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So my brother (The one in the Army) He can no longer continue training because he passed out from Heat Exhaustion. He's stuck at the base until September That sucks or Alright 1 week ago 52 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which random picture is better This one or This one 1 week ago 61 votes 52 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be forced to watch Home Alone all day and every day or Kill your sibling for forcing you to watch Home Alone all day and everyday 1 week ago 42 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Have you ever had an I.V while in the hospital? Yes or No 2 weeks ago 47 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be in the Army (courtesy to my brother for this pic) or Not 3 weeks ago 73 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Rrrather is dead Yes or No 3 weeks ago 94 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get with your boss to get promoted or Give up the promotion 3 weeks ago 72 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Okay now I'm at the bottom of the active list Cool cool or Alright 1 month ago 45 votes 7 comments 0 likes
I made it to #1 on the active list...? Cool or Tf? 1 month ago 63 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get infinite money but lose both legs or Keep your legs and have all of your cash taken away 1 month ago 86 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Should guns be illegal Yes or No 2 months ago 104 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die by Falling in the shower or Mixing bleach and ammonia while cleaning 2 months ago 93 votes 19 comments 0 likes
I got the horses in the back. . . Horse tack is attached or Horse cock in my ass 2 months ago 79 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Better movie of 2018 #5 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or Avengers: Infinity War 2 months ago 80 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Better movie of 2018 #4 Deadpool 2 or Avengers Infinity War 2 months ago 79 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 #3 The Spy Who Dumped Me or Avengers: Infinity War 2 months ago 86 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Better movie of 2018 #2 Venom or Avengers: Infinity War 2 months ago 82 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Better movie of 2018 #1 Adventures: Infinity War or Aquaman 2 months ago 77 votes 8 comments 0 likes
I'm gonna take my horse to the. . . Old town road or Hotel room 2 months ago 82 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Better song? Tequila or Happier 8 months ago 61 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only be able to jump everywhere you go or only be able to walk on your hands? 1 year ago 71 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Write an 500 word essay about a scary story that you read for English class in 7th grade. or Go to my middle school and attack me. 1 year ago 78 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be completely alone for 5 years or constantly or constantly be surrounded by people and never be alone for 5 years 1 year ago 62 votes 18 comments 0 likes
For those who know who Hugh Hefner is, he passed away today (September 27th) He was an American magazine publisher, editor, businessman, and playboy. He was best known as the editor-in-chief and publisher of Playboy magazine, which he founded in 1953. He was 91 when he passed. R.I.P Hugh Hefner :( or Who? 1 year ago 73 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Follow me on Twitter or Send me a mean message on Twitter that I will never reply to. 1 year ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live someplace hot or Live someplace cold. 1 year ago 95 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to talk your way out of any situation or punch your way out of any situation? 1 year ago 77 votes 17 comments 0 likes

No-money has posted the following comments:

Who tf is it. 5 days ago  
Duh 5 days ago  
20/15 eyesight ha 5 days ago  
Already have B 5 days ago  
*snatches chocolate* Finally an easy death 5 days ago  
I'll come to school sitting on it 5 days ago +1
I almost died twice last year no 5 days ago +1
Yay 5 days ago  
Has to be my left eye so I can still shoot 5 days ago  
I'm fine with that 5 days ago  
I wouldn't actually want to watch 5 days ago  
Had one yesterday and split it with my dog because he's an ásshole 5 days ago +1
He snuck out of hell 5 days ago  
Darren fùcking sucks 1 week ago  
Alright so my brother did have heat stroke it is confirmed so yeah 1 week ago +1
A parody of Dear Dad by Bmike to my dad 1 week ago  
I had one 1 week ago  
10 1 week ago  
Heat stroke 1 week ago  
Twitter sucks 1 week ago +3
I have no idea 1 week ago  
That's the point? 1 week ago  
We are already dead 1 week ago +1
I don't have a job because I'm legit to young 1 week ago  
My uncle has a 15 year old pitbull. Her name means Angel and believe me she's one of the sweetest dogs ever. I've known her my entire life 1 week ago +1
One of my mom's friends has Dachshunds and they aren't aggressive. My neighbor has a Chow Chow that loves to lick my fingers. Another neighbor has a husky and it barks at me but it just wants attention 1 week ago  
Bad flooding down here. A bridge got taken out in the neighboring county 1 week ago  
I don't even want to know lol. My aunt likes storms and she lives in Arizona 1 week ago  
He's a good boy though he isn't a full Chihuahua you don't gotta worry about it 1 week ago  
The man that created this site is from Canada you know 1 week ago  
storms non stop for two weeks 1 week ago  
This is funny 1 week ago  
Aber warum 1 week ago  
I'm not religious 1 week ago +1
I was bit by some kind of yellow spider on the knee and got a low fever and some nausea 1 week ago +1
Dude wtf 1 week ago  
Virgin births are a thing though. Sperm doners, ect 1 week ago  
Why not me I actually suck 1 week ago  
I have a Chihuahua 1 week ago  
My dog is a Chihuahua he's a demon 1 week ago  
*cough* 1 week ago  
In my room doing whatever 1 week ago  
I'm never anywhere 1 week ago  
How you doing 1 week ago  
Duh 1 week ago  
Pokemon 1 week ago  
Joe Rogan 1 week ago  
One of the teachers at my old school 1 week ago  
Fùck Dìck 1 week ago  
Sylvester the talking kitty cat 1 week ago  
December 1 week ago  
Me 1 week ago  
Can't. Too young 2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago  
My dad has had one for three days at least. Ouch 2 weeks ago  
Damn 2 weeks ago +1
How 2 weeks ago  
Stabbed in the ear with a chop stick, self harm, self harm, and overdose. Four times 2 weeks ago +1
It's not hard 2 weeks ago  
Potato 2 weeks ago  
Who tf is the 5% 2 weeks ago +2
I'm used to it 2 weeks ago  
Around two days. 2 weeks ago  
君はフライ・マイと言った 2 weeks ago  
I'm Dirty Dan! 3 weeks ago  
I might be disqualified 3 weeks ago  
He was thinking about the Air Force trust me 3 weeks ago  
I'm still not sure if I'm qualified 3 weeks ago  
My dad wants one so that's that 3 weeks ago  
Join the Army instead 3 weeks ago  
I get bored 3 weeks ago +1
Already EMO I can't help it 3 weeks ago  
Simba! 3 weeks ago +1
My pap, my girlfriend's brother and grandpa 3 weeks ago +1
Me that's why I'm an idiot and my friend's dad has half a brain 3 weeks ago  
I'm dead 3 weeks ago  
Sorry can't help you 3 weeks ago +1
I'll make it fall and kill everyone 3 weeks ago +3
I can't drive 3 weeks ago +2
There's a theory that the world ended in 2012 and that this is all one long dream. We're dead 3 weeks ago  
You mean sh!t. Or shìt 3 weeks ago  
Yeah I would pass too 3 weeks ago  
Whites are assholes honestly 3 weeks ago +2
This is fun 3 weeks ago  
It kind of runs in the family 3 weeks ago  
Okay? 3 weeks ago +2
I'm white my race is racist that's all I know 3 weeks ago +1
My grandma 3 weeks ago +1
Why 3 weeks ago  
He's cool 3 weeks ago  
But you can be born an as$hole, faggot 1 month ago  
Cardi B will drug you 1 month ago  
Okay 1 month ago  
I hate squating 1 month ago  
Stretchers are uncomfortable 1 month ago  
Ofc 1 month ago +1
That's funny 1 month ago  
Yeah but 4 minutes ago 1 month ago  
I know 1 month ago  
Oh. I'm the retard 1 month ago  
In debt, homeless, starving 1 month ago  
That's GTAV 1 month ago  
Already do. This is fine 1 month ago  
Depressed 1 month ago  
How could anybody be that stupid 1 month ago  
Already living that life 1 month ago  
Uh 1 month ago  
20 to be exact 1 month ago  
Um... DUH 1 month ago +1
I don't like chocolate 1 month ago  
What time is it? It's time for lunch 1 month ago  
Almost every night 1 month ago  
F for Tony Stark 1 month ago  
Uh 1 month ago  
Meh 1 month ago  
Here comes my country side hell yea 1 month ago +1
I mean at least I would get a nap in. I sleep during power outages. But like, 7 1 month ago  
'whole ' 1 month ago +1
Iron Man dies. So does Black Widow, and Thor gets fat 1 month ago  
All of them 1 month ago  
LMFAOOO 1 month ago +1
Paper towels, sand paper 1 month ago  
That's actually lit 1 month ago  
Your I.Q is so high that I can't even understand you 1 month ago +2
Burn 1 month ago  
B already happened. I have black friends 1 month ago  
Hell yeah 1 month ago  
Dad? 1 month ago  
Sh!t... Did I leave the stove on? 1 month ago  
Fave 1 month ago  
Atheist but screw it 1 month ago +2
24 questions a day 2 months ago  
Meh 2 months ago  
Yup 2 months ago  
How am I a good insane? 2 months ago  
I'm insane. I love guns 2 months ago  
Horses kill people 2 months ago  
Give me your damn money 2 months ago  
Mhmm 2 months ago  
"They" said jk lol 2 months ago  
I live in West Virginia. We're all psychos 2 months ago  
Wrong. Bullets kill people 2 months ago +1
Damn 2 months ago  
Okay that's an exception 2 months ago  
Hell yeah 2 months ago  
It's okay 2 months ago  
Same 2 months ago  
Lit 2 months ago  
Whatever. I don't care at this point 2 months ago  
Like Africa by Toto. Catchy 2 months ago  
Error 404 2 months ago  
Okay I gotta say it. You were adorable 2 months ago +2
True 2 months ago +1
Some 2 months ago +1
Of course 2 months ago +1 2 months ago +2
The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1865 in the aftermath of the Civil War, abolished slavery in the United States. The 13th Amendment states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” 2 months ago  
Bi 2 months ago  
Never heard of it 2 months ago +1
I got spoilers 2 months ago  
Too broke 2 months ago  
B is dumb 2 months ago +1
I don't like people 2 months ago  
Wasn't here yet 2 months ago  
My gay pride flag 2 months ago  
Purge 2 months ago +1
Heh heh penis heh heh smh 2 months ago +11
I hated 4th grade 2 months ago  
Alright all good lol 2 months ago  
Excuse me? 2 months ago  
Subscribed 2 months ago  
Damn lmao 2 months ago +1
I'm tall but I'm always in pain so yeah 2 months ago +2
Lol 2 months ago  
Yeah best movies of 2018 2 months ago +1
Duh 2 months ago  
Finally there's me in something 2 months ago  
I'll look into it 2 months ago  
I'm like addicted to the fumes that come from different chemicals like bleach 2 months ago  
Mosquito don't bother me mmmmmmmmm 2 months ago +1
The wall duck 2 months ago +2
Misclick. 100,000 2 months ago +1
Sex. Just sex 2 months ago  
I don't care 2 months ago  
Duh 2 months ago  
About 8 total. All trout 2 months ago +1
Anything with my girl 2 months ago +1
Gayyyy 2 months ago  
Rawr 2 months ago  
I hate my mother 2 months ago  
Yes 2 months ago  
Love you 2 months ago  
I could eat my sleeve in class 2 months ago +1
I know both but I haven't danced in 4 years 2 months ago  
That movie is lit 2 months ago +1
Hats 2 months ago  
Pet Semetery 2 months ago  
Mew 2 months ago  
I mean I'm already a decent actor. So minus the classes 2 months ago +1
Yeah me of course 2 months ago +1
No 2 months ago +1
Dentures. Just gotta ask my dad what it's like 2 months ago +3
B!tch Lasanga 2 months ago  
Forgive be if I skip a lesson 2 months ago  
Bunnies 2 months ago  
I'll sh!t in a bush idc 2 months ago  
Not the crotch 2 months ago +2
I have to start doing it anyways soon 2 months ago  
Idc 2 months ago  
Just get them removed 2 months ago  
Never knew 2 months ago  
Hell yeah 2 months ago  
James Charles 2 months ago  
Okay..? 2 months ago  
B is horrible. Burning for hours. 2 months ago  
I'm going to win 2 months ago  
I'm taller than my girlfriend 2 months ago  
Misclick 3 months ago +1
Creepy 3 months ago  
Always 3 months ago  
Nyan cat is possessed 3 months ago  
I'm an atheist 3 months ago  
Already do 3 months ago  
I'm depressed A is never going to happen 3 months ago  
I would get sick of bananas 3 months ago  
I'm smart ish 3 months ago  
It's the pay that counts 3 months ago  
50/50 3 months ago  
Way better 3 months ago  
Now I have AIDS 3 months ago  
What's the punishment 3 months ago 3 months ago  
PEWDIEPIE 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago +1
Both suck 3 months ago +1
Yup 3 months ago  
I hate her album cover so much 3 months ago +1
You gotta boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya (muwa) 3 months ago  
Definitely 3 months ago  
I sometimes take soy sauce packets and just drink soy sauce 3 months ago  
Being a meme page owner, I've committed many crimes 3 months ago +1
I've seen the memes 3 months ago  
Duh 3 months ago +1
Breaking a leg is better that A 3 months ago +1
If I can have my girlfriend with me then it's fine 3 months ago  
Peace world 3 months ago +1
I mean I say stuff wrong a lot 3 months ago  
Meh 3 months ago  
I hate b 3 months ago  
Both is good 3 months ago  
Give me 3 months ago  
Then I'll get a tree. Rocket and Groot 3 months ago  
Going to end up going to Juvenile but fùck it 3 months ago +1
Allergic to fish 3 months ago  
Jello is disgusting 3 months ago  
Sh!t my dirty mind 3 months ago +1
They jump off of stuff so of course 3 months ago  
Me and I don't care 3 months ago  
O_O 3 months ago  
T-series ain't nothing but a b!tch lasagna 3 months ago  
Need it 3 months ago  
Lasagna 3 months ago +1
O_O 3 months ago  
She alright. Let's take to the sky 3 months ago  
I'm pretty good at most games 3 months ago  
Kill it 3 months ago +1
I am Mr. Beast JR 3 months ago  
I've done it a few times. 3 months ago +1
First I'm going to call him a dick 3 months ago  
I'm always starving so I forget about it 3 months ago  
Game Of Thrones 3 months ago  
Oh wait I'm queer 3 months ago +2
I hate b 3 months ago  
Water balloons hurt 3 months ago +1
I'll eat it all 3 months ago +2
Wanted to run in one until I was diagnosed with knee inflation 3 months ago  
Honestly I love money 3 months ago +1
Nah I've seen better 3 months ago  
I'm allergic to cats 4 months ago  
I don't like hash browns 4 months ago +1
Ew? I'll try it 4 months ago +1
More scary than uncomfortable. My uncle is a bee keeper. God I got the shivers now 4 months ago +1
*writes about burning down the school* oh sh!t 4 months ago +1
My dad wakes me up, I lay in bed on my tablet for 20 minutes, I fix my hair, I take a piss, I put pants and a hoodie on, and I grab my backpack and my chrome book and my dad takes me to school 4 months ago  
I sleep without pants and I just wear boxers and a shirt and I often have my dog with me in bed 4 months ago +1
Same damn it 4 months ago  
How tf 4 months ago +2
Oompa Trump 4 months ago  
Misclick. Let them Fail 4 months ago  
I exist too 4 months ago +1
I have green hair oof 4 months ago  
I'm often not wearing pants 4 months ago  
Uh 4 months ago  
Shit 4 months ago  
Don't get me started with B 4 months ago  
I would be mad honestly 4 months ago  
Oh sh!t... 4 months ago +1
Mind blown I have no 4 months ago +2
Lit 4 months ago  
David Brudnoy 4 months ago  
I made this question a year ago 4 months ago +1
I'll shoot you 4 months ago +1
Makes my hair fade quicker though cause I dye it 4 months ago  
You'll float too 4 months ago  
Already am 4 months ago  
Already there 4 months ago  
Too late 4 months ago  
I have a gun 4 months ago  
I'm probably going to die as well so not really 4 months ago  
Uh 4 months ago +2
14 years 4 months ago +2
Kind of knew...? 4 months ago  
Eh 4 months ago  
It's dumb 4 months ago +1
He's dead 4 months ago  
If it's given thought I'm technically an only child. All of my siblings are half 4 months ago  
Nobody has called me one yet 4 months ago  
I believe in history. Not religion 4 months ago +1
He has at least two other accounts now 4 months ago  
Military 4 months ago +1
Damn 4 months ago  
I'm 14 yeet 4 months ago  
No 4 months ago  
I'm dumb 4 months ago  
Cuz I'm a fag 4 months ago  
I suck at math 4 months ago  
Already do 4 months ago  
The old Snoop Dog stuff was good 4 months ago +1
We're getting fatter and lazier 4 months ago +2
I already have 4 months ago  
I lost my old man in December but that would actually be hilarious 4 months ago  
Idc 4 months ago  
Being homeschooled sucked 4 months ago  
I actually am autistic. Um 4 months ago +1
But in my personal life 4 months ago  
You have no idea 4 months ago  
I'm already living through it 4 months ago  
*gets hit in the face by it * oof 4 months ago +2
I will hunt you down. As well as Mr. Beast you fag 4 months ago +1
Sub to PewDiePie 4 months ago +1
Cyanide And Happiness: "YOU HAVE AIDS" 4 months ago +2
I have none 4 months ago +1
Like, now 4 months ago  
I'm like a panther 4 months ago  
I was in the middle when he died 4 months ago  
I have both 4 months ago  
Holy horse 4 months ago +2
Sagittarius 4 months ago  
I already feel that way 4 months ago  
Lol 4 months ago +1
Can it be you? 4 months ago +2
I really don't care at this moment 4 months ago +1
The snek tho 4 months ago +2
It's addicting honestly 4 months ago  
Surprisingly 4 months ago +1
Being born 4 months ago +3
The car flipped a full 360 and landed on it's right side 4 months ago +1
Yay dirt 4 months ago  
Polarize by Twenty one pilots 4 months ago +1
Kermit Suicide 4 months ago +1
I will kill my entire fam the moment we get on the road 5 months ago  
I can dress as a horse 5 months ago  
So I'm dating a guy now. Ok 5 months ago  
Meh 5 months ago  
Already hide it 5 months ago  
I'd be trying to drown myself so whatever 5 months ago  
I work for my step dad so I'm self employed technically 5 months ago  
A is for Effort 5 months ago  
And have better comebacks. I'll always be an @sshole 5 months ago +1
Yeah but that's a sh*tty excuse 5 months ago  
Everyone is going after him now what a racist asś 5 months ago  
Racist 5 months ago +1
1-4% 5 months ago  
Rat, go back to your subway tunnel and calm down 5 months ago +4
My step brother is trying to teach me how to play and I'm like wtf 5 months ago  
She's a biitchy 15 year old 5 months ago  
If it's my girlfriend it's fine 5 months ago  
No 5 months ago  
I like concerts anyways 5 months ago  
At least 24 hours 5 months ago +1
Dude you were hallucinating 5 months ago  
Uh 5 months ago +1
No 5 months ago  
I don't care what they do 5 months ago +1
Duh 5 months ago  
No 5 months ago  
No 5 months ago  
I don't listen 5 months ago +3
Yeah 5 months ago  
Next year 5 months ago  
Well he is famous 5 months ago  
That's fair 5 months ago  
You know it 5 months ago +1
Say the damn 0 and I won't shoot 5 months ago  
I work but I get my own hours and I'm always bored 5 months ago +1
Chris Pratt tho 5 months ago +1
Great now my voice mail is going to say that 5 months ago  
Me. I hit myself 5 months ago +1
Ikr! 5 months ago  
I think it was because i had a disagreement with your wife. But we're good 5 months ago  
I've done that from the side of a pool. I also tried to dive into a pool and I did badly hurt my back so water is means 5 months ago  
I got a ball of ice thrown at my head last year. It hurt 5 months ago  
And happy birthday 5 months ago +2
I joined when I was 12 and I'm 14 5 months ago +2
PleAse 5 months ago +1
I'm the only one in my family that likes the same sex 5 months ago +1
I bi how ya doing 5 months ago  
Try me 5 months ago +1
Rate me 0. You know you want to 5 months ago +1
Same 5 months ago  
Idk I haven't gone to high school yet. Next year 5 months ago +1
Same 5 months ago +1
Water is ice. Ice is water 5 months ago  
But then die 5 months ago  
Because of my past experiences, I prefer male teachers 5 months ago  
I've had my days 5 months ago +1
Thank you. I respect you too 5 months ago +1
Not me. Not me. Nobody here respects me 5 months ago +1
he did me and I'm the biggest noob here 5 months ago  
What is this 5 months ago  
Those man t!tt!es tho 5 months ago +1
Alright 5 months ago  
Pm me or some sh*t 5 months ago  
Are you being dead serious 5 months ago +1
My address is classified 5 months ago  
I'll be mad with power 5 months ago +1
Lit 5 months ago  
I keep losing fights 5 months ago +1
Next year I'll be in high school 5 months ago  
I ate a KFC chicken wing earlier 5 months ago +1
Same 5 months ago +1
I'm already tracer 5 months ago +1
I'm going to a training academy next year so 5 months ago  
It makes me feel very violated 5 months ago  
CheeseCAKE 5 months ago  
Wtf? 5 months ago  
I was gone for a year and nobody gives a sh*t 5 months ago  
It's been that way for 10 years 5 months ago  
Welp 5 months ago  
Sorry. Someone will come along 5 months ago  
Me 5 months ago  
What's so bad about Little Bill? 5 months ago  
Shaggy from Scooby Doo 5 months ago  
Daddy chill 5 months ago  
I didn't do shìt in kindergarten and I still got both 5 months ago  
All the Sri Lanka pervs on Facebook 5 months ago  
Because they're "Finger Lickin' Good" ? 5 months ago +1
I had KFC for dinner this is wrong 5 months ago +1
Every day I get zapped at least 6 times what am I 5 months ago  
I don't have any open wounds so I'm fine 5 months ago  
I'm ugly and poor 5 months ago +1
I'd go To jail for murder 5 months ago  
So then I can kill a kid 5 months ago  
Actually has powers 5 months ago +1
How is that gay? 5 months ago  
I suck at Fortnite 5 months ago  
Idk 5 months ago  
Uh blah 5 months ago  
I'm into guys with facial hair like that 5 months ago +1
It's happened 5 months ago +1
All I can do is wish 5 months ago  
I don't know 5 months ago  
If it happens at school at least I'll get to leave 5 months ago +1
Fùck yeah honestly 5 months ago +1
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