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    Assuming I also age slower and don't come down with anything debilitating then living twice as long is also twice the opportunity to become rich. And even if I don't then I still get to live twice as long, and that's more awesome than having a bunch of money. 5 months ago  
    This would be odd seeing as I'm a guy but I'd just have an abortion. 6 months ago  
    Just 1 piranha? I'll spear it and have it for supper. 6 months ago  
    As gross as that would be at least I'm not risking all kinds of infections like I would if I ate actual sh*t. 6 months ago  
    If want to get technical only an IQ below 70 (used to be 85 was the cut off) counts as MR. 6 months ago  
    Wine 6 months ago  
    Assuming that "you rule" doesn't mean you're omnipotent I'd always be paranoid about getting stabbed in the back and would be under enormous stress, since being in charge I would be expected to solve all of the world's problems. Rather the world just not have any problems and then it doesn't matter if I'm in charge or not, because everything is great. 6 months ago  
    Much rather go to the future. I don't want to live in the past and die an early death from dysentery. I want to live in the future and be immortal and have my mind uploaded to an awesome robot body when my organic one fails. 6 months ago  
    If I can never stop eating I will get fat and die from obesity-related illness. If I can never stop talking I can just learn sign language and switch from talking with words to talking with hands so I can eat. 6 months ago  
    If I'm intelligent but can't have any knowledge then that means I must figure out every puzzle or challenge (EDIT: or even just normal, mundane tasks) anew each time I do them. I can't draw off of past experiences at all, since that would be knowledge. To even function independently under such circumstances would be highly unlikely and would require me to not just be intelligent but extremely intelligent to make up for the lack of knowledge. In the latter case I could potentially become very successful depending on what I managed to memorize, and that could include formulas for how to put knowledge together in novel scenarios that approximates the functionality of intelligence. To fully make up for it would require memorizing a great deal of if-then rules though, moreso than would be necessary to fit the ordinary definition of having "lots of knowledge." 6 months ago  
    Replay as long as I get the benefit of hindsight to do things over. 6 months ago  
    I live in the USA. I wish I was born in the EU for so many reasons. They don't charge you through the roof for getting sick being the main one. There are others too. So many different cultures and languages and cuisines, and so much history. There's more nude beaches, less homophobia, and less religious fundamentalism, because they're not puritans. Their railroad system is better. You get more vacation time. College is free or next to free, so I wouldn't be paying off these ridiculous student loans. Most important of all, Trump wouldn't be my president. 6 months ago  
    Easy choice. I'm already a gay man. The biggest surprise in the latter case is "what? I have a son? How did that happen?" since I don't intend on ever having kids. In the first case it would be disturbing on two levels, one my partner is now leaving me to pursue women and two my partner fooled me into thinking she was a man. Too much deception and betrayal. While in the latter case I'd feel less taken aback and more intrigued to learn how it is I even have a son, did someone steal my DNA and use it to make a baby? That's the only way that's happening. 6 months ago  
    I live in the USA, and we have Trump, and we have to pay through the nose for our healthcare. Plus Australia has koalas, kangaroos, platypi, the outback, the Sydney Opera House, and the Great Barrier Reef. 6 months ago  
    This is kind of an odd question. If you only fit in with the "popular" group then are you really popular? It's funny how the word "popular" is used in high schools. It's more the group everyone is talking about and wishes they were a part of, even if everyone thinks they're a bunch of jerks. If you think about it, technically if everyone thinks the popular group is a bunch of jerks the "popular" group isn't actually popular. Being able to just fit in anywhere definitely has more advantages than being able to fit in with a particular type of social group that ceases to exist after high school. 6 months ago  
    Since I'm 31 there's not much of a difference. 6 months ago  
    I would rather my doctor know how to do his or her job. 6 months ago  
    If I get to control them then I assume that means I get to remember them too. That's 10 hours where I can construct models and memory palaces and thought experiments or to outline a novel (and an entire universe for it to take place in) in vivid detail. 6 months ago  
    I'm broke. If I have $1,000,000 I'm rich. Plus I could invest the money and make more money. No way am I gambling $1,000,000 for a 50-50 chance at another $4,000,000. 6 months ago  
    In the long term I would be making more money, and you say the job is very happy, so easy decision. 6 months ago  
    That's not how biology works. 6 months ago  
    There are so many possible loopholes. I could just wish for stock or real estate and sell it. Or better, I could wish that everyone automatically obeys everything I say and then just tell people to give me all their money or even just skip the money, I could just ask people to give me things for free and they would have to. 6 months ago  
    Hakuna matata is usually invoked to just mean "relax and don't worry." YOLO is usually invoked to justify doing something seriously stupid and often life-threatening. This is ironic since "YOLO" stands for "you only live once" which should be a reason to be careful so you can live longer and do more things. 6 months ago  
    Zombies are slow. A real zombie apocalypse would get nipped in the bud early by the military. Plus zombies don't have nukes. 6 months ago  
    As someone else pointed out, a rewind button can function as a pause function if you just hold it down consecutive as the limit of duration dt approaches zero. Plus if I can rewind then I'm technically immortal, since if I'm dying I can just "rewind" and start over. And I'd get to have fun reliving my life over and over again but making different choices as though I were playing an RPG game. 6 months ago  
    If I were half my height I'd be a dwarf, but at least I'd be a healthy dwarf. 6 months ago  
    There's nothing as good as the pleasure of learning new things, knowing new things, or figuring out a solution to something. If I'm "hot" that's not something I would get to enjoy, just other people who look at me. I rather enjoy someone else being the hottest person. 6 months ago  
    If I'm immortal then that's plenty of time to make money. In fact I could probably just come out and let the world know I'm immortal in order to do so. I would have book deals and scientists would be paying top dollar to let them have a look at me. And then I'd have plenty of time to do things I want to do in life. 6 months ago  
    More time to live is more time to do things I want to do. 6 months ago  
    I am an atheist currently in a relationship with a Christian and we're doing well together. As long as you don't try to force other people to follow your beliefs people can believe what ever they want. But I have very strong political views. My partner and I don't agree on everything politically, I'm a progressive Democrat and he's an independent who leans liberal, but if he were a Trump supporter or a religious Right fundamentalist type our relationship wouldn't work. 6 months ago  
    If I'm dead then I don't care. 6 months ago  
    Is there a way to change your vote? I accidentally clicked "No Internet" thinking I'd rather keep "Internet." That way I can always just use the internet to email people. I could get a tablet so I don't have to lug around a laptop everywhere. 6 months ago  
    Randomized. Either way I have no freedom but at least if everything I do is based on some randomized method I'm not anyone's puppet. 6 months ago  
    I would prefer to wipe out all the bad non-living things, since then bad people could keep being bad but they would be ineffectual at doing so. Death, pain, suffering, even merely feeling offended at something someone says are all bad non-living things so if we wipe out all the bad non-living things the bad people can continue to exist but will be unable to hurt anyone. 6 months ago  
    I would choose the date. That way I know I'm safe up until that date, since the question says I can't avoid this death by acting upon this knowledge. Presumably this means if I know the date I can't avoid it by dying sooner. 6 months ago  
    Does wiping out all the bad people renew itself i.e. if people choose to be bad later on will they die then? Or is it a one time event? 6 months ago  
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