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    teeth can withstand metal 4 years ago  
    I would be the hottest hick ever 4 years ago  
    HAHAHAAH I WAS AN IVF BABY! I AM GOD 4 years ago  
    and teletubbies aren't? 4 years ago  
    those poor corn flakes :c 4 years ago  
    SO DOES ZELDA! 4 years ago  
    good job son! ;) wait... 4 years ago  
    too addictive :c 4 years ago  
    CHICKEN (im not black don't worry) 4 years ago  
    Too OP, such much hax... also i like a challenge c; 4 years ago  
    i don't think i'd be able to cope with two mothers... 4 years ago  
    Dear 45%, are you f***ing stupid? seriously there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that global warming is happening and right now! How can you not care about your home... Earth? it's not only the plants and animals that are suffering, humans are too and it will become more obvious the worse global warming gets!!! 4 years ago  
    same thing but talent is more extreeme 4 years ago  
    killing a kitten is horrible for a little a while but once you get used to it it will be fine, having fleas will never stop being annoying plus your constant itching will drive people away from you so you can't get b*tches 4 years ago  
    Bending is the coolest thing ever and can be used for almost anything... all a lightsaber is, is an OP sword used to kill people 4 years ago  
    LUNA IS SO HOT GOOGLE HER 4 years ago  
    trouble to get orgasm just means you can rock a girls world for hours ;) (i have that mwahaha) 4 years ago  
    guitar hero has all the same instruments as rock band so stfu pls? PLUS rockband copied guitar hero 4 years ago  
    modern family is f***ing hilarious! 4 years ago  
    being bald is the sh*t 4 years ago  
    i'd kill him and take it all 4 years ago  
    51% of people that voted are lying 4 years ago  
    I would live 50 years at the age of 8 bc no stress, just childing about and f***in b*tches 4 years ago  
    time will go super fast playing your favourite sport and at the same time you're getting fit and healthy 4 years ago  
    i love them both so much but to be honest TWD got boring at points whereas breaking bad was constantly amazing 4 years ago  
    i enjoy sh*tting >:) 4 years ago  
    my dad is almost 60, don't they eventually lose the ability to be horny? XD 4 years ago  
    I LOVE MEAT 4 years ago  
    none 4 years ago  
    61% of people are all talk with no action because if more than half of the world actually give half of what they own then world hunger wouldn't even exist 4 years ago +1
    PAJAMAS! 4 years ago  
    cus i can watch sh*t on my laptop in my bed naked while eating yum yums 4 years ago  
    my best friend is a girl so i don't really mind lol 4 years ago  
    hell i'd rather die than be the fat dude 4 years ago  
    not really... i've dropped mine a hundred times and it's functioning perfectly :P 4 years ago  
    HAIL HITLER o/ 4 years ago  
    disney land is magic kingdom i swear haha 4 years ago  
    i'm proud of my giant penis... can't get hate for dat lel 4 years ago  
    piranhas are scavengers and will only attack something still alive if it is almost dead due to starvation xD Whereas crocodiles will destroy you 4 years ago  
    i already am really hairy but not as bad as that guy... i think the pics make it biased 4 years ago  
    I'd rather kill the rapist than the love of my life 4 years ago  
    The queens job is boring... the presidents on the other hand is interesting and cool 4 years ago  
    i would listen to my favourite song that many times anyways xD nobrainer 4 years ago  
    The worst kind of pain is loneliness... so deep... like... BALLZ DEEP ;D 4 years ago  
    I wish i could be a housewife and just play video games and do whatever i want all day and my hubby goes and gets me money to spend 4 years ago  
    you can poke a sharks eyes and it will [email protected] off but if you do that to a lion it will just rip you to shreds if it hasn't already done so 4 years ago  
    steal his sh*t then run away mutheryuckers 4 years ago  
    'there is nothing in space that is interesting'... you my friend are either retarded or just uncool -.- smh 4 years ago  
    I know how terrorists behave whereas nobody knows how aliens behave so i could figure out a way to kill the terrorists if i'm lucky but if i manage to do that with the aliens i wouldn't know how to get back home and i'd die surrounded by creepy thingies 4 years ago  
    at first i thought wow dumb question but 14% gaddafi? 4 years ago  
    FU*K KIDS (The insult not the action) 4 years ago  
    the picture makes milkshakes look nicer than they actually are 4 years ago  
    this is the worst question ever 4 years ago  
    well i'm not gay so i'd rather just have friends that love me c: 4 years ago  
    you can run away from house cats 4 years ago  
    why would i want to see my ugly face anyways? xD 4 years ago  
    I'd make stealing legal so i can take people's sh*t and not worry xD 4 years ago  
    Too lazy to catch it so it's either be vegetarian or starve 4 years ago  
    I'd wish for 10 superpowers like flying and sh*t 4 years ago  
    This question is evil xD 4 years ago  
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