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Would you rather be an Artist.. or an Author 7 years ago 536 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Rapper.. or ..DJ 7 years ago 280 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own a Food Franchise.. or ..Internet Franchise 7 years ago 874 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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delicious.. 7 years ago  
that looks delicious 7 years ago +2
The only music videos are VEVO, which sucks. 7 years ago  
Not a loophole, sleep on hard floor. 7 years ago  
Trolling for money? Uh yeah lol 7 years ago  
Quickly. 7 years ago +1
Gamers should chose left. Regular people should choose right. :P 7 years ago +4
I would call Barack Obama an ass. 7 years ago +4
You wouldn't even know if you were a zombie. 7 years ago  
still electrictiy.. 7 years ago  
Whats so bad about green? 7 years ago +1
I'm a vampire. 7 years ago  
Opinions are opinions, retard. 7 years ago  
Hearing aids dont help when you are completely deaf... 7 years ago +6
chocolate cosmos :D 7 years ago  
Dream job is millionaire 7 years ago  
Good luck getting the urine smell off your body 7 years ago  
Your an ignorant person, not just people from texas like guns. Alot of people from each state do you idiot. Also I hate guns. 7 years ago  
How to survive on a deserted island. The 24 hour full tutorial! 7 years ago +4
This is horrible, nymeria why do you ask these? 7 years ago +2
Big mac is fool of fat, whopper is okay 7 years ago  
I would want the abused dog to be put asleep :( 7 years ago  
gag 7 years ago  
Oprah poops diamonds. 7 years ago +4
If you wake up at dawn you feel rested :3 7 years ago  
no its not.. 7 years ago  
parkour 7 years ago +1
ew 7 years ago  
You'll think back on it as it was worth it.. 7 years ago  
What's happening? 7 years ago +1
Second picture made me laugh. 7 years ago  
Sad D: 7 years ago  
yet you vote for us anyway. mmk 7 years ago  
Green and black go together. 7 years ago  
I can't even answer this, disgusting 7 years ago  
History has always been my thing 7 years ago +3
Cookies are delicious, my mom makes the best. 7 years ago  
Ice cream cake. 7 years ago  
We don't have rights in america anyway. Obama is the cause of this 7 years ago  
What kind of sick freak would laugh at this? 7 years ago +10
my winter coat is a tshirt 7 years ago  
Quicker way to die is the firecracker 7 years ago +1
This question concerns me. 7 years ago +4
The centipede thing looks unbearable. I couldn't do it 7 years ago +1
KITTEH NO 7 years ago +2
Have fun paying for gas 7 years ago +1
lol. 7 years ago  
Dumb, dry ice is frozen nitrogen. Which is freaking cold. So have fun 7 years ago  
but, but, look at those eyes. 7 years ago  
He was born in Hawaii you retard. 7 years ago  
no. 7 years ago  
What if its a wolf spider mom with babys? 7 years ago +3
My socks get cleaned regularly.. 7 years ago  
Top hat. 7 years ago +1
I'd lose alot but at least still have some 7 years ago  
Jigsaw without a mask? What... 7 years ago  
I could just walk away from the right one and he couldn't catch me.. 7 years ago +2
mau5 7 years ago +1
"ALL" of your family members. 7 years ago  
$30...Where do you buy your movies? 7 years ago +7
100 angry cats = 100 angry cats.. 7 years ago +4
Slitting your wrists doesn't kill you? Emo people do it all the time 7 years ago  
Cant be a whore as a guy 7 years ago  
You can always get on the biggest Loser... 7 years ago  
like the people who set you on fire in the first place 7 years ago  
d 7 years ago  
Its funny cause if you click the country option. More people from india picked acid then camel. 7 years ago  
You must be a very unhappy person. 7 years ago  
pizza. 7 years ago  
18 7 years ago  
50k BABY 7 years ago  
Sharks are way scarier! 7 years ago  
Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. 7 years ago  
I am a christian, but I still think people should be happy. 7 years ago  
Its funny, people like you proceed to type it twice and not read the question. 7 years ago  
But they're gay, so how can they be attracted to you? 7 years ago  
There IS a skip button.. 7 years ago  
Right option is for gamblers. 7 years ago  
"in the wild" 7 years ago  
Blind date? Isn't that when you go with a random person you have never seen before until then? 7 years ago  
Nostalgia. 7 years ago  
You can already control your dreams. It is called Lucid Dreaming, it is really cool in fact. Just google it. 7 years ago  
If you live in a retirement home you dnt even have to see the old people, you can get your own room. If you go to the mental institution you'll get your eyes clawed out with a foot. 7 years ago  
*person 7 years ago  
Invalid. That is a desktop computer. :P 7 years ago  
XD 7 years ago  
scrolls down and types while holding hand on pic on right... 7 years ago  
Hayway ftw. Just kidding, hawaii would be more relaxing. 7 years ago  
Wait, a skip button, WHAT? LOL 7 years ago +1
Why should we get rid of Justin Bieber? He actually sings good. No, I'm not gay, but why would you be gay for listening to him, which I don't. I'm just saying, JB sounds alot better then rebecca black. 7 years ago  
WILBURT 7 years ago  
The guy on the right is crapping himself. And the guy on the left has wood. :P 7 years ago  
Well, either way, they CAN be slow, painful deaths. But with fire it would hurt alot and end slower. Drowning doesn't hurt you just can't breath and it ends alot faster. Drowning. 7 years ago  
THERE IS NO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. It was just mental people on drugs/plain crazy eating other people. IT IS CALLED CANNIBALISM. The indian's did it. We didn't call them zombies! 7 years ago  
I lol'd at the 92v7 7 years ago  
Its not a zombie. Just some mental guy on LSD... 7 years ago  
What if you're having a private wedding? Loopholeee 7 years ago  

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