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    if you have no know ledge u dont know how to breathe and die  
    space time-continuum  
    better costumes period  
    drinking is bad in general  
    i dont care  
    911 is 9-11 and that day changed the usa into working harder but the holocaust is madness  
    i can never live with myself like that  
    that prison looks like a room inside an apartment  
    monkeys are ugly  
    i would rather defy the laws of physics than not be able to know anything i do cuz i act lik babbeyes  
    u can still hear with one ear duh  
    ninjas arekinda boring i f u ask me  
    teleportation is better than flying also because i have fear of heights and i dont want to read someone who is thinking of things i shouldnt see  
    just take the freakin mask off dammit  
    i have no idea what that is  
    if i go around speaking Arabic i would be tried for spying  
    listen to music on youtube +1
    wutz hakuna matata  
    i have zombie phobia and i could just immigrate to a place without war like easter island which is in fact real and is a part of chile cause i searched for it on the globe  
    iwould never cheat  
    drugs=world apocalypse  
    this way they get more money  
    i just like burger king better than McDonalds rip off meals and who likes clowns nowadays  
    srsly?! first of all harry potters more famous and second of all twilight isn't as nearly as good as harry potter but it is pretty good  
    lawyers send chills down my spine  
    i dont like both so i chose piercings cuz u can always take them off  
    work it off unless you are 4500 lbs then you'll be OVER 9000!!! NINE THOUSAND NIEN 2ZAND  
    just because you are the smartest does'nt mean you are the ugliest  
    living twice as long means you will have so many wrinkles you look like you have a burger face and means you have more time to catch a disease  
    if i was with my love and nothing else im gonna die  
    more time would cause a rip in the fabric of... you know what, why am i saying this i chose more time, i am the cause of black holes and evolution of species different to what they are today maybe even the extinction of humans and disappearance of the universe!!!  
    if i was famous then i would make a mistake soon enough and embarrass myself but if i was a bf(f) then they suffer embarrassment and i cheer them on  
    i personally dont care since we are all going to die soon enough in a way that can be peaceful or dreadful  
    i dont know how to surf and i don't want to get eaten by sharks  
    i just want to relax a little and who knows, fate can choose for me to meet the person i want +1
    i dont want to read the minds of other people because they might be thinking of some thing you shouldnt see +1
    true love is the most powerful and wealthiest thing in the world besides USA XD  
    if i date a famous person ill get too much attention and cry on the bed every night because of that  
    i dont want to get my soul sucked by dementors nor be a muggle who doesn't get to experience any of these  
    soon enough we are going to become dictators because we get bored of ruling fairly  
    in the future there are time machines!!!  
    if you dont have internet then there are no phones(gasp)!!!  
    i should travel more and relax at the some time with fish... derp  
    i hate both  
    i would rather make a new habitable planet full of nutrition and resources that they get to but we dont so that when the end of our world comes they have the decision of whether to get a saber or save us;)  
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