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Would you rather... ... Save your child... or ... Save your parent(s)... 1 year ago 75 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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So, sir (if you r girl srry), are you implying that you never change your underpants? also do u never wash under there? 1 year ago  
Oh ok thanks XD #nonchalant response 1 year ago  
Magic is false. It's called an illusion 1 year ago  
How do you know and obviously i only said switzerland person cuz that was the only thing i knew about him or her plus if u were smart u would know that the bahamas isnt even part of the caribbean 1 year ago  
if plane crashes it might blow up in boat there will be lifeboat or something 2 years ago  
a spouse is a wife/husband 2 years ago  
i cant lose something i dont have yet 2 years ago  
so r u a baby in an adult's body? cause that would suck when u r a child and everyone is expecting u to be good at everything 2 years ago  
ill stick to my original gender 2 years ago +1
NO WAR = NO HUNGER 2 years ago  
LETS ESCAPE P.E. 2 years ago  
i need to play WII and PS4 2 years ago  
aliens could be nice 2 years ago  
if it is science, well, i can teach the class myself on that subject soo... but if it is math.... welll nope 2 years ago  
i can roll over people with wheelchair i mean their feet sorry 2 years ago  
do both 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
umm i have a cough? whatever? 2 years ago  
picked wrong one but yeah lions live in savannas 2 years ago  
dont shower i bathe 2 years ago  
hmmm i love going to sleep. done 2 years ago  
im thin 2 years ago  
read a book about street smarts duhh 2 years ago  
im weird 2 years ago  
.... 2 years ago  
i dont have a groin lol cause im girl 2 years ago  
how about both jk 2 years ago  
ok so, if i was popular, i would make sure everyone got treated fairly and if anyone else in my group was mean i would tell them to be nice 2 years ago  
noooooooo 2 years ago  
i too young for money so this must be my enemy's money lol 2 years ago  
i dressed in good clothes when i was ten 2 years ago  
reading makes u sharp 2 years ago  
i dont live in the states so i dont care 2 years ago  
they r both the same 2 years ago  
i thought the question said if u were a doctor would u be male or female. i guess i dont care anyway 2 years ago  
i can already control my dreams 2 years ago  
does it really matter for me though? 2 years ago  
animals... 2 years ago  
why did i choose this... 2 years ago  
ill use google translate and let it speak for me 2 years ago  
ill get to watch! 2 years ago  
i would always choose wrong and get none 2 years ago  
he'll live with me so technically he'll be homeless but not 2 years ago  
dont really care cause 2 years ago  
at least when u playing games u actually get to do something. in movies u just watch stuff 2 years ago  
:) 2 years ago  
ok so what if the million dollars runs out? then what? 2 years ago  
at least i can know if they know me good enough to get me gifts i like 2 years ago  
chose random 2 years ago  
u try to roast me????!!!! i crush your feet with my wheelchair whenever i see u 2 years ago  
use laptop 2 years ago  
i see people tip and fall everyday at school. i also see people randomly start dancing everyday at school. i am one of them 2 years ago  
when the question is so horrible is soo horrible or u dont understand it but u just click a random option to see the comments 2 years ago  
mario kart 8 though 2 years ago  
both r cute but i like puppies a smidget better 2 years ago  
bribe them with fish 2 years ago  
its a hybrid 2 years ago  
we can work it out together 2 years ago  
use camera besides i can ask someone also i dont want to stink 2 years ago  
make public inappropraite behaviour illegal 2 years ago  
dont like cheese anyway (meant to click other one) besdes it is the same thing 2 years ago  
i wont do drugs r smoke r illegal stuff 2 years ago  
lol im 12 just chose random 2 years ago  
it never said would die myself 2 years ago  
get a pebble, make it size of boulder and impress all of my friends :) 2 years ago  
SHRIMPPPP 2 years ago  
umm there is a lot of undiscovered thins in space 2 years ago  
saturn and jupiter rains diamonds and i will befriend an alien race 2 years ago  
i never witnessed snow 2 years ago  
take wish from earlier question and qwish myself good health 2 years ago  
who is the other one 2 years ago  
braine explode 2 years ago  
what do u mean 35%? the agony 2 years ago  
when u vote firefox while using chrome 2 years ago  
YES TAKE ME LORD 2 years ago  
sometimes happens but i got used to it years ago 2 years ago  
clausetrophobic here 2 years ago  
all i do home alone is play games 2 years ago  
eventually u will get help 2 years ago  
pepsi, to me, tastes a more bitter than coke. sorry pepsi fans 2 years ago  
ok, one of my dreams, get rid of instant death, then dream of a bunch of other good things 2 years ago  
i make myself happy by breaking the wouldurather 2 years ago  
the world is now a safer place! 2 years ago  
now i know what not to do 2 years ago  
dogs: man best friend 2 years ago  
monkeys r cool in their own habitant. in your house, welllllll 2 years ago  
i could rule the world with that knowledge 2 years ago  
but but, i am a kid 2 years ago  
i imagine a boy just like... wha 2 years ago  
i'd wish one, for a large diamond (sell that), if it isn't enough money wish for another diamond and sell that. repeat process. then wish for peach throughout the world 2 years ago  
the aliens could be nice though 2 years ago  
i could fix my past mstakes! 2 years ago  
dont want to have sex in the first place 2 years ago  
i will ask mermaid to make me part mermaid 2 years ago  
im going to be smart though because ill sstill go to college and university 2 years ago  
look at them 2 years ago  
my dreams are so crazy, other people need to be able to look at it 2 years ago  
put on hat everyday, problem solved 2 years ago  
only because drugs r way worse than marry same gender or animal 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
at least i will look like a human beng in a way, the cow looks like a monster 2 years ago  
brah 2 years ago  
dont want sex 2 years ago  
wait, how does yoda speak again? 2 years ago  
nope 2 years ago  
i can learn to speak different languages, this here, is a one in a life time offer. now, will i be able to understand the animal is the only thing 2 years ago  
move to some out of the way island... oh wait i am already on an out of the way island 2 years ago  
i dont want to hurt someone's feelngs 2 years ago  
nope nope the end is here would rather die 2 years ago  
gve the billlion dollars to the poor, done 2 years ago +1
my life would be very different' 2 years ago  
i just chose random i dont watch football 2 years ago +1
i dont want to see guts and stuff 2 years ago  
i would use the hole that was ever in my ear from birth! done 2 years ago  
im currently very thin so...... 2 years ago  
i can give 50% to the poor. besides want to go to heaven someday and it wont happen if i am immortal plus i dont want to see my friends die 2 years ago  
as long as i dont look like the guy n the picture lol 2 years ago  
i dont like the ocean anymore since i watched a lot of science videos 2 years ago  
after i visit person go to vacation it is simple 2 years ago  
i know how to read the word mind i wanna fly with the clouds 2 years ago  
of course my crush 2 years ago  
lol i would give my money to the poor 2 years ago  
if u ruled the world then everyone would coem to u with their problems 2 years ago  
brah i need to see the future forget the past it is just that: past 2 years ago  
i dont have cell phone and everything is fine plus u can have a tablet 2 years ago  
i dont understand this question but whatever 2 years ago  
I actually like both of them and now i wish i pick sweep because he looks sad and i really wish it was alive so i could tell it that he doesn't need to be sad. 4 years ago  
Never watch em 4 years ago  
One time invite one bff, then an next time my other bff...etc 4 years ago  
I'm so not going back to a time when there was no eletronics 4 years ago  
Hello i live in the bahamas and there are no pirates 4 years ago  
In the second picture the teacher just standing up smiling at the rude boy who has his tongue out at a girl. 4 years ago  
Is this Lion King? 4 years ago  
Puking does hurt though 4 years ago  
I like this 'so called' best job 4 years ago +1
If you like tigers watch 'A Tiger's Tale' 4 years ago  
Is that 'toilet person' screaming? 4 years ago +1
WRONG CHOICE!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
Every place covered with underwear will still be dirty??? 4 years ago +1
don't cut your hair 4 years ago  
I'm a GIRL 4 years ago  
It is not that embarrising iif you do it in the night, at home, in bed. 4 years ago  
Certain dolls are creepy 4 years ago +3
The Story i'm walking down the street then these gangsters attack me so i pick up a full mailbox with one hand and hurl it at them and it actually flies through the building on the other side of the street. Then i climb up the building next to us with only one foot and one hand and bodyslam them. The End (3 years later edit) Ummmmmm wut was my mind back then XD 4 years ago +1
If i see a next TROLL!!!! 4 years ago  
The guy with the happy face is so overrated 4 years ago  
Die is self suicide, yall are not going to heaven so the place yall going to will be much worse 4 years ago +1
Dust is creepy 4 years ago  
As long as i am actually wearing clothes 4 years ago  
what are these sites? I know Youtube 4 years ago +2
Can i NOT use this? Yes. Heheheh 4 years ago  
2004 November 29th 4 years ago  
The second dog was doing drugs 4 years ago +3
The second picture is so WRONG at least first picture is a DOG 4 years ago +3
...Then when i grow up and everybody love me, I gon say that yall should of liked me earlier and then fart in their faces, (but for some strange reason they will still like me) The End 4 years ago  
Clowns are creepy, and they scare children instead of cheering them up 4 years ago +2
Switzerland person, you are stupid because one day all your so called 'friends' will ditch you or stab you 4 years ago +2
If everybody like you, how are you a nobody? 4 years ago +1
I am funny 4 years ago  
Is the guy in option B, the Devil? *Faint* 4 years ago  
I don have to push people to step on legos. PS I do have a LOT 4 years ago  
Bing is a lower branch of Google 4 years ago  
TROLLS 4 years ago +1
I'm already option B... Don go to a funeral then, but if you go, explain you are always happy and can't stop 4 years ago +1
Google is so fun!!! 4 years ago  
Why the door didn't close 4 years ago  
'2012' movie so scary and, well, exaggerated 4 years ago  
The guest from united states mean 4 years ago  
I might forget where the bathroom is!!!! 4 years ago  
How can you EAT pee 4 years ago +2
The skinny girl face look good though 4 years ago  
The first one is... a monster from space hell 4 years ago  
I'm a girl 4 years ago  
I'm a girl but i would rather be meaty 4 years ago +9
I only have about 4 friends anyway 4 years ago  
The first muscles is SUCH a fake!!!! 4 years ago  
I know right 4 years ago +2
I could could be 100 and no one would suspect... 4 years ago  
The box man look awesome 4 years ago +1
The poop look like toast with nutella on it 4 years ago +3
The person int the second photo looks like Tyler The Creator 4 years ago  
Power rinse feet 4 years ago  
It could be on my back so nooe could see it 4 years ago +1
It actually look pretty 4 years ago  
If you choose option B and actually do it, they can say 'Sorry future me.' 4 years ago +2
Who ever pick option A... I'm so disgraced I can't even speak 4 years ago  
I get a toy when i go to the dentist, and CANDY 4 years ago  
I never have, never will 4 years ago  
What is a swirly? 4 years ago +1
They didn't say LICK the 90% clean foot 4 years ago +1
I'm ten 4 years ago  
The outie in the picture look like dough 4 years ago  
Hair is not too ugly.. 4 years ago  
The lady in option B had 11 kids at one time. 4 years ago  
Yeah i'm a girl too 4 years ago  
I'm only ten 4 years ago  
WRITE ON PAPER!!!! 4 years ago  
I am the youngest, that is when my nephew isn't here 4 years ago  
I like both songs, anyway i already do option A 4 years ago  
I would prefer Batman though... 4 years ago +1
WHAT, ARE, THESE??? 4 years ago  
It depends whether the people actually let the speaker SPEAK before they point out the faults in their ideas 4 years ago  
Thanx for clarifying smart people 4 years ago  
I should've have picked money because i will be able to go to heaven at least and then give money to someone elese 4 years ago  
china got air pollution 4 years ago  
you don have to have the stress of an adult 4 years ago  
I will remain a girl but sometimes i wonder what it is like to be a boy 4 years ago  
Only if the cookie dough is chocalate chip 4 years ago  
FYI money CANNOT buy happiness 4 years ago  
I wear glasses 4 years ago  
Yeah like 99.5 percent of earth is already discovered 4 years ago  
At least if the ship sink you could easily jump in water and swim, if you don know how to swim borrow life jacket, planes might not crash over water 4 years ago  
Don't have that much besties so it will be a good number (Don even have a bf) 4 years ago  
I'm am the guy doing the kicking, right? 4 years ago  
Thanx for making sense 4 years ago  
You could get their friendship and live on their obliviously cool planet. 4 years ago  
The hands are more useful than feets 4 years ago  
The Bahamas is clean and still quite fresh with no big industries which pollute the air and clean water exotic forests and not that much litter 4 years ago  
be smart and some students and the teachers will think you are popular 4 years ago  
The other one is gross besides you can have light and you don have to worry about batterys 4 years ago  
and neither sometimes 4 years ago  
Yeah i wish there was a both 4 years ago  
Who wants to see people's guts and stuff? 4 years ago  
Read to Lead 4 years ago  
I don have to go to school, and i don want to live my life because it is a really sad life so i turn invisble and nothing happens 4 years ago  
Babies and kittens, so cute, (Should have been dogs though) 4 years ago  
I don shower 4 years ago  
no kids, more food more rooms less mess 4 years ago  
at least YOU aren't losing money 4 years ago  
just tape your mouth when you think bad dummies 4 years ago  
Christmas is also religious thought (Christ Jesus was born?) 4 years ago  
Only because the fat person bungee jumping looks stupid... 4 years ago  
thanks guest from california for making my point 4 years ago  
I acidently pick facebook too 4 years ago  
Christianity should be the only religion ever 4 years ago  
I am ten now and dress beatifully 4 years ago  
My life is SO embarising sometimes i wish there was a rewind button 4 years ago  
I really don mind either 4 years ago  
lucid dreaming is scary i watched a video about that night i kept thinking i was in sleep paralysis 4 years ago  
I have mario kart wii. AWESOME 4 years ago  
At least you could buy something you WANT 4 years ago  
I should've picked coma because to you its only like a five minute blackout 4 years ago  
So.... never let them see him 4 years ago  
just go along with it 4 years ago  
That is not a lion 4 years ago  
Then i go find him and help, like fresh food and water but he will stay be homeless, maybe some money too 4 years ago  
I don even shower 4 years ago  
Never seen snow 4 years ago  
two other people sleep with me so i won be that scared 4 years ago  
live forever in heaven earth will be destroyed anyway 4 years ago  
Wish for a billionare to be my friend then borrow some of his/her money 4 years ago  
more full days 4 years ago  
Did it as a baby 4 years ago  
I don care 4 years ago  
Pigs are smart they can change channels and they prefer to go to the bathroom in privacy 4 years ago  
It depends if they don't hurt themselves then no 4 years ago  
I can 'wow' my music teacher and practically everybody else 4 years ago  
At least if i go to a foregin class and i want to pass a note to somebody and know what i saying and i don have to talk because of the teacher 4 years ago  
I am already too happy and crazy to be miserable 4 years ago  
I could do anything then since i know how i can rule 4 years ago  
a wizard could do anything 4 years ago  
The mermaid will give me a wish 4 years ago  
That cow have problems 4 years ago  
At least you look good 4 years ago  
All of yall who pick prison is crazy 4 years ago  
At least i know what 9-11 is 4 years ago  
penguins are cute monkeys are beaten by cuteness with one point 4 years ago  
I have the weirdest dreams. 4 years ago  
Yeah what is russian roulette? 4 years ago  
learn new languages simple or google translate 4 years ago  
Don know what a starbuck is so i should just get music 4 years ago  
I'm hardly on the computer anyway 4 years ago  
God is real beleive in Him 4 years ago  
I least i am not injured 4 years ago  
Who cares 4 years ago  
No two lives 4 years ago  
I could sleep longer 4 years ago  
Everyone who posted is smart 4 years ago  
I don know 4 years ago  
Yeah avoid the cause of death. 4 years ago  
I know but i will give money to poor people and men going to like that 4 years ago  
Go meet God then go to heaven and don worry about anything 4 years ago +1
Clouds would be cotton candy 4 years ago  
I do not have any 4 years ago  
I didn't know about Harry Potter 4 years ago  
Besides i always dram of being a boy 4 years ago  
I am a kid. 4 years ago  
See the future duh 4 years ago  
Who can go without chocolate needs a doctor 4 years ago  
I would be dead so i won know 4 years ago  
if you choose lightsaber you are so cruel and igmagine if you were starving right now and on verge of dying 4 years ago  
I don not have a cellphone 4 years ago  
i live in the bahamas and btw pirates gone from long time ago 4 years ago  
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