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    i am a girl 1 year ago +1
    justin is hoooooooooot 1 year ago  
    i wanna se what he will say.. 1 year ago  
    wrong one sorry lol i am a huge beliber and someone else can save them don 1 year ago  
    ugh i just want to be with justin so not really about the guitat 1 year ago  
    i love jutin more than ice cream 1 year ago  
    justin bieber has a better voice #way better 1 year ago +1
    ewwww noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she is annnnnooooyyyinnnnggg 1 year ago  
    there are way too much belibers and for all the people who say what crowd go to a f&cking justin bieber concert 1 year ago  
    jjjbbbb 1 year ago  
    you guys are mean what did he do? f&ck all of yah 1 year ago  
    you guys are crazy 1 year ago  
    cuuutteer 1 year ago  
    cuuutteer 1 year ago  
    you guys are pathetic how do you kill justin he is the best and his music is great do you guys know how much fans/money/cute / great personaltysjrvuhcjhij hjn fj hf mhj 1 year ago  
    So basically the person that made this means would you rather be in a frozen ice cube than die or be put in an oven @ max degrees oh and i have accidentally clicked on one 1 year ago  
    is it weird that i want to meet the devil and satan btw i already met zozo but at the same time i wanna meet god and jesus? weird i knoooow lmfao : ) : ) ; ) 1 year ago  
    uggghhhhh dont wanna be scared of how 1 year ago  
    wrong one crap 1 year ago  
    oouuu this one was tough i clickd on the wrong one anyway 1 year ago  
    falling feels wierd and hurts my stomach in plus i wanna see what earth looks like from the outside and no not from outside of my house lmao 1 year ago  
    crap wrong one : (( 1 year ago  
    nope ive done it before 1 year ago  
    i am already a prositute and a strippe soooo yeah ' 1 year ago  
    i wanna be great 1 year ago  
    teacher: okay class you wanna hear more. kids:yeah teacher: okay you asked kids: yaaayyyyy teacher:once upon atim not long ago she was ahoe she got aids and all kids: huuuhhh teacher: who wants to hear more kids: b%tch byeeee 1 year ago  
    cosmic journey bruh 1 year ago  
    sooo if i saw someone dead i would shoot htem just in case if i was a smart killer and how do you know its not a toy gun 1 year ago +1
    STEWIE IS A BOSS AND HE DON'T PLAY......... dexter ummm yeah he does get beat up by his little sister doesnt he hahahaha lol 1 year ago +1
    bowser scares me so i choose him 1 year ago +1
    i am the bomb at chess 1 year ago  
    so be a zombie? 1 year ago  
    yup 1 year ago  
    i would just kill myself 1 year ago  
    i hate depression already why would i want to spread it sorry 1 year ago  
    you can keep them alive forever and yourself 1 year ago +1
    i wnna be scary 1 year ago  
    heyy you got a chance 1 year ago  
    i am not a nobody sorry buddy oh wait yes i am well idgaf 1 year ago  
    yup basicly you can choose either one bc they are both toys haha lol 1 year ago  
    awesome 1 year ago  
    yuuupp 1 year ago  
    not really 1 year ago  
    im strong ill save both 1 year ago  
    wow 1 year ago  
    oh i get it you end up going to hell either way sooooooo 1 year ago  
    i already do have a boring life joking i just sleep all the time and eat and breath i wish i could stop breathing one day though uuugghhh who agrees with me 1 year ago  
    ill do it i am a true and rel friend 1 year ago  
    wrong one 1 year ago  
    what if it made me famous or rich ill do it and yeah it could be an excuse 1 year ago  
    it would look nice lol 1 year ago  
    idc 1 year ago  
    idgaf 1 year ago  
    the old man better be justin bieber in the future sh%t 1 year ago  
    i chosen the wrong one....... but yeah i can cill my mom like in a game. 1 year ago  
    lol ill her back to hahahahaha 1 year ago +3
    they never said how hard 1 year ago  
    IDGAF ia m already domb literly i am not a good speller lol i feel like i just said something wrong ohn well i dont have a DICKtanary how do you spell dicthionary or is i dickshanary lol whatevr 1 year ago  
    i don't like healthy and i am not going to be healthy just to die young shYt the b%tch that is unhelthy got some good boobs and probly got a nice a$s 1 year ago  
    i like to bite 1 year ago  
    i would love this omg can i get that 1 year ago  
    i want to be possesed at school by zozo so everyone can be scared sorry i am crazy haha 1 year ago  
    i want food 1 year ago  
    i love seeing things like that lol 1 year ago  
    kill all bad people and make sure some of the people i love never die but i will visit them evryday 1 year ago  
    i wanna restart but keep my memories so i can know whaat to do and what not to do 1 year ago  
    i will give it to the devil... even doe he is already dead haha lol joking no i would'nt sorry for some reason i would not do it lol 1 year ago  
    IDGAF 1 year ago +1
    date: NNNEEEVVVEEEEERRRR cause: NOTHING HAPPENDS 1 year ago +1
    hoe* 1 year ago  
    f%ck love i'll just be a how sorry man 1 year ago  
    not real just a movie lmao 1 year ago  
    you guys are stupid a show movie or book is acting you bums 1 year ago +1
    death is a promise and death is a f%&king lie so yeah i am depressed 1 year ago +1
    death is pretty lit and rock 1 year ago  
    defentley kill myself sorry god forgive me 1 year ago +2
    i wannabe remembered 1 year ago  
    ummm i wanna get scared lmao 1 year ago  
    i hope death is fun like int he movie book life haha lol 1 year ago +1
    the bat could be a fake balloon bat yahbums lmao 1 year ago +3
    they never said the nife haad to be through your skin or real 1 year ago +1
    nooopppeeee not livin a life like dat sorry 1 year ago +1
    i can do anything and i can try to talk to my friends and family by giving them sighn hahaha lol 1 year ago  
    i am sorry but i do not want to be lonely 1 year ago +3
    sorry i do not have that type of money and it could be someone i hate sooooo but whatever 1 year ago +2
    last words: the razers i self harm with are behind you.......................................................................................................... i'm going to hunt you : ) 1 year ago +1
    i could get money from doin dat sh*t i will be rich from that 1 year ago +3
    i am i'm scared thati will go to hell and burn for enternety 1 year ago +4
    you can't stop the old one that already happend but you can stop this one i mean i would but more people can die if there is an world war 3 like come on your dad could die like bruuuuhhh 1 year ago +2
    crap i clicked on the wrong one 1 year ago  

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