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    i am a dude 3 years ago  
    take her to the bed after 3 years ago  
    siths are a piece of ....... 3 years ago  
    i am a dude it wont happen :P 3 years ago  
    it better not be donald trump anytime 3 years ago  
    have sex over and over 3 years ago  
    have sex quiet 3 years ago  
    it will make me feel better 3 years ago  
    ima kid right now 3 years ago  
    longer sex 3 years ago  
    my family is part of society 3 years ago  
    I AM SO MANLYYYYYYYYYYY 3 years ago  
    buh buh budum buhdum buhdummmmm 3 years ago  
    i am 10 3 years ago  
    just say someone photo shoped it 3 years ago  
    DOWN,SET.HUT HUT 3 years ago  
    faster than uuuuuuuuuuuu 3 years ago  
    if i am a lawyer 3 years ago  
    doin what 3 years ago  
    some starbucks sell coca cola 3 years ago  
    ima dude 3 years ago  
    I AM BLACK AND PROUD 3 years ago  
    no coats 3 years ago  
    just watch tv on youtube! 3 years ago  
    winter olimpicys 3 years ago  
    MINECRAFT AND HOBBIT DUH 3 years ago  
    just bring ur date with u 3 years ago  
    DEadPOol Rockz 3 years ago  
    hearing aids 3 years ago  
    i will just cheat on them back 3 years ago  
    i won! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 3 years ago  
    thumbs up if your a dude 3 years ago  
    more ideas 3 years ago  
    "everybody was kung fu fighting hu" 3 years ago  
    thumbs up if u live in the u.s 3 years ago  
    I love Iphones 3 years ago  
    "my president's black my....." 3 years ago  
    JUST (dont) DO IT! 3 years ago  
    ill wish for 1 billon wishes and a wish timer 3 years ago  
    stealth and a boss 3 years ago  
    easy 3 years ago  
    i am a kid 3 years ago  
    be scarin peps like never before #KingBach 3 years ago  
    i dont even know what this is 3 years ago  
    the u.s can use a new translator 3 years ago  
    i hate starbucks mcdonalds is better than that 3 years ago  
    the new guns these days miniguns and bombs no zombie can stop me i trained with call of duty LIKE IF U AGREE 3 years ago  
    neither 3 years ago  
    i will never have happiness with all that money :( 3 years ago  
    Me guest from New Jersey 3 years ago  
    my gramps said that doctor are well paid 3 years ago  
    we can just stop the war 3 years ago  
    if your immortal u will be old and wont die 3 years ago  
    i only have 5$ in my pocket' 3 years ago  
    cause if u see the date u might not know how u die 3 years ago  
    um i will see how i die to prevent it 3 years ago  
    choice 2 is like everyday :P 3 years ago  
    i am all bout that mulah $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 3 years ago  
    if i get stuck there i just ask someone to talk about my city 3 years ago  
    some phones have internet on it :) 3 years ago  

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