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Would you rather Liam Payne or Zayn Malik 7 years ago 2,423 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who is better? Harry Styles or Zayn Malik 7 years ago 3,550 votes 55 comments 1 like
Would you rather Team JACOB or Team Edward 7 years ago 251 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather.... Josh Hutcherson or Liam Hensworth 7 years ago 215 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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it didnt say how high you have to sky dive from :) 7 years ago +1
wtf is wrong with that kids armpit hair? 7 years ago +3
which is the one harry went to? 7 years ago  
mad eit 50 50! 7 years ago  
dumbass hermoine doesnt get burneed at the stake...dumbass 7 years ago  
dumbass 7 years ago  
yea he voted for the one no one would vote for... like he said 7 years ago +1
NOT EVEN A QUESTION 7 years ago +3
your right aids doesnt itself kill you but if you get anything else it will probably lead to death if you have aids 7 years ago  
batman is awsome with out any high tech technology he is just sly ans strong iron man doesnt accualllu work that hard 7 years ago +1
I FUçKlNG HATE SEINFEILD 7 years ago +3
thats what she said 7 years ago +5
its the dutch fb. 7 years ago +2
i only have one person on my list hes like 100 and then 2 3 and 4 are like 22/100 to me 7 years ago  
blonds r dum 7 years ago +2
there is nothing wrong with any of them gosh sometimes people are so ignorant 7 years ago +7
uh considering im 13 i think muffins haha 7 years ago +2
i dont use fb anyways....INSTAGRAM is where its at! 7 years ago +1
i dont know but evryone sya loosing a child is like some stabbing you repeatadly in the stomach and a spouse isnt nearly as bad 7 years ago  
same 7 years ago  
what the heack a soccer ball would really hurt!!! 7 years ago +1
even if you could fly it could never be that high because i you fly high in the atmosphere you will freeze and die. 7 years ago  
im black. nough said... 7 years ago +5
my mom passed away ...i would give anything to be with her 7 years ago +3
eat all of the my room? well theres none so im good :D 7 years ago  
fag hag retard wannabe lose 7 years ago  
Abortion is horrible i know not everyone is a christian but for the christians you are killing someone no matter if they are only 10 days old if you have an abortion the rape thing is bad but give the baby up for adoption b/c there are plenty of people who would want it and for those 16 year old girls maybe if you used a Condom or had birth control they wouldent be in that position 7 years ago +1
why the hell would i kill everyone i love instead of some random effers 7 years ago  
o my god is eveyone retarded oovoo is just a better skype you can chat with like 6 people for free on oovoo! 7 years ago  
dont have a pet haha 7 years ago  
the first link isnt edward and jacob its jacob and guy who hit bella with a car so accuall its only been posted once and how was i supposed to know that is has been posted 7 years ago  
hahah yeaaa gues which team im on? 7 years ago  
skipped b/c i didnt know what either of those was 7 years ago +1
eww thesse r both so disgusting i skipped 7 years ago +3
why ar eyou saying ou skipped u obviously chose friends 7 years ago +1
no you didnt skip 7 years ago  
super hearing!!! 7 years ago  
lick takes to second and it could be clean 7 years ago  
the well could be 3 inches deeo 7 years ago +4
there is millions of flavor of ice cream and like 4 of chocolate 7 years ago +2
history never changes it is so easy 7 years ago +1
suicide means you go to hell and even though jb is awesome....i am awesomerr 7 years ago  
i would not want to drink blood... but um... i guess thats just me 7 years ago +3
neither ewwww nooo 7 years ago  
glee is the best show ever known to man. 7 years ago  
I dont have to cut my hair SOMEONE ELSE can do it for me 7 years ago  
you could just look in a camera or anything shiny 7 years ago  
ski lift, you would be cold, and in a small place and sure jump of dumbass so u can gall 20 feet into freezing snow 7 years ago +1
FTW lil wayne is 1000 times better 7 years ago +2
eff u too then 7 years ago  
if im rich and ugly i can use my money to get plastic surgery and vecome pretty win win 7 years ago +1
chicks over dycks 7 years ago  
change the belt 7 years ago +4
she is she came to my hotel and she was the rudest person 7 years ago  
no mc-hammers is fammouse and he is broke anyways being famous emean never having privacy and could ruin a lot of your relationships money is just perfect 7 years ago  
is that even a question? 7 years ago +5
im a girl 7 years ago  
der 7 years ago  
duh 7 years ago  
i dont get it.... 7 years ago  
it would be annoying not being able to sleep what would you do when everyone is sleeping// 7 years ago  
i almost cried just seeing that 7 years ago  
people eat crickets all the time 7 years ago  
i hvae no preoblem with gays i just rather b straight 7 years ago +4
the 10,00 people would probably b people i dont know so that 7 years ago  
gingers do not have souls 7 years ago  
im 13 7 years ago  
ronald mcdonald look like a clown child molester 7 years ago +2
you would not get caught like duhhh take the moneyy 7 years ago  
kittens are EVIL and polar bears are going extinct 7 years ago  
what the hell who would wanna be in suit all day 7 years ago +1
omg i feel soo bad for choosing baby 7 years ago +5
ditto to commetn below 7 years ago  
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