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I love music and hopeless love.

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    There's a new Super Smash Bros. coming out with all new characters. You know my choice.  
    It didn't say the toaster had to be on +1
    I've had an exploding fart before. I was all: "Lalalala--" *fart leading on with a bunch of s*** just falling out with it*  
    I'm a girl and straight. I think this is a guy's rather since it contains a girl and games in it??  
    What is up with these sick rathers!?  
    Except Batman didn't kill his parents... +37
    It didn't say how big time cliff was, or where you would land. +1
    crap. @PoniesAreFab has a point. +1
    Frog's legs. DUH, PEOPLE. DUHH.  
    Misha Collins though.  
    I have an lg cosmos 5. I don't think anyone would want that.  
    I've visited Spain before. it was very breath-takingly beautiful. :') Go visit sometime!  
    I regret my decision. SNICKERS, I WILL NEVER KILL YOU!!!  
    being insane is cool (says the kids at school) +1
    Anyone remember that one Code Lyoko episode? +10
    Better to eat something that fills you up?  
    I took the red pill because reality sucks balls. +1
    Oh Lord I love my savior Jesus Christ.  
    I'm a girl so  
    I read that as fart  
    Did anyone catch the spelling mistake here? "Love a long life" and not "Live a long life?"  
    If I was a man, I'd be a gay man.  
    You, me, naked in the streets with a boombox.  
    Just like what my mother used to make!  
    You could eat them, or work out amends and repopulate. *wink wink*  
    Let's all join the mafia while we're at it.  
    People could say " WAIT FOR ME." to you and you'd be like "Yeah! Sure." ...  
    I picked deaf because I like seeing people's faces. YOU GOTTA KNOW WHO YOU'RE UP AGAINST. Then again, they could have an embarrassing voice ... that sounds like a chipmunk.  
    I've stubbed my toes billions of times. Let me tell you, it's better than biting the thing you use to taste.  
    Sleep feels nice though.  
    Every little girl's dream is to become a princess, so why not?  
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