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You've been there since Queen St. in 1993
Yeah twenty years and a thousand beers and you're still there for me
Whitaker Park after dark, 'till the cops came spotlighting
And yeah we ran, were just kids back then
And we're still singin'...

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die-ie-ie
But if I do die, do die
I know you'll be by my side

Outcasts in a small town, in Big Sky country
You had a pickup truck with the music turned up
"Let's Go!" cassette side B
How we risked our lives playing with knives to escape monotony
After all the stupid things we did our hearts are still beating

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die-ie-ie
But if I do die, do die
I know you'll be by my side

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die-ie-ie
But if I do die, do die
I know you'll be by my side

(Hell yeah)
(We got two of that, baby)
(Right here in L.A.)

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die-ie-ie
But if I do die, do die
I know you'll be by my side

I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die-ie-ie
But if I do die, do die
I know you'll be by my side

I know you'll be by my side
I know you'll be by my side
I know you'll be by my side

No-money has posted the following comments:

Misclick 1 week ago +1
Creepy 1 week ago  
Always 1 week ago  
Nyan cat is possessed 1 week ago  
I'm an atheist 1 week ago  
Already do 1 week ago  
I'm depressed A is never going to happen 2 weeks ago  
I would get sick of bananas 2 weeks ago  
I'm smart ish 2 weeks ago  
It's the pay that counts 2 weeks ago  
50/50 2 weeks ago  
Way better 2 weeks ago  
Now I have AIDS 2 weeks ago  
What's the punishment 2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago  
PEWDIEPIE 2 weeks ago  
No 2 weeks ago  
No 2 weeks ago +1
No 2 weeks ago  
Both suck 2 weeks ago +1
Yup 2 weeks ago  
I hate her album cover so much 2 weeks ago +1
You gotta boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya (muwa) 2 weeks ago  
Definitely 2 weeks ago  
I sometimes take soy sauce packets and just drink soy sauce 2 weeks ago  
Being a meme page owner, I've committed many crimes 2 weeks ago +1
I've seen the memes 2 weeks ago  
Duh 2 weeks ago  
Breaking a leg is better that A 2 weeks ago +1
If I can have my girlfriend with me then it's fine 2 weeks ago  
Peace world 2 weeks ago +1
I mean I say stuff wrong a lot 2 weeks ago  
Meh 2 weeks ago  
I hate b 2 weeks ago  
Both is good 2 weeks ago  
Give me 2 weeks ago  
Then I'll get a tree. Rocket and Groot 2 weeks ago  
Going to end up going to Juvenile but fùck it 2 weeks ago +1
Allergic to fish 2 weeks ago  
Jello is disgusting 2 weeks ago  
Sh!t my dirty mind 2 weeks ago +1
They jump off of stuff so of course 2 weeks ago  
Me and I don't care 2 weeks ago  
O_O 2 weeks ago  
T-series ain't nothing but a b!tch lasagna 3 weeks ago  
Need it 3 weeks ago  
Lasagna 3 weeks ago +1
O_O 3 weeks ago  
She alright. Let's take to the sky 3 weeks ago  
I'm pretty good at most games 3 weeks ago  
Kill it 3 weeks ago +1
I am Mr. Beast JR 3 weeks ago  
I've done it a few times. 3 weeks ago +1
First I'm going to call him a dick 3 weeks ago  
I'm always starving so I forget about it 3 weeks ago  
Game Of Thrones 3 weeks ago  
Oh wait I'm queer 3 weeks ago +2
I hate b 3 weeks ago  
Water balloons hurt 3 weeks ago +1
I'll eat it all 3 weeks ago +2
Wanted to run in one until I was diagnosed with knee inflation 3 weeks ago  
Honestly I love money 1 month ago +1
Nah I've seen better 1 month ago  
I'm allergic to cats 1 month ago  
I don't like hash browns 1 month ago +1
Ew? I'll try it 1 month ago +1
More scary than uncomfortable. My uncle is a bee keeper. God I got the shivers now 1 month ago +1
*writes about burning down the school* oh sh!t 1 month ago +1
My dad wakes me up, I lay in bed on my tablet for 20 minutes, I fix my hair, I take a piss, I put pants and a hoodie on, and I grab my backpack and my chrome book and my dad takes me to school 1 month ago  
I sleep without pants and I just wear boxers and a shirt and I often have my dog with me in bed 1 month ago +1
Same damn it 1 month ago  
How tf 1 month ago +2
Oompa Trump 1 month ago  
Misclick. Let them Fail 1 month ago  
I exist too 1 month ago +1
I have green hair oof 1 month ago  
I'm often not wearing pants 1 month ago  
Uh 1 month ago  
Shit 1 month ago  
Don't get me started with B 1 month ago  
I would be mad honestly 1 month ago  
Oh sh!t... 1 month ago +1
Mind blown I have no 1 month ago +2
Lit 1 month ago  
David Brudnoy 1 month ago  
I made this question a year ago 1 month ago +1
I'll shoot you 1 month ago +1
Makes my hair fade quicker though cause I dye it 1 month ago  
You'll float too 1 month ago  
Already am 1 month ago  
Already there 1 month ago  
Too late 1 month ago  
I have a gun 1 month ago  
I'm probably going to die as well so not really 1 month ago  
Uh 1 month ago +2
14 years 1 month ago +2
Kind of knew...? 1 month ago  
Eh 1 month ago  
It's dumb 1 month ago +1
He's dead 1 month ago  
If it's given thought I'm technically an only child. All of my siblings are half 1 month ago  
Nobody has called me one yet 1 month ago  
I believe in history. Not religion 1 month ago +1
He has at least two other accounts now 2 months ago  
Military 2 months ago +1
Damn 2 months ago  
I'm 14 yeet 2 months ago  
No 2 months ago  
I'm dumb 2 months ago  
Cuz I'm a fag 2 months ago  
I suck at math 2 months ago  
Already do 2 months ago  
The old Snoop Dog stuff was good 2 months ago +1
We're getting fatter and lazier 2 months ago +2
I already have 2 months ago  
I lost my old man in December but that would actually be hilarious 2 months ago  
Idc 2 months ago  
Being homeschooled sucked 2 months ago  
I actually am autistic. Um 2 months ago +1
But in my personal life 2 months ago  
You have no idea 2 months ago  
I'm already living through it 2 months ago  
*gets hit in the face by it * oof 2 months ago +2
I will hunt you down. As well as Mr. Beast you fag 2 months ago +1
Sub to PewDiePie 2 months ago +1
Cyanide And Happiness: "YOU HAVE AIDS" 2 months ago +2
I have none 2 months ago +1
Like, now 2 months ago  
I'm like a panther 2 months ago  
I was in the middle when he died 2 months ago  
I have both 2 months ago  
Holy horse 2 months ago +2
Sagittarius 2 months ago  
I already feel that way 2 months ago  
Lol 2 months ago +1
Can it be you? 2 months ago +2
I really don't care at this moment 2 months ago +1
The snek tho 2 months ago +2
It's addicting honestly 2 months ago  
Surprisingly 2 months ago +1
Being born 2 months ago +3
The car flipped a full 360 and landed on it's right side 2 months ago +1
Yay dirt 2 months ago  
Polarize by Twenty one pilots 2 months ago +1
Kermit Suicide 2 months ago +1
I will kill my entire fam the moment we get on the road 2 months ago  
I can dress as a horse 2 months ago  
So I'm dating a guy now. Ok 2 months ago  
Meh 2 months ago  
Already hide it 2 months ago  
I'd be trying to drown myself so whatever 2 months ago  
I work for my step dad so I'm self employed technically 2 months ago  
A is for Effort 2 months ago  
And have better comebacks. I'll always be an @sshole 2 months ago +1
Yeah but that's a sh*tty excuse 2 months ago  
Everyone is going after him now what a racist asś 2 months ago  
Racist 2 months ago +1
1-4% 2 months ago  
Rat, go back to your subway tunnel and calm down 2 months ago +4
My step brother is trying to teach me how to play and I'm like wtf 2 months ago  
She's a biitchy 15 year old 2 months ago  
If it's my girlfriend it's fine 2 months ago  
No 2 months ago  
Racist 2 months ago  
This is America 2 months ago  
I like concerts anyways 2 months ago  
At least 24 hours 2 months ago +1
Dude you were hallucinating 2 months ago  
Uh 2 months ago +1
No 2 months ago  
I don't care what they do 2 months ago +1
Duh 2 months ago  
No 2 months ago  
No 2 months ago  
I don't listen 2 months ago +3
Yeah 2 months ago  
Next year 2 months ago  
Well he is famous 2 months ago  
That's fair 2 months ago  
You know it 2 months ago +1
Say the damn 0 and I won't shoot 2 months ago  
I work but I get my own hours and I'm always bored 2 months ago +1
Chris Pratt tho 2 months ago +1
Great now my voice mail is going to say that 2 months ago  
Me. I hit myself 2 months ago +1
Ikr! 2 months ago  
I think it was because i had a disagreement with your wife. But we're good 2 months ago  
I've done that from the side of a pool. I also tried to dive into a pool and I did badly hurt my back so water is means 2 months ago  
I got a ball of ice thrown at my head last year. It hurt 2 months ago  
And happy birthday 2 months ago +2
I joined when I was 12 and I'm 14 2 months ago +2
PleAse 2 months ago +1
I'm the only one in my family that likes the same sex 2 months ago +1
I bi how ya doing 2 months ago  
Try me 2 months ago +1
Rate me 0. You know you want to 2 months ago +1
Same 2 months ago  
Idk I haven't gone to high school yet. Next year 2 months ago +1
Same 2 months ago +1
Water is ice. Ice is water 2 months ago  
But then die 2 months ago  
Because of my past experiences, I prefer male teachers 2 months ago  
I've had my days 2 months ago +1
Thank you. I respect you too 2 months ago +1
Not me. Not me. Nobody here respects me 2 months ago +1
he did me and I'm the biggest noob here 2 months ago  
What is this 2 months ago  
Those man t!tt!es tho 2 months ago +1
Alright 2 months ago  
Pm me or some sh*t 2 months ago  
Are you being dead serious 2 months ago +1
My address is classified 2 months ago  
I'll be mad with power 2 months ago +1
Lit 2 months ago  
I keep losing fights 2 months ago +1
Next year I'll be in high school 2 months ago  
I ate a KFC chicken wing earlier 2 months ago +1
Same 2 months ago +1
I'm already tracer 2 months ago +1
I'm going to a training academy next year so 2 months ago  
It makes me feel very violated 2 months ago  
CheeseCAKE 2 months ago  
Wtf? 2 months ago  
I was gone for a year and nobody gives a sh*t 2 months ago  
It's been that way for 10 years 2 months ago  
Welp 2 months ago  
Sorry. Someone will come along 2 months ago  
Me 2 months ago  
What's so bad about Little Bill? 2 months ago  
Shaggy from Scooby Doo 2 months ago  
Daddy chill 2 months ago  
I didn't do shìt in kindergarten and I still got both 2 months ago  
All the Sri Lanka pervs on Facebook 2 months ago  
Because they're "Finger Lickin' Good" ? 2 months ago +1
I had KFC for dinner this is wrong 2 months ago +1
Every day I get zapped at least 6 times what am I 2 months ago  
I don't have any open wounds so I'm fine 2 months ago  
I'm ugly and poor 2 months ago +1
I'd go To jail for murder 2 months ago  
So then I can kill a kid 2 months ago  
Actually has powers 2 months ago +1
How is that gay? 2 months ago  
I suck at Fortnite 2 months ago  
Idk 2 months ago  
Uh blah 2 months ago  
I'm into guys with facial hair like that 2 months ago +1
It's happened 2 months ago +1
All I can do is wish 2 months ago  
I don't know 2 months ago  
If it happens at school at least I'll get to leave 2 months ago +1
Fùck yeah honestly 2 months ago +1
Asś 3 months ago  
Ha you can't type shìt 3 months ago +2
No 3 months ago +1
Me? A loser? Nah you're a pervert I'm a nobody 3 months ago +5
Donald Dump 3 months ago +2
Sorry pap 3 months ago  
My teacher would go to jail for rape 3 months ago +1
Most of the questions here are dumb deal with it 3 months ago +2
Ouch 3 months ago +1
This is impossible 3 months ago +1
No 3 months ago +3
Nice 3 months ago  
I don't know 3 months ago  
Already do 3 months ago +1
I'm joining the U.S Naval Sea Cadet Corps 3 months ago +2
Your poop 3 months ago +2
Not A. I swear to Bling Bling 3 months ago +1
I'd say I already am 3 months ago  
Already 3 months ago  
F*** your mom 3 months ago  
Some dogs that grow up with cats are like that 3 months ago +1
He can fùck off 3 months ago +1
I don't like lemons! 3 months ago  
I got called a stinky bìtch today. So immature 3 months ago  
School 3 months ago  
An armed robbery in the neighborhood 3 months ago  
What about YouTube 3 months ago +1
A will probably kill you instantly 3 months ago +4
I'm gonna be honest, hella fine 3 months ago +1
Ohhhh 3 months ago  
I'm more white that anything so I'm waiting 3 months ago +1
I'm going to high school next year idc 3 months ago  
From experience 3 months ago  
I do it it's fun 3 months ago  
That is actually true. Damn it 3 months ago  
I already look like A 3 months ago  
My uncle in a rrrather question 3 months ago +4
SHE doesn't have a dick 3 months ago  
You'll probably get eaten 3 months ago +2
Like, 4. I don't know 3 months ago  
Why Team Unizoomi I have 4 little siblings that watch it too much 3 months ago +1
Well I am going to the Naval Corps so maybe 3 months ago  
I swear to god if I get fish shoes somebody is going to get bass slapped 3 months ago +1
I have actually been wishing for this for a few days yet I'll always be ugly af 3 months ago +1
I have no idea 3 months ago +1
Well you can go die for all I care, homophobe 3 months ago +1
I'm bi what do you want 3 months ago  
Homophobe 3 months ago +1
I really don't care 3 months ago  
Yea 3 months ago  
That doesn't mean anything I'm always like That 3 months ago  
How 3 months ago  
I already have a painful illness but not that lol 3 months ago  
You're a god 3 months ago +2
At least he ain't dead like Bruce Lee 3 months ago +1
Fu*k yeah 3 months ago  
Already did 3 months ago  
It would be full of depression and a bit of sex 3 months ago +1
Already do 3 months ago  
A sh*t ton of caffeine and drugs 3 months ago  
I'm already dying fu*k it 3 months ago +1
Uh... What? 3 months ago  
"Yes, Kyle. I see a dead Jew!" -Southpark 3 months ago  
Already am 3 months ago  
But she's 8... 3 months ago  
I got beat up when I said it at school 3 months ago  
Misclick 3 months ago  
Best thing ever 3 months ago  
Happy birthday you're old 3 months ago  
The Joplin tornado 3 months ago  
My dad would love that 3 months ago  
Amnesia Awareness is just that 3 months ago  
I think that changed 3 months ago  
7? Uh, no 3 months ago  
I only got an hour of sleep this week so far 3 months ago  
I'm from hell. 3 months ago +1
I lost my granddad last month and I was all of that for a while 3 months ago  
Hit or miss, I guess he doesn't miss, huh? 3 months ago +1
And it was hardcore 3 months ago  
I'm abusive but whatever 3 months ago +1
Or just Colorado no biggie 3 months ago  
Bi 3 months ago  
Me 3 months ago  
A mom that doesn't care 3 months ago  
Shift 3 months ago  
Oy 3 months ago +1
Okay 3 months ago  
I'm alone so myself? 3 months ago +1
You piss on everyone 3 months ago +1
HELLLLLL 3 months ago  
I was only a few weeks old so... 3 months ago +1
I'm ditching them 3 months ago +1
My mate wouldn't do that 3 months ago +1
Alright that makes sense 3 months ago  
Why do you vote in this now? 3 months ago  
Calm the f*** down civilian 4 months ago +1
Why lol 4 months ago  
Better ingredients, better pizza 4 months ago  
Yup 4 months ago  
Yup 4 months ago  
Especially with fries 4 months ago  
Alexw is the creator of 4 months ago  
We had a few crashes here this morning 4 months ago  
Shoot this is hard 4 months ago  
Arf 4 months ago  
How much 4 months ago  
Fine by me 4 months ago +1
It was a big alexw fixed it 4 months ago  
I told him 4 months ago  
I told Alexw 4 months ago  
Already do 4 months ago  
Noo! 4 months ago +1
Can I eat it? It looks edible 5 months ago  
I'm bi 5 months ago  
I'm not a god, I wanna be one 5 months ago  
I've lived in an apartment for my whole life 5 months ago  
Already doooo 5 months ago  
Both 5 months ago  
Duh 5 months ago  
Eh I'll live forever 5 months ago  
I do anyways 5 months ago +1
Idk I've been here for almost 2 years. I think you need a diamond 5 months ago  
Because my grandpa is a veteran and my brother is leaving for basic training in June for the army. Respect 5 months ago  
Sex, hell, weird shìt. I'm down 5 months ago  
You should try weed rice crispy treats 5 months ago  
Yeah ik 5 months ago  
Girl, idk 5 months ago  
Spongebob has already been canceled 5 months ago  
Whatever I'll have sex with a hoe 5 months ago  
Well obviously 5 months ago  
No wonder 5 months ago +1
Think I'm already living in that situation 5 months ago  
Bravo 5 months ago +1
Does that feel good? Ah 5 months ago +1
Hey! I saw what you did there 5 months ago +2
Already do 5 months ago  
You wear a kilt with nothing underneath 5 months ago +1
What if I don't wear underwear 5 months ago  
I already am 5 months ago  
100% for Genie wishes omg 5 months ago  
That's actually the best part for you 5 months ago  
So dad is coming back? 5 months ago +1
Duh 5 months ago 5 months ago  
Hey 5 months ago  
Atheist 5 months ago  
Hee hee? 5 months ago  
More like, "That's what she said" 5 months ago  
He left because I'm a female. He wanted all sons 5 months ago  
Meh 5 months ago  
Oval forever 5 months ago  
I'm kicking it in the face when I'm pissed 5 months ago  
All the ones I know beat me up everyday 5 months ago  
I respect you 6 months ago  
I talk to my brother 6 months ago +1
Because I AM despair 6 months ago  
Or it'll try to kill you 6 months ago  
I've always wanted a disabled animal 6 months ago  
Yup 6 months ago  
#2 is from Groundhog Day!!!!! 6 months ago  
Wanna know why innocent children keep getting kidnapped and never found? 6 months ago  
So then I can hit them the second they open their stupid mouth 6 months ago +1
Already did. I say it's cool 6 months ago  
I'll just kill myself after 6 months ago  
No friggin idea 6 months ago  
sounds good tbh 6 months ago  
What did you get in them 6 months ago  
Yay 6 months ago +1
My brother is in the army. MRE's are gross 6 months ago  
It's lit 6 months ago  
Shouldn't you be dead already if your brain got blown apart? 6 months ago  
But will I have the same IQ? 6 months ago +2
Come here!!!!!!! 6 months ago +1
13. Meh 6 months ago +1
Once every 2 months 6 months ago  
No 6 months ago +1
Ditto 6 months ago  
Neither 6 months ago +1
Happy late birthday. My 14th is in December 6 months ago +1
Their nasty 6 months ago  
Not that pam! 6 months ago  
Sweet 6 months ago  
I'm freaking pam 6 months ago  
Probably 6 months ago +1
Misclick didn't happen here 6 months ago  
You ain't much of a fag yourself 6 months ago  
Already am 6 months ago  
Oooo 6 months ago +1
I was unplanned 6 months ago +1
Meh idc 6 months ago  
Yup 7 months ago  
For you, idk 7 months ago  
If we lived in the same state, what would you do if u were invisible 7 months ago  
Shh 7 months ago  
Everyone did 7 months ago  
You want mine? I don't want a uterus 7 months ago  
For women..... Yeah... Guys, nope 7 months ago  
Stupid 7 months ago  
I'm close alright 7 months ago  
My iq sucks 7 months ago  
Shit idc 7 months ago  
Nah 7 months ago  
Exactly 7 months ago  
Ya bang 12 guys 7 months ago  
Very 7 months ago  
Already do 7 months ago  
Already am 7 months ago  
I could make the power go out at school for a year 7 months ago  
*face palm* 7 months ago  
Duh 7 months ago +1
I'm tryin to lose some sh*t anyways 7 months ago  
Ur gay 7 months ago  
Honestly 7 months ago  
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