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Do you prefer Baseball or Football 6 years ago 646 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Are you a boy or a girl Boy or Girl 6 years ago 332 votes 11 comments 0 likes
In the case you want to buy a game that cost 60$. Would rather... Exchange some of your old game to reduce the price of the game. or Keep all your games and pay the full amount of 60$ 6 years ago 529 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you think there should be a both button on rrrather? Yes or Nope. 6 years ago 787 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer: (FOR GAMER) Fps or Tps 6 years ago 302 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Are you waiting for borderlands 2? yes or Nope 6 years ago 371 votes 15 comments 0 likes
In which video game world would you rather live? Metroid or Zelda 6 years ago 314 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which one do you prefer Tennis or golf 6 years ago 700 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which series do you prefer? Mario or Zelda 6 years ago 376 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which one do you prefer Ocarina of time or Majoras mask 6 years ago 260 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which one do you prefer. Leia or Padme 6 years ago 305 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which one do you prefer? C3P0 or r2-d2 6 years ago 370 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Best? PC or Console 6 years ago 429 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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F..k GAGA 6 years ago  
Ok 6 years ago  
Ok so how and why did you do that? 6 years ago  
You put ''nolife9face" in the search bar of facebook and then you find my name. :p 6 years ago  
Yeah, I just discovered that early, but why did you search for my facebook. 6 years ago  
Yes it is... how you know that? 6 years ago  
Yes it is. 6 years ago  
A guy with a pussy is a girl. 6 years ago  
Smart pics placement. 6 years ago +4
Mario kart­ is better then evrything 6 years ago +1
It.s freaking pac man you can't see? 6 years ago  
I am going outside in 5 minutes thanks. 6 years ago  
NO incest please 6 years ago  
the wanted is pretty good 6 years ago  
None of them please 6 years ago  
Go take some sleep 6 years ago  
POUTINE= bestt meat in the world 6 years ago  
F..K ME RIGHT? 6 years ago  
Give head? 6 years ago  
I don't like the other picture 6 years ago +2
Bieber have kill no-ones. Hitler has kill 6 millions people 6 years ago +2
I an hula hoop for 10 sec 6 years ago +1
My room is small 6 years ago  
FFS Don't even understand the question. 6 years ago +3
The first one is akward but the other one is nasty 6 years ago +5
Stupid argumetn 6 years ago  
HELL NO 6 years ago  
I said yes just because i don't like the No message 6 years ago  
My ass 1000 better then you and lil sh*t 6 years ago  
You know you need to go to sleep 6 years ago  
I don't like LOTR but i know its an amazing movie. 6 years ago +1
You need to died ok 6 years ago  
Use it for what? To masturbate? 6 years ago +1
I knew you like sex... 6 years ago  
I kewe you like sex... 6 years ago  
009 sound system is pretty good 6 years ago  
Why? 6 years ago  
Yeah it's may be scary... 6 years ago  
I will run into im to died faster 6 years ago  
Screw you LOL 6 years ago  
If ist football, then we will have to call american football: handegg... ENOUGH SAID 6 years ago +2
Having D at 12? Its mostly amazing 6 years ago  
Funny, they are. 6 years ago  
Wrong one -_- 6 years ago +1
I will died right now 6 years ago +1
No cause i dont have a dog 6 years ago  
When you are happy and 10 minutes later you are mad for no reason. 6 years ago  
wario ware is just way better than mario and sonic olympics 6 years ago +1
No 6 years ago +3
He say that you don't die ok 6 years ago +3
This question is purely subjective... 6 years ago +2
i want to ba a marine i don't want to rape one. 6 years ago  
Just getting a kick in the balls is the worst feeling ever i dont wanna feel that. 6 years ago  
emulator is good but the feeling on a console is way better. 6 years ago +1
what is cabelas 6 years ago  
final was italy vs spain... 6 years ago  
I thought it was deaf because of the picture... 6 years ago  
Yes by money i mean credit but some shop give money it depends 6 years ago  
Why not. 6 years ago  
You can't see their is a old woman and a young woman in the picture? Watch closely and you will so. Think before you talk. 6 years ago  
both. We need a both button. 6 years ago +1
0$ x 2 = 0$ 6 years ago  
They never knew 6 years ago +2
pick randomly cause i am to lazy to read 6 years ago  
Read the questions 6 years ago  
I hopw you die. 6 years ago  
Yes but you put the tampon in you v so its give you an orgasm 6 years ago  
Die 6 years ago  
Trick: skip and then awnser 6 years ago  
You are already a retard 6 years ago  
So you like to have d..k in you V 6 years ago +1
Kill yourself please 6 years ago  
Just skip people 6 years ago +4
Cross the ocean like a baws 6 years ago +3
Sadly i cant change 6 years ago  
I click for emma watson. 6 years ago  
Jesus was real but GOD is not. I am an athéist. 6 years ago +3
you don't love both men and women 6 years ago +1
The bible is fake 6 years ago  
Borderldands 2 will be one of the best game of 2012 6 years ago +1
I did not really understood the question. 6 years ago +24
Emma watson = girl. Enough said. 6 years ago +2
So you are gay. 6 years ago  
actually the wanted is pretty good 6 years ago  
my dad 6 years ago  
Dont come here man 6 years ago +1
you are the clueless pricks 6 years ago  
stfu 6 years ago  
blue waffles ;) 6 years ago  
I have yo tell you the truth: god does not exist so does not hell and heaven. 6 years ago +1
funniest question ever 6 years ago  
I think actually they are brother and they want to see who is hotter 6 years ago +3
luke was a fawking badass 6 years ago  
loooool 6 years ago +1
kill yourself please 6 years ago  
you are a piece of sh*t 6 years ago  
you are mainstream 6 years ago  
your mom was easy 6 years ago +6
Blue waffle is a girl who have a extreme disgusting diesege to her vagina 6 years ago +1
obama is better then you. 6 years ago +2
hope you die. 6 years ago  
When you do abortion the baby is not alive he dosent feel the pain.... For all girls who say no to abortion i hopw you get rape and be stuck with the baby. For all boys who say no o hope you girlfriend get rape and you get stuck with the baby. 6 years ago +63
More constructive then you b*tch 6 years ago  
2 days is longer... 6 years ago  
STFU 6 years ago  
;) 6 years ago +3
I eat the blue waflle on the picture. 6 years ago  
I just love the star wars picture can you say me where you get it? 6 years ago  
I just chose british because of emma watson 6 years ago +8
I don't have an i pad, an i pod or a i pod touch and i have a perfect live. 6 years ago  
nintendo ftw 6 years ago  
worst question ever 6 years ago  
stfu 6 years ago  
You tube dominate you. 6 years ago  
You tube dominate you. 6 years ago  
wtf is lush 6 years ago  
try to have sex with a transformer 6 years ago +1
I awnser prequels cause i prefer them but BOTH OF THEM ARE EPIC!!!! 6 years ago  
so many death question wtf 6 years ago +3
Baby are annoying 6 years ago +7
star wars = best movies ever 6 years ago  
no mayo own the place. 6 years ago  
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