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    NO. I need my fingers.  
    I'm terrified when I'm in a swimming pool for kids (with a lot of oxygen) so yup.  
    Gimme this money! (My famili won't give me presents on Christmas)  
    Poor bear!  
    I sleep most of my free time. I could've done so many, many things!  
    My grandma is a sweetheart. She wouldn't do this to me...Right gran?  
    Just...put it in a nice glass.  
    WHY ?  
    I don't have any sibling. You'll be rescued, the love of my life!  
    Money----I'm celebrity D.U.H.! Celebrities marry celebrities.  
    I'll take Jacob with glitter on him. Sparkle+6pack  
    At least we can laught about it later.Yup, we're this kind of really weird friends.  
    Jacob Black (werewolf, book character) ; Robert Pattinson (actor, lots of money on his bank account) I think I'll choose number 2, please.  
    It would be funny.  
    He can ask her out. No big deal. But if she says yes, I will kill both of them. Easy one.  
    IT'S A PIKACHU are you joking?!  
    I don't have a sister. Winner.  
    Like..I can't even walk and chewing a gum in the same time. I'M A FAILURE ALREADY!  
    I don't get this question...But mom talks with me bout period. Sorry Daddy.  
    If my Blind Date Guy won't kiddnap me it's OK.  
    For me - it's boring if there is no jelousy in the relationship.  
    I like talking about it. (Atheist) Other religions are interesting.  
    So you'll marry A FREAKIN' HORSE and ALL your friends will HATE YOU. Yup. I think I will take the other one.  
    I just like London Tipton..  
    Pff...jelous people.  
    Pearson of my dreams will help me with accomplishing all my dreams. It should be nice. You know, getting there step by step together.  
    My crush - a boy. My bf - a boy (has got a girlfriend). Yup. Winner again.  
    I can sing. Winner.  
    I'm not a fan of walking.  
    I don't have an EX. Who is a winner now, rrrather?  
    Easy one!  
    Bill Gates is nice.  
    I don't like trains.  
    If she would've told me that I got her pregnant, I would walk out on her. I'm a girl sooo...yup. Liar!  
    More boys - happier me.  
    I got through it. Funny one.  
    Blue one (cookie) or Green one (fruits) EASY ONE!  
    Turn it into joke, duh.  
    I don't like cold. I like coconuts.  
    I really don't like walking...sooo yup.  
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