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    people would hate me for bringing bad luck in with my umbrella 7 years ago  
    yes...Super Target near my house has everything 7 years ago +1
    everyoe loves the queen and hates the president..easiest answer ever 7 years ago +1
    If i already had everything, I wouldn't want anything and then I would be bored and without goals 7 years ago +1
    A penny is more than 0 dollars 7 years ago +3
    100 billion would take care of most of my wishes 7 years ago +3
    I'd forget myself, love everyone and be who I wanted to be 7 years ago  
    some dreams might be scary! 7 years ago  
    red are gross! yellow are the best though! 7 years ago  
    Mostly everyone is forgotten anyways....its only a matter of time, really 7 years ago  
    Being able to contro my dreams would be like watching only I'm MORE in them! also, I may see scary things I didn't remember after waking 7 years ago +1
    Bring me my translator! 7 years ago  
    Selena Gomez looks sweet....Kesha looks demented psycho crazy 7 years ago +118
    pencil fades too quickly 7 years ago  
    polar bear...its so little...just squeeze once and dead... 7 years ago  
    I am SICK of Step up...however Dirty Dancing remains classic... 7 years ago +53
    eww... 7 years ago +4
    The original! 7 years ago  
    Aww...the hamster is cuter....but slightly less personal somehow 7 years ago  
    Christmas! Because I get to give gifts to others too! 7 years ago +3
    10 is kinda's sweet if it wasn't FRENCH though 7 years ago  
    The geek guy looks kinda cute ^_^ 7 years ago +4
    I would still have my friend ^_^ 7 years ago +6
    *live* 7 years ago  
    10,000000 dollars! I could BUY true love....or at least a mansion where my family and friends could love...who says that kind of love isn't true as well? 7 years ago +1
    I LOVE movies 7 years ago +1
    little dogs bark too much and run around like little idiots....I'd rather have a big fluffy friendly dog named the one from Housesitter!! (starring Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin) 7 years ago +2
    hotdogs are one knows what they are 7 years ago +399
    10 000! Its still somethign 7 years ago  
    rebecca black is pretty much over anyways right? 7 years ago +5
    everyone always suspect me anyways :( 7 years ago  
    I always have fun with my true friends! 7 years ago +1
    block fact, i'd rather go in and get it...more classics available...and instead of DVD, make it a VHS 7 years ago +3
    isn't shy and geeky both bad? I am both by the way..:/ 7 years ago  
    dying in the cold would feel less worse than being engulfed in a hungry, merciless heat 7 years ago  
    the fat men might break the elevator...the dogs however would dry and be cute! 7 years ago +4
    nosy....I'd get to freak them out by doing weird stuff xD 7 years ago +5
    alone...4 stupid people arguing would drive me batty 7 years ago  
    Red hair is BEAUTIFUL!!! And short people are cute too! 7 years ago +1761
    I think people with dark hair and light eyes are the prettiest 7 years ago +1
    chips ahoy are the best with milk! 7 years ago  
    glasses....i can never find good ones for me 7 years ago +1
    a free murdered would be killed on the streets 7 years ago +3
    I'd rather be the master of music...because music can say what words cannot sometimes 7 years ago +1
    rock...but no metal 7 years ago  
    i get sick of hearing people's crap...I'd go with deaf! I'd still get to see my dreams come true! 7 years ago +2
    middle class family today IS rich in my mind! 7 years ago  
    Only if the house is a castle or something! ^_^ 7 years ago +1
    dying now would be hard for me to let go....but I don't wanna live forever on earth...that would suck! id outlive family and friends...and i would outlive earth itself! 7 years ago  
    animals might not have anything to say.... 7 years ago  
    Ohhh! I'd love the lodge and forest....I'd drink hot movies...listen to classical records and go for walks in the morning ^_^ 7 years ago +349
    social network was boring 7 years ago  
    6 I would have time to say goodbye to friends and family...and to prepare for it...and to go to the beach and do all the stuff i love once more.... 7 years ago  
    ok looks sexy personality= 10 in my book! 7 years ago +1
    unicorns would stab the crap outta you 7 years ago +4
    20,000 a year is still good! 7 years ago +1 wouldn't matter because he would be MINE! I'd love him anyways and it wouldn't matter what anyone else thought because he would be a baby....he'd grow up to be rich from his intelligance 7 years ago +2
    I'd be scared as heck....but i would crawl 7 years ago +2
    It would be harder to breathe but less embarassing...a 7 years ago +3
    Hunger games was good.. 7 years ago  
    black man....they burn,sell, rape and stone women over there in some areas 7 years ago +2
    I'd LOVE to spy on others might be bad though...i'm a little paranoid they might be talking about me D: 7 years ago  
    Yeah...kinda weird since I'm a girl...but Natali Portman because she is smart and would have interesting conversation. And she could teach me Hebrew 7 years ago +3
    I'm a chicketarian anyhow 7 years ago +1
    text....I don't want my friends going to jail for manslaughter... 7 years ago +3271
    My dad....he's scary and all, but I get the feeling he'd be slightly nicer since I'm a girl! ^_^ 7 years ago +1
    without legs....people without arms look a little bit more creepy in my opinion....and i could have a motorized wheelchair and run people over! xD 7 years ago +1
    Endless ammount of time on the swing!!! 7 years ago +1
    not when they're trying to crack your skull every five seconds 7 years ago  
    ^_^ a cat...because if I'm a dog then there's a possibility of belonging to...BAFFALO BILL DUN DUN DUN 7 years ago  
    don't we already do this? 7 years ago +2
    25 years i a long time of happiness! And then I would die...not sadness there if I'm dead! 7 years ago +1
    I thought they were the same O_O 7 years ago  
    truth is dangerous....but then so is jumping off a roof 7 years ago +3
    doesn't matter 7 years ago  
    i don't want anyone to hate me :/ 7 years ago  
    SNOW because i've never had it...although i DO like the rain! 7 years ago +1
    I wish guys were held more accoutable... 7 years ago +3
    I have a hard time imagining someone willingly becoming a porn star... 7 years ago +3
    As long as she doesn't bring it back to our house, its fine.. 7 years ago +3
    popular as long as I can keep my IQ.....It would be kind of fun to start trends from the 80's and 90's back up for everyone xD 7 years ago  
    pools are fun and free for movement....i hear the upkeep sucks though... 7 years ago  
    Permanent grass stains just mean I'm free to roll around in them some more and I'm not afraid to mess them up 7 years ago +1
    Purple wig are AWESOME 7 years ago +4
    I'd get to wear a pretty dress! And a handsome man would send me letters about war and how he'd got a new feather for his silly hat....unless we were poor and had to slave on a farm or something....I guess it depends on our status then... 7 years ago +1
    Poor and loved! Maybe my loved ones would help me! 7 years ago +3
    Grounding takes too long 7 years ago +3
    I would ride the bus anyways, that way I could SELL my car and collect the money and continue to live in my awsome mansion! 7 years ago +3
    Heat sucks! While, I love my furry blanket on a cold day! 7 years ago  
    my significant other WOULD be my friend...and anyways, I don't like partying 7 years ago +335
    Scientology sounds scary...while mormons wear suits and wave high to you as you leave for work in the morning :D 7 years ago +2
    I love bother....but records take up less space....and the film never pops out 7 years ago +1
    dogs are noisy and try to rape you.....While CATS on the other hand are always adorable...usually quieter and are nice to talk to 7 years ago +651
    I saw it at walmart and thought of it immediately....never saw the actual film though... :/ 7 years ago +2
    Ski lift! Its high but I wouldnt fall if I could stay still...also, i'd enjoy the view and snow!...or die of hypothermia,....whichever! 7 years ago  
    How long would i have to live? I picked the frozen one.. 7 years ago  
    Eww....well i pick lady gaga...i've at least heard a few of her songs... 7 years ago  
    stupid people get their faces the beauty would last! 7 years ago  
    neither though 7 years ago +1
    Sandles ^_^ 7 years ago  
    hair grows back...and becomes better with time....that face however.... 7 years ago  
    I don't actually know anything about either...I just wanted to know what everyone else would say 7 years ago +1
    Holy crap...we're all fat...we would only go for the food D: !!! 7 years ago +1
    Baguettes! 7 years ago +1
    I'd like to be smart! 7 years ago  
    Text! I hate the sound of my own voice on a phone... 7 years ago +1
    So does flapping your jaws 7 years ago  
    no one would think to mess with me if I were a giant! ^_^ I could just spit on people and they would think it was raining!!! 7 years ago +3
    I want to live like the rich for the night.....jump on the bed....order room around...and disappear by morning! ^_^ 7 years ago +1
    I could live without seeing some point in time, people on Earth have HAD to live this way 7 years ago +1
    I'd rather write everything out or speak sign language. I'd be killed daily for thinkin 7 years ago  
    I could be destroyed by literally ANYTHING in the wizard world for any reason at all... 7 years ago +3
    I've never eaten batter...Cookie dough is the BEST! 7 years ago  
    Older....and younger would be illegal...and awkward...but someone older would be nice...I guess interesting 7 years ago +1
    The date....that way I know how much time I'm working with! But i don't want to know the horrible way of going... :/ 7 years ago  
    *funeral, I meant 7 years ago  
    I don't want anyone at my wedding anyway....but it would be kind of interesting to see which people would sneak to my wedding 7 years ago  
    I don't want anyone at my wedding anyway....but i'd kinda like to see who would come to my funeral... 7 years ago  
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