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hey there i would like suggest that by veiwing my profile you just got a two way ticket to youtube go check my friends channel his name is : captainNext. still working out some bugs but yeah. OR go to BAN on youtube

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    dude the USMC we got it covered  
    dude its 15% not 16 but seriles you 15  
    go canadiens i spelled it wrong but who the fvck cares  
    oh now i do  
    so long a go i forgot wich one i choose  
    awwww best old chinese i think exicotion  
    i still cant belive that a bunch of people are still going at it after i said it was a joke  
    i read the Q while answering in mind i was like "i want a zombie apocoalyspe happen we got the USMC... wait does that say STOP opps"  
    the great white might its a 3 to 500000 chance of it swalloing me whole  
    i probaly stole your phone just now  
    there not big just small and only a few are highly toxi with no chance of survival and i this because i a documentery show about toxi animals and were there from there were about 4 to 3 of them AUSTRALENs help me out with this one  
    after i answered everything got quieter  
    doing what  
    cant have snickers  
    what do skittles do that mnms dont...................EVERYTHING  
    we got more magic than super mans ever fought  
    hell is on earth in many countries  
    i forgot about that show  
    you in gilbert or chandler or tuson huum *does a slurp slurp*  
    well mulan got a sequel and was a aculy in a real movie case and hunchback was a great movie but it came in one of those cases that sy " HEY im a SH*t MOVIE watch me" but still hunch was a great i just can't go with it didnt have enough veiws  
    S.S canablisism away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    i hate the twifu**k but no sleep means more games  
    have you seen "FROZEN" one guy jumped broke his leg and got brutaly eaten alive by wovles  
    I get it gay used to meen happy  
    I'm not gay  
    Can not answer both of my bestys are guys  
    Dude would I want to go up against a base figure of a MK character he punched a eye out and bit a ear off nope  
    Dang did not see the bacon  
    Popcorn sons  
    Like your consle the only thing play station that was useful was ps2 dang auto correct  
    There the f*******ing thing just different brand  
    cant eat a reesespeanut ballsack cup  
    but more are started by greed  
    hate politics  
    trust me life is not easy being a guy  
    it said LIVE snake  
    16% are liars  
    right forgot about that one right there but wait it didnt say that if you kill your sefl the other person miht of forced you to  
    i to tierd to anwser so i the wrong one f**************  
    yes they did  
    hate comercials  
    can i please move my arms and fingers i need them to play XBOX  
    S.S FAT GUY away !!!!!!!!!!!  
    any one watched the "INTERNED SHIP"  
    i have that movie was ok but watch the GREY  
    MARINES REMBER will win  
    i really need the money *games*  
    wait its a sugar coated bubble dang it  
    never heard of micheal jackson till he died  
    i am failing at the trombone i usted to play the tuba  
    89 to to to to to ..........what is it ...........1  
    if 911 did not happen then we the americans would still suck at terrresist fighting and more terrible attacks would accur and the fbi would not know anything so 911 was terrible but it made one good thing the USA finaly knows how fight the war on terror  
    i clic  
    i dont like coffe  
    i already am a retard +2
    i need my arms to play games  
    i can adleast move back  
    you copyed the movie  
    my friends are on the xbox so who cares  
    there good allies with us plus there constenly at war so i wuoldn't get in a fight with them +1
    i allready do  
    dudes its called a joke  
    one percent wow glad i chose piggy bank  
    how did they get that photo from  
    yes he does  
    yeah you em  
    god made the big wich created us +1
    why just why +1
    mermaids all ready excist( and no i am not a bronie) look in coments i said it was a joke a lot +28
    i will die of over load  
    boxing day wtf  
    the money is uless when you die rich and go to heavan you money has no meaning there so yeah  
    we have the USMC will be fine  
    this is the worst question ever take it please  
    i dont like sayin yolo but YOLO  
    go fat people fat reveliontion  
    MARVEL +1
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