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    I'm fine the way I am financially. (Well not really, but when you think about it there are so many more people who don't even have food, while I have a house, a computer, air conditioning, and so many more luxuries)  
    and you chose the other one?  
    thats alot of god is real comments you have there shadowsora. heres a tip for your next question: don't offend a major group of society in your next question  
    but a billion is 1000 times more than a million  
    i would love to see how cricket is played +1
    i listen to both and i like both, but i prefer mozarts not so famous songs over bachs not so famous songs. if it was listen to top 5 of each i would pick bach. if it was a playlist of all songs, mozart  
    did you go to school?  
    ive drowned myself before its not bad as long as you dont focus on breathing. i started singing christmas songs and next thing i knew there was a lifeguard over me and i was on the ground  
    Tobuscus! +1
    oh guest... hiding behind your anonymity  
    courage the cowardly dog!  
    uh... humming?  
    quantum of solace wasnt that good  
    no friends!  
    then wouldnt you want to be on the nicest plane in the world with him?  
    we are converting  
    you could do anything you wanted and just quickload...  
    i could live the most immoral life imaginable or kill myself  
    Ron Paul is honest and nice  
    80% of croatian people would rather stay in their own country?  
    i want to change mine...  
    i bet half the people dont know where croatia is +3
    both my grammas are dead +1
    Im Irish...  
    You could call me weird, but I actually prefer it back when we had Bush. :/  
    yes, but why ask here?  
    You can't prove either of them so stop fighting over it.  
    Ron Paul is so nice! :]  
    i got mah champ stamp!  
    flash could go through walls if you read the comics...  
    second guy his name is freakin socrates +4
    crap it actually is 13  
    holy crap wrong one... :'(\  
    batman actually beat superman in a fight if you read the comics like me... :/  
    the cockroaches woldnt die... also they start with cock  
    Buzz cut was still an 80's style right?  
    I'd make so much money on poker...  
    Why is twilight not an option? +2
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