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    what if i need a vacination 4 years ago  
    i'm black too 4 years ago +2
    i don't want to risk breakin my momma's back 4 years ago +1
    you can change the definition to make it clearer 4 years ago  
    i already have big feet 4 years ago +3
    i'm naturaly pretty anyways 4 years ago  
    it better be real money.....(I MEAN YOU AFHA) 4 years ago  
    i have one 4 years ago +1
    you can change a hairstyle not your ugliness 4 years ago  
    KESHA IS A MAN 4 years ago  
    RUN FORREST RUUNNN 4 years ago  
    princess peach in the house biotch 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    I AM YOUR FATHER 4 years ago  
    full house-michelle 4 years ago 4 years ago  
    baby shampoo 4 years ago +1
    it doesn't have to be my bedroom. it can be the attick 4 years ago  
    i want kidszzz 4 years ago  
    it doesn't say my secrets have to be bad 4 years ago  
    MUFASA 4 years ago  
    kill myself as soon as i'm born into hell and go to heaven for the rest of eternity 4 years ago  
    i'm a girl 4 years ago  
    if i surrender it doesn't say i'll still be in trouble 4 years ago  
    I (breath breath) AM YOUR FATHER 4 years ago  
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