! 5 years ago +1
19% :P 5 years ago  
aw, why not? :( 5 years ago +1
seriously? -.- People who believe in god are not dumb or deluded, I'm an atheist but I know that the smartest people in my grade all believe in god -.- 5 years ago +5
I like to name spiders, I have a bunch of huge one's in my garage, my favorite is Jeffery Junior :P 5 years ago  
i dont shave, unibrows... I pluck them 5 years ago +1
condoms only work 85% so its not always peoples fault 5 years ago  
like M&M's aren't 5 years ago  
I just want to shoot guns 5 years ago  
no wishing FOR powers, that means you can still wish stuff but not ability's like flying or and other powers, sorry if you did read it correctly and just chose the other one :) 5 years ago  
already go to school for 8 hours :/ 1 more hour wouldn't hurt 5 years ago  
you already told him to shut up once, no need to do it again 5 years ago  
I would be gay if I choose A or B, but if I had to choose it would be B 5 years ago  
Squidward being friends with spongebob and patrick would make the show boring 5 years ago +3
old man jenkins is so awesome :P 5 years ago +5
Are you kidding me? This is no competition! 21 Jump Street was AMAZING! 5 years ago +1
not face guys, just body 5 years ago  
chose the wrong one, would love to see aliens :) 5 years ago  
not surprised XD 5 years ago +3
wow, what a b*tch :/ poor girl 5 years ago  
Tom Cruise.... he's beautiful 5 years ago  
girls can be called gay you know, we don't always have to call them 'lesbians' 5 years ago  
throw* 5 years ago  
well they are not, Selena Gomez was in disney playing in wizards of waverly place and she is still not a slut, Taylor swift is not a slut, she is just always breaking up with people 5 years ago  
Jerry is a douche 5 years ago +4
I tried triscuits today... they were nice 5 years ago +1
question is pretty much would you rather have sex with your mom or your ugly best friends mom 5 years ago  
I'm sorry should I being saying that my mom is a ugly piece of crap? and you obviously don't understand jokes 5 years ago  
in that picture Lady GaGa, but in usual Katy Perry :) 5 years ago +1
how about no 5 years ago +1
this is the hardest decision of my life 5 years ago  
stop commenting that, we know for the 10000000th time because of how much you comment that 5 years ago  
stop commenting that... just stop, I learned that the 500000th time now 5 years ago  
You don't need to be a 'dude' to meet Megan Fox, she is also an actress as well you know. 5 years ago  
Crap > Twilight 5 years ago +3
I'll go ahead and bresh them then 5 years ago  
do you maybe know a TV show called Victorious? 5 years ago +1
I.. I dont....I dont even... what?! 5 years ago +3
You kinda already chose.. so.. yeah 5 years ago  
i see a creepy guy with a circle in front of him 5 years ago +4
haha Gabeuscus :P I still love Toby more :D 5 years ago  
da fuq is this 5 years ago  
You're joking right? Please tell me you are joking 5 years ago +1
you need to watch some youtube 5 years ago  
a lot of people 5 years ago  
damn Justin Bieber looks ugly in that picture 5 years ago  
my childhood was all about the original my little pony, and I prefer that much more than the new one 5 years ago  
its dangerous for a girl to wear shorts in the winter... you can check up why 5 years ago  
I hate sour :) 5 years ago  
I love Oshawott! 5 years ago  
People* With* Racist* 5 years ago +1
In private schools as well, I go to a private school and I can WEAR what I want 5 years ago +1
its kinda true 5 years ago  
Babies* Deserve* Candy* 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago  
by old do you mean like the old on that picture or the old like the old comment section? 5 years ago  
B for this like it mean they maybe 5 years ago +3
Gandalf the grey is just swag :P 5 years ago +1
stop the act people, you know you wont give it away 5 years ago  
yeah, she has a youtube channel and she did a duet with a guy and sounded really good! 5 years ago  
you know you could have skipped? 5 years ago  
only because you commanded me nicely :3 5 years ago  
jokes on you now its 52 48 HA! :P 5 years ago  
OMFG, the girls who are always like 'im a girll soo' just choose! It doesn't matter! This is a would you rather, imagine you had a weiner k? just imagine and vote 5 years ago +3
Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation 5 years ago  
sometimes I wonder if my mom is a celebrity because she is so pretty and she looks like one:3 5 years ago +2
watched both, they were amazing movies! cant decide! :D 5 years ago  
I think if the girl lost weight she would look pretty.. but i'm sure she wont even be able to run 5 years ago  
you can still kill your best friend or date the girl in A 5 years ago  
I can already play the piano, its easy once you know the basics... just a little tip for those people that want to learn piano :) 5 years ago  
crap wrong one 5 years ago  
I didn't vote because first: it is 2013 and second, the world will end but that's after billions and billions of years. 5 years ago  
you have bad taste in music 5 years ago  
i am surprised by the results 5 years ago  
I waited a very long time for the money... still waiting for it 5 years ago +1
add a comma, 'slender or death, death all the way' 5 years ago  
desperate housewives 5 years ago  
I'll wax 5 years ago  
omfg read the question! (If you;re attracted to women) 5 years ago +4
well you're nice... 5 years ago  
listening to P!nk right now :) 5 years ago  
your life must be like hell :( 5 years ago  
because its better 5 years ago +1
ok, since you are beautiful go back to school and learn how to spell and fix your grammar 5 years ago +3
how dare you! :P 5 years ago  
just skip 5 years ago +1
well which one is better? That is the question 5 years ago  
same here 5 years ago  
on someone like Angelina Jolie, big lips, on someone like Emma Watson, small lips 5 years ago +1
a lot, they are different games and both are different form each other 5 years ago  
personally, I think I look better in tank tops, but for some people crop tops look better, but Tank tops are the best :) 5 years ago  
k, nice to know 5 years ago  
why are you in this website 5 years ago +2
do you want a medal or something? 5 years ago  
I didnt choose 'A' because it said soccer -.- 5 years ago  
surgery*, use that money to go to school... 5 years ago +3
have you never been stung by a bee? it hurts like hell 5 years ago  
well, you're nice 5 years ago  
Its Charlie the guinea pig, not charlie the hamster 5 years ago  
already do 5 years ago +2
marijuana makes street fights and more dangerous stuff, I also dont want my kids to smoke it 5 years ago  
attacked, its not that hard to spell 5 years ago +2
wow, just WOW -.- 5 years ago  
you still get aids, I missed that part 5 years ago  
no need to tell us that you hate him, just vote and move on 5 years ago  
its called a wig, I'm a girl and if we keep on shaving, it will be... eck, and waxing is a pain in the a** 5 years ago  
her has so much swag 5 years ago  
you are missing out in the world 5 years ago  
I respect both religions but I am an Atheist, there is no problem believing in god or not, just respect each others religions. :) 5 years ago +1
indie* if you are going to say that, say it right 5 years ago  
how are we assholes? this is a would you rather, how is this offending you? 5 years ago  
i have galaxy SIII And it is really bad! I can't even type with it and there is always some random spam 5 years ago  
none of my bestfriends know my crush, I wouldnt feel betrayed because they never knew 5 years ago  
on option 'B' it says HMM... Yeah. I don't really need to add anything to that 5 years ago  
k, nice to know 5 years ago  
FFS PEOPLE, JUST CHOOSE! 5 years ago  
just choose! 5 years ago  
it was easy to tell people i was an atheist, when my friends start talking to me about god i'll just be like 'i dont believe in him' 5 years ago +1
i heard promise, I dont find it scary, it is so soothing and nice 5 years ago +1
today is the day i will finally light a match! 5 years ago +1
no, she just cut her hair, is that a problem officer? 5 years ago +3
RWJ has =3 and runaway thoughts 5 years ago +1
Olivia Wilde* 5 years ago +2
why are you even on this website? 5 years ago +17
this was hard.. 5 years ago  
i dont want to get married right now 5 years ago +1
wrong one 5 years ago +1
aw crap! Wrong one! 5 years ago  
jacob looks like a Alpaca 5 years ago  
I dont really like where i live, its pretty dirty and stuff. Azerbaijan doesn't really have history either, its just... sitting there, in the world... being kinda useless 5 years ago  
but it's such a small screen, I can't watch good movies like the hangover or the lone ranger on the computer 5 years ago  
discussing religion doesn't mean you believe in religion, you only talk about it... 5 years ago  
girls can masturbate as well, it would probably hurt a lot for girls :[ 5 years ago  
ahahahah 69! LOL! XD 5 years ago  
YAY! XD 5 years ago  
jan 6th! 5 years ago  
too bad they're ,missing out on my awesomeness 5 years ago  
author note XD 5 years ago +1
I would get more money 5x15,000=75,000 5 years ago +2
i would get much more money! Imagine how much i would get by the end of december, do your math people! 5 years ago  
any cactus would hurt up the butt 5 years ago  
i JUST realized that i chose the wrong one after reading your comment 5 years ago +6
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