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    i don't have keys loool  
    i could watch nemo a million times, i think i already did, i have the freaking dics  
    yea....i don't really like my grandma that much...she makes me do work  
    lol in my school, being the smartest is the most popular, beside "popular" isn't gonna help your college application  
    at least pigs cant hold a knife  
    i need meat in my life, badly  
    im a girl lool xD i win both ways  
    i mean, sure music is great, but the eyes can see so much more  
    i can probably out run a snake  
    1950 isn't that far away, and shoo im already a middle class in 2011  
    we all know why there's more people choosing snow, noboby really cares about how beautiful it looks  
    at least i can breathe, im kinda claustrophobic anyways  
    i'll be yasmine >;D +2
    no man, being the youngest sucks, your older sibling always get to tell you what to do and they get in the way of your life. They're like your second parent >;(  
    this way, i won't have to hate my best friend  
    already am~  
    why in the world would i marry a horse +200
    like the school would even give a shet lool +3
    i mean what, it's not like i fk him or anything lol  
    idc if my bf's poor or not........i only care if im poor or not loool  
    if i have wealth, i'll be famous anyway  
    lawyers dont accidentally kill people  
    aren't they kinda the same ish  
    you can already control your dreams, BUT YOU CANT WATCH IT  
    anarchy is freaking bad lol, i mean look at Somalia, 10 year olds chew on drug and have guns  
    theres always glasses or contact, i always wanted to wear glasses  
    loool people care more about their computer than real virus...and im one of them god im an idiot  
    some people need to actually see the movie before they start hating  
    goddamm people it said BELLA FROM TWILIGHT not Christen Steward  
    i could pay for 2 years of college already basically!  
    food for the win  
    damn i swear i'd flirt so much with my friend xD  
    ah geez this is a tough one  
    piercing because you can TAKE IT OFF  
    both lol  
    to the future becase you cant mess up the past, but you can can change the future  
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