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    dur +1
    you idiot, shes 12!!! im 13  
    CHOCLATE icecream +3
    u freaks +2
    wear a wig..  
    Ok, why did the date have to be on my cuzinz birthday??? +1
    bieber is hot!!! +5
    creep, you do relize KIDS are doing this too +2
    Yeah, and u also get to go to hell when another kills u too =D yay...not  
    when vampires are killed they go to hell i hope all of you know.. +2
    windows 7 dell laptop baby!!!  
    its easier  
    i suck at singing! +1
    the pic of the guy in the water looks so +10
    i meant to click old hair  
    thats was the stupidest question ever!!! +4
    the elevator would prob. brake down with the guys, pluz if u brought an umbrella you could cover yourself  
    super man!!! +1
    im a girl...but i do admitt jessica is pretty...not that way...  
    at least you could see.. +10
    IT'll get ur inside  
    i just wont talk much +4
    If i didnt stop eating id'e be FAT! :O +1
    The guys that actually like wouldnt be focused on nothing but ur face so...face! +2
    Die fasted being shot +2
    My dad is NICE but scares me anyways lol +3
    Thats actually a cool pic for the losers and a DUMB and UGLY pic for popular.. +8
    BURGERS RULE!!! lol +2
    Fruits make drinks.. +6
    WASH IT!!! +3
    you people are wrong for picking satan..hey well at least ill be in heaven +5
    it would be 1% against 99% if taylor lautner was the picture!!!  
    Im a girl..  
    Thats a horrible question to make us answer!!! +3
    While taking a bath, ur pretty much just sitting in a tub of water with your dirt.. +3
    neither.. +1
    Technically, neither of those are jobs...all they do it sit on their lazy buttz all day ordering people around!!! +2
    50 50? kewl +5
    A woman...cause i am one +5
    Im a pentescostal, meaning i already have LONG hair  
    NEITHER!!! +1
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