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    it happened in the past in second grade so it began on a summer afternoon at school I was playing soccer and then BAM I got hit in the head with a soccer ball I cryed a lot and only one person came to help me THATS A HUUGE CRINGE BOMB RIGHT THERE  
    buy a new one  
    I don't have one  
    I picked b because nothing would change :)  
    my life  
    pc no red ring of death  
    no headphone jacked computer! JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!  
    I don't have one :(  
    idk what BOTH are  
    red stands for AMERICA!!!!!!!!  
    they never said you couldn't thro the snke in a fire and then eat it  
    look at the second picture  
    MURRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    nukes don't bite you  
    huh imaginary friend you cheated on my imaginary wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    trump is dead yes  
    same mindlesspie  
    the uk doent have box jellyfish  
    copy 5000 bucks for youtube  
    what the f**k is wrong with my shower!!!!!!!!  
    I'm a male  
    your a ninga harry  
    what the f**k is a surgury  
    its winter sooooooooooooo mincraft  
    but not soletr rays  
    dogs don't break sh*t  
    if I get an ashma attack rewind  
    humans cant bite humans  
    the picture is why  
    if I jump off that building thousand buck says I live  
    if I die of a plague live in the woods  
    I will kill north korea  
    rub it in bills face  
    I want to be single  
    eat unlimited chicken nugggets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I don't have one  
    bunk beds  
    witch is nobody  
    say orange  
    jacksepticeye for life  
    you can cure cancer  
    ha last name  
    10000000 figdit spinners  
    coolest kid at school win  
    I thought that said fallout  
    I don't have one  
    I don't have one [dabs]  
    I belive I can fly  
    skip I'm a male  
    asdf for life  
    no commiuest  
    69 lol  
    kill myself  
    just normal life for me  
    I need to sleep  
    save starving kids  
    Id be dead by breakfest  
    that kid saves more kids and so on  
    I don't want to be hitler  
    lol I do not have a daughter lol  
    no wifi  
    no paying  
    GERMANY HAS CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +2
    be jacksepticeye  
    I don't have a dream ;(  
    I love maple leaves  
    your a wizard harry  
    build a new house duh  
    he prevents ww3  
    save the world  
    two words [creative mode]  
    I would get snipped  
    that is bye in japan  
    mom can I have pudding  
    'slaps himself'  
    sex with an 8 year old now ahhhhhhh yyaaaa baby lets do this oh yaaa  
    if someone said bacon I would know myself  
    wait wait they both suck hahahahahahah!!!!  
    SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!!!!!!  
    walking dead is even better  
    24 7 y6o  
    NEED TO CATCH THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    what if your dad is a girl  
    plastic surgery  
    uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    i have an ipad  
    dam aisian hornet  
    GERMANY CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    the baby says rrraaahhh  
    live in a castle  
    too long  
    i do this  
    buy food and water  
    more friends yes come we can play roblox  
    lose wieght  
    fly to the white house be the new president win  
    your a wizard harry  
    I AM HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    call me aquafresh  
    the usa is capitalism  
    Donold trump HER I COME  
    bap bap bap bap bap I'm loving it  
    break out LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +2
    i do  
    hog the tennis ball  
    everywhere is my bed  
    answer 2 is -1 holiday so 1  
    don't judge a book by its cover  
    I'm on a boat  
    no pay  
    i did not say get aids for the rest of your life  
    they are the richest  
    japan rules  
    ganin style  
    answer 2 is jacksepticeyes dream  
    facetime guys on the ipad they did not say only the computer!  
    help me with the wifi  
    bonjour we we fench kissa i failed French in this comment +1
    what did you say  
    less people less pay  
    no school aw i will miss my friends;(  
    i am one  
    everything is bigger in texes  
    ride my bike always duh  
    i can live  
    like a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Montana for life yay  
    i mean mom sorry  
    can I meet spongbob moom  
    whats the wifi password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    welcome to my life;(  
    shh timmy its just a play  
    I am  
    follow the nose  
    drink mountain dew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    sansy3210 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  
    papy2424 [sans you lazybones  
    like trump wheres the sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    buy it  
    I believe I can fly  
    why 1  
    DO YOU WANT TO DIE FROM BURING ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  
    [email protected] loss  
    I AM THE 15%  
    you see me rolling in mt  
    it depends  
    IDK +1
    sorry say bad [finish last sentence]  
    nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo titanic  
    2 words text please  
    chocolate chocolate cccchhhhhoooooocccccooooooollllllaaattttteeeeee +1
    hey squidward I'm swimming at night.  
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