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Just another person on this website. what did you expect? roleplay?

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implying everyone on the plant uses this website daily. 3 years ago  
science says in order to be invisible, you would need to be blind. 3 years ago  
i don't have any friends, except for the ones telling me when to strike my next victim... 3 years ago  
what about girls who are afraid of heights? are they also just piles of trash because they won't reenact aladin for you? 3 years ago  
what about people who are afraid of heights? 3 years ago  
the only reason i didn't pick option 1 is because you included animals. 3 years ago  
i have book smarts, but no street smarts, a.k.a. i know what the calculation of negative 7589734592656824 is, but i don't know how to avoid muggers. 3 years ago  
like me..? 3 years ago  
or just kill them in cold blood... 3 years ago  
basically: which turd looks more shiny? 3 years ago  
i like christmas, only because i don't have people shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HOW WAS YOUR DAY? DID YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENTS? ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANT CAKE?" 3 years ago  
i'll just cover her face with a plastic bag. for once, something in scary movie 3 has helped me! 3 years ago  
i would rather meet with miss hotty instead of mr. pedo-face over there. 3 years ago  
the only friends i have are in my head, so either way they are with me. 3 years ago  
if you say medium soda three times in the mirror, then the burger king will reach through and give you chicken nuggets. unless you get normal sleep, which then you just look like an idiot. 3 years ago  
no more asshole with his phone on! 3 years ago  
and i thought wanting to turn people into pastries was dark... 3 years ago  
chance games are rigged. i'm taking my REAL money home. 3 years ago  
cash, so i can get something i want when i find it. 3 years ago  
5 years of never ending dream sex? sign me up! 3 years ago  
hard to lose something you never had... 3 years ago  
gingers do have souls, you're just too immature to realize it. plus, that train of thought is practically medieval. 3 years ago  
well, at least i would get to see them more. 3 years ago  
him? is this implying i will go gay for such character? 3 years ago  
this post translated from imagination to reality: scream and run like a b*tch. 3 years ago  
or maybe they found a wet bra competition, and the one on the left already started beating meat. 3 years ago  
i do not know who these people are. so i shall back away slowly, to avoid any human contact with arguments. 3 years ago  
i did not pick because of the hair or skin tone. the pale one just looks more secure and confident about herself. 3 years ago  
vampire roleplay, i guess. 3 years ago  
big girls are my fancy, but i don't judge by milk cartons. 3 years ago  
only child ftw 3 years ago  
"excuse me, death, this is my dream, so leave. now." 3 years ago  
crazy chicks are always the ones looking to smash! 3 years ago  
i can't live without my root beer, man! 3 years ago  
may i ask why this question has a fetish with breast milk? 3 years ago  
i use youtube weekly, so yuy 3 years ago  
one day, i got bored of minecraft, so i left. i return in 2015, and there are still kids everywhere. 3 years ago  
wut 3 years ago  
nope. forget earth. i'm not sticking around for when it dies! 3 years ago  
i already get option A. 3 years ago  
would you like to sit at disney world entrance for 5 hours just to enter the park? 3 years ago  
world's first male prostitute! 3 years ago  
i know all languages, so i'm just gonna move to ireland. 3 years ago  
i would probably use my wishes poorly, so i will just take dat money. 3 years ago  
FREEDOM!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
you don't need to be married to have "fun in bed". 3 years ago  
read the comment shadowflame20000 left. 3 years ago  
in mythology, mermaids KILL you! 3 years ago  
i don't want to watch my own slasher film! 3 years ago  
f responsibilities! 3 years ago  
i don't use amazon anyways. 3 years ago  
all i gots to do is ask them to repeat themselves. 3 years ago  
i'm afraid of heights anyways. 3 years ago  
Russian roulette is when two or more people take turns trying to shoot themselves with a revolver, holding only one bullet in the chamber. a.k.a. 1/6 chance of DEATH. 3 years ago  
i don't like music anyways. plus, youtube exists, people! 3 years ago  
Warning: side effect of "yolo" are: annoyance of those around the patient, and stupid decisions. 3 years ago  
i could care less about human life. one less noise maker in the world. 3 years ago  
"which movie is be- nevermind, twilight is in the area. polar opposite, here we go!" 3 years ago  
"i always wanted to be a vet... but i guess humans are close enough! right..?" 3 years ago  
if i had to get a tattoo, it would have to be something original, and interesting. 3 years ago  
If you are immortal, you will still feel pain, just live through it. you would have to experience the world ending. think about your choice now... 3 years ago  
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