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    Adventure Time!!!!! 6 years ago +2
    i don't have keys loool 6 years ago  
    i could watch nemo a million times, i think i already did, i have the freaking dics 6 years ago  
    yea....i don't really like my grandma that much...she makes me do work 6 years ago  
    lol in my school, being the smartest is the most popular, beside "popular" isn't gonna help your college application 6 years ago  
    at least pigs cant hold a knife 6 years ago  
    i need meat in my life, badly 6 years ago  
    im a girl lool xD i win both ways 6 years ago  
    i mean, sure music is great, but the eyes can see so much more 6 years ago  
    i can probably out run a snake 6 years ago  
    1950 isn't that far away, and shoo im already a middle class in 2011 6 years ago  
    we all know why there's more people choosing snow, noboby really cares about how beautiful it looks 6 years ago  
    at least i can breathe, im kinda claustrophobic anyways 6 years ago  
    goddamn this kind of question pop up everywhere 6 years ago +1
    im asian sooo 6 years ago +4
    i already watched bewitched 6 years ago  
    you can do lots of things by yourself 6 years ago  
    i'll be yasmine >;D 6 years ago +2
    no man, being the youngest sucks, your older sibling always get to tell you what to do and they get in the way of your life. They're like your second parent >;( 6 years ago  
    i'll never be able to get over it so 6 years ago +2
    this way, i won't have to hate my best friend 6 years ago  
    im...a girl so 6 years ago +1
    already am~ 6 years ago  
    why in the world would i marry a horse 6 years ago +196
    like the school would even give a shet lool 6 years ago +3
    i mean what, it's not like i fk him or anything lol 6 years ago  
    idc if my bf's poor or not........i only care if im poor or not loool 6 years ago  
    somalia... 6 years ago  
    so i could find that fker and beat the crap out of them 6 years ago  
    its not like i only care about sex, its just that these are the only two option present here 6 years ago  
    so i won't DIE DUH 6 years ago +3
    if i have wealth, i'll be famous anyway 6 years ago  
    why would i be happy in jail, and wtf does the choices have to do with the question lol 6 years ago  
    i dont need netflix 6 years ago  
    gravyyyyyyyyyyyyy 6 years ago +2
    haha xD i already did that 6 years ago  
    less likely to die with that car 6 years ago  
    i can lean if i stand, or lay down, sitting is like i lost my legs, and also sitting put pressure on your spine 40% more than when you are standing 6 years ago +1
    lol another place for stimulation ;3 6 years ago  
    i get that money to get surgery and FIX MAH FACE 6 years ago +4
    well sweat is already urine so, doesn't matter lol 6 years ago +1
    god, no raping 6 years ago +1
    less likely to die scuba diving 6 years ago  
    so i could leave! lool and im not the one in trouble 6 years ago +1
    i can't poop when i hear someone talks 6 years ago  
    i would RATHER do option A......but i always DO option B 6 years ago +1
    im a girl so hahaha xD i win both ways 6 years ago +7
    brain is rather healthy...but nahh 6 years ago  
    omg hahaha xD 6 years ago  
    FOOOD 6 years ago  
    but hell is there for rapist, terrorist, killer and all the other sick people 6 years ago  
    i already know heaven and hell are real....but dk yet if there's others beside us 6 years ago +3
    well....i grew up in an Asian country...and i love cats so 6 years ago  
    be adopted isn't bad as long as your parents love you 6 years ago  
    i didn't know toy story until i turned 10, but i knew pokemon all my life 6 years ago  
    president cant do shet 6 years ago  
    lawyers dont accidentally kill people 6 years ago  
    aren't they kinda the same ish 6 years ago  
    you can already control your dreams, BUT YOU CANT WATCH IT 6 years ago  
    anarchy is freaking bad lol, i mean look at Somalia, 10 year olds chew on drug and have guns 6 years ago  
    theres always glasses or contact, i always wanted to wear glasses 6 years ago  
    loool people care more about their computer than real virus...and im one of them god im an idiot 6 years ago  
    some people need to actually see the movie before they start hating 6 years ago  
    goddamm people it said BELLA FROM TWILIGHT not Christen Steward 6 years ago  
    god it said BELLA FROM TWILIGHT, not CHRISTEN STEWARD 6 years ago  
    i could pay for 2 years of college already basically! 6 years ago  
    food for the win 6 years ago  
    damn i swear i'd flirt so much with my friend xD 6 years ago  
    ah geez this is a tough one 6 years ago  
    piercing because you can TAKE IT OFF 6 years ago  
    both lol 6 years ago  
    to the future becase you cant mess up the past, but you can can change the future 6 years ago  
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