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    Drinking boiling water would damage my airways so I would suffocate which is better than burning! 11 months ago  
    Crucifixion is the cruelest way to die and the last way I'd want to die is stupid lethal injection! 11 months ago  
    I have the guts to lose my guts! 11 months ago  
    Crucifixion! Rather die like Jesus than a vampire. 11 months ago  
    Take gas chamber over crucifixion and there is a chance I could survive the camp! 11 months ago  
    Rather ride the lightning than have my neck snap! 11 months ago  
    neck breaking is better than bleeding to death 11 months ago  
    neck breaks sounds better 11 months ago +1
    Shot. Nothing to lose my head over! 11 months ago  
    Shooting sounds more pleasant than losing my head! 11 months ago  
    I rather lose my head than have my neck break! 11 months ago  
    Peanuts, msg, dairy, gluten, fruit, that way I die of anaphylactic shock rather than the needle!! 11 months ago  
    Explode like titty titty bang bang! 11 months ago  
    Lethal injection is more humane but I would much rather die by firing squad!! 11 months ago  
    I would not want to die via stupid little needle! If it was electric chair or firing squad I'd take death. 11 months ago  
    Mr. TRUMP!!! :) 11 months ago  
    LONG LIVE TRUMP!! 11 months ago  
    Again, riding the lightning is better than death my a stupid little needle. 11 months ago  
    Riding the lightning is better than dying the ways the nazi's killed people! 11 months ago  
    Burning at the stake! 11 months ago  
    Ride the lightning it's more awesome than a stupid little needle killing me!! 11 months ago  

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