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    people would hate me for bringing bad luck in with my umbrella  
    yes...Super Target near my house has everything +1
    everyoe loves the queen and hates the president..easiest answer ever +1
    If i already had everything, I wouldn't want anything and then I would be bored and without goals +1
    A penny is more than 0 dollars +3
    100 billion would take care of most of my wishes +3
    I'd forget myself, love everyone and be who I wanted to be  
    some dreams might be scary!  
    red are gross! yellow are the best though!  
    Mostly everyone is forgotten anyways....its only a matter of time, really  
    Being able to contro my dreams would be like watching only I'm MORE in them! also, I may see scary things I didn't remember after waking +1
    Bring me my translator!  
    Selena Gomez looks sweet....Kesha looks demented psycho crazy +118
    pencil fades too quickly  
    I am SICK of Step up...however Dirty Dancing remains classic... +53
    The original!  
    Aww...the hamster is cuter....but slightly less personal somehow  
    Christmas! Because I get to give gifts to others too! +3
    10 is kinda's sweet if it wasn't FRENCH though  
    The geek guy looks kinda cute ^_^ +4
    I would still have my friend ^_^ +6
    10,000000 dollars! I could BUY true love....or at least a mansion where my family and friends could love...who says that kind of love isn't true as well? +1
    I LOVE movies +1
    little dogs bark too much and run around like little idiots....I'd rather have a big fluffy friendly dog named the one from Housesitter!! (starring Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin) +2
    hotdogs are one knows what they are +399
    10 000! Its still somethign  
    rebecca black is pretty much over anyways right? +5
    everyone always suspect me anyways :(  
    I always have fun with my true friends! +1
    block fact, i'd rather go in and get it...more classics available...and instead of DVD, make it a VHS +3
    isn't shy and geeky both bad? I am both by the way..:/  
    the fat men might break the elevator...the dogs however would dry and be cute! +4
    nosy....I'd get to freak them out by doing weird stuff xD +5
    alone...4 stupid people arguing would drive me batty  
    Red hair is BEAUTIFUL!!! And short people are cute too! +1802
    I think people with dark hair and light eyes are the prettiest +1
    chips ahoy are the best with milk!  
    glasses....i can never find good ones for me +1
    a free murdered would be killed on the streets +3
    I'd rather be the master of music...because music can say what words cannot sometimes +1
    rock...but no metal  
    i get sick of hearing people's crap...I'd go with deaf! I'd still get to see my dreams come true! +2
    middle class family today IS rich in my mind!  
    Only if the house is a castle or something! ^_^ +1
    dying now would be hard for me to let go....but I don't wanna live forever on earth...that would suck! id outlive family and friends...and i would outlive earth itself!  
    animals might not have anything to say....  
    Ohhh! I'd love the lodge and forest....I'd drink hot movies...listen to classical records and go for walks in the morning ^_^ +358
    social network was boring  
    ok looks sexy personality= 10 in my book! +1
    unicorns would stab the crap outta you +4 wouldn't matter because he would be MINE! I'd love him anyways and it wouldn't matter what anyone else thought because he would be a baby....he'd grow up to be rich from his intelligance +2
    I'd be scared as heck....but i would crawl +2
    It would be harder to breathe but less embarassing...a +3
    Hunger games was good..  
    black man....they burn,sell, rape and stone women over there in some areas +2
    I'd LOVE to spy on others might be bad though...i'm a little paranoid they might be talking about me D:  
    I'm a chicketarian anyhow +1
    text....I don't want my friends going to jail for manslaughter... +3322
    My dad....he's scary and all, but I get the feeling he'd be slightly nicer since I'm a girl! ^_^ +1
    without legs....people without arms look a little bit more creepy in my opinion....and i could have a motorized wheelchair and run people over! xD +1
    Endless ammount of time on the swing!!! +1
    not when they're trying to crack your skull every five seconds  
    ^_^ a cat...because if I'm a dog then there's a possibility of belonging to...BAFFALO BILL DUN DUN DUN  
    don't we already do this? +2
    25 years i a long time of happiness! And then I would die...not sadness there if I'm dead! +1
    I thought they were the same O_O  
    truth is dangerous....but then so is jumping off a roof +3
    doesn't matter  
    i don't want anyone to hate me :/  
    SNOW because i've never had it...although i DO like the rain! +1
    popular as long as I can keep my IQ.....It would be kind of fun to start trends from the 80's and 90's back up for everyone xD  
    pools are fun and free for movement....i hear the upkeep sucks though...  
    Permanent grass stains just mean I'm free to roll around in them some more and I'm not afraid to mess them up +1
    Purple wig are AWESOME +4
    I'd get to wear a pretty dress! And a handsome man would send me letters about war and how he'd got a new feather for his silly hat....unless we were poor and had to slave on a farm or something....I guess it depends on our status then... +1
    Poor and loved! Maybe my loved ones would help me! +3
    I would ride the bus anyways, that way I could SELL my car and collect the money and continue to live in my awsome mansion! +3
    Heat sucks! While, I love my furry blanket on a cold day!  
    my significant other WOULD be my friend...and anyways, I don't like partying +341
    Scientology sounds scary...while mormons wear suits and wave high to you as you leave for work in the morning :D +2
    I love bother....but records take up less space....and the film never pops out +1
    dogs are noisy and try to rape you.....While CATS on the other hand are always adorable...usually quieter and are nice to talk to +651
    I saw it at walmart and thought of it immediately....never saw the actual film though... :/ +2
    Ski lift! Its high but I wouldnt fall if I could stay still...also, i'd enjoy the view and snow!...or die of hypothermia,....whichever!  
    Eww....well i pick lady gaga...i've at least heard a few of her songs...  
    stupid people get their faces the beauty would last!  
    Sandles ^_^  
    I don't actually know anything about either...I just wanted to know what everyone else would say +1
    Holy crap...we're all fat...we would only go for the food D: !!! +1
    Baguettes! +1
    I'd like to be smart!  
    Text! I hate the sound of my own voice on a phone... +1
    So does flapping your jaws  
    no one would think to mess with me if I were a giant! ^_^ I could just spit on people and they would think it was raining!!! +3
    I want to live like the rich for the night.....jump on the bed....order room around...and disappear by morning! ^_^ +1
    I could live without seeing some point in time, people on Earth have HAD to live this way +1
    I'd rather write everything out or speak sign language. I'd be killed daily for thinkin  
    I could be destroyed by literally ANYTHING in the wizard world for any reason at all... +3
    I've never eaten batter...Cookie dough is the BEST!  
    Older....and younger would be illegal...and awkward...but someone older would be nice...I guess interesting +1
    The date....that way I know how much time I'm working with! But i don't want to know the horrible way of going... :/  
    *funeral, I meant  
    I don't want anyone at my wedding anyway....but it would be kind of interesting to see which people would sneak to my wedding  
    I don't want anyone at my wedding anyway....but i'd kinda like to see who would come to my funeral...  
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