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I chose LeBron but I agree. And I thought you might like the joke - don't ask LeBron to make change for a dollar because he doesn't have a 4th quarter : D 6 years ago  
Taxes are stealing, so both. 6 years ago +1
I think I could say some nice things and make the best of our time 6 years ago +4
Escargot... It's a delicacy! 6 years ago +5
Everyone who gets 86'd by Jason runs through the woods for 5 minutes so you're just gonna die tired. No thank you 6 years ago +1
25 years from now ill be over the hill, and I don't care what people say. F*** the golden years 6 years ago  
And somewhere along the line, buy yourself comes crabs too! 6 years ago  
The closest one to my house! 6 years ago  
Im gonna go buy some twix at the grocery store tonite, Mmmm. But frozen snickers is another thing 6 years ago  
Buy a bunch of mason jars, label it homemade, start a business, 1 employee, all profit. You would literally be crapping out a house, car, and family security. I WISH that would happen to me! 6 years ago  
I only wanna last 5 minutes. Get that nut and go to bed son! 6 years ago  
Catching your dad would basically award you 1 get out of jail free card. What father would ever want that sh*t leaked? 6 years ago +177
OH, HELL! Give ME the GODDAMN SOAP! 6 years ago  
I would never hurt you dick, I hope you know that. No matter how many more of these questions their are, I won't give up on you 6 years ago  
Geez.,,, its nott easy tioo type withg one hand!!1 6 years ago  
hahahahahaa 6 years ago  
But you could know the question and then decide for yourself if you wanted to know the truth 6 years ago  
I bet Justin Bieber will touch young boys when he's in his 50's . They'll remind him of his youth 6 years ago  
Ever heard of digital cameras or live web cams? Filling a bath tub would take a hell of a lot longer than taking photos or watching a live video of yourself 6 years ago  

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