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    Shouldn't it be something like Super Smash Bros vs Marvel vs. CapCom? Both are fighting games that cross over with other companies. Plus, Mario Kart is a racing game.  
    All these flavors and you chose to be salty...  
    Saying a kickbutt line in Fast and Furious 6 or 7 or speaking to Paul Walker? Yes, please  
    More apps are for iOS  
    I look awesome without it  
    Why did so many people like this comment?  
    Rap God and Berzerk are amazing songs  
    World peace leads to the end of all hunger and disease  
    If i picked Japanese It would depend on which make: Toyota (no) but Mazda or Nissan (probably).  
    With basketball, there are no stoners or people sniffing Coke...  
    You, sir, are a turd face  
    Very true  
    At least with Fruit Ninja I wont feel like im killing a whole flock of birds.  
    Yes and no: i was spoiled persay because if i asked for something (doable), I eventually got it. I asked for a phone when I was 6, a laptop when I was 8, and a Wii when I was 8. I wasn't spoiled because, in my opinion, you would get the thing that you ask for, no matter how crazy or mean it sounds, immediately.  
    Meant to say Canada-there is no war. Australia bans every single video game in existance and has giant spiders that would make a grown man pee his pants  
    None of them they both suck. (Bentley & Mercedes Benz FTW)  
    We'd all have something similar to hate over  
    Is both an option?  
    Playing COD with Will Smith? Yes please.  
    Jennifer Lawrence, HERE I COME!  
    I wont be friend zoned by Harry  
    That depends: how much would they pay me  
    Both have spiders  
    Wealth might lead me to fame. Just ask Warren Buffett  
    It's my money, and I need it NOW!  
    Role model  
    To some people, a Corolla could look stunning. With a Koegnigsegg, its all about performance  
    Both suck  
    Lets go with that! :)))))  
    Say whatever you want. Obama was abysmal in the first debate, crushed him in the third debate, and beat the BRAKES off him in the 4th. +1
    Morgan Freeman here would like it  
    99% of video games arent banned in the US  
    When he was in the 3rd grade, he thot that he was gay cause he could draw, his uncle was, and he kept his room strait  
    It would be FartFest '14 up in this piece  
    I can now show my friends what a total Melvin this girl is, and prevent them from going out with her  
    Bottoms up!!!!  
    That means i can goof off and try to get past level 40 in Candy Crush  
    No brainer  
    I work a lot better on land. Also there are no lions in jungles. Smart one  
    Haters wanna hate...lovers wanna love...I dont even want none of the above i want to PISS ON YOU  
    I got to meet the doctor!  
    They can't change even if they tried, even if they wanted to  
    I'll answer this question once you learn how to right  
    how about never age AND never die!  
    I value sleep  
    Or Doctor Who?  
    Nerd alert. JK. Why isn't Knight Rider an option?  
    Insane version of Jennifer Lawrence? yes, PLEASE.  
    Only dance i can do is the Carlton dance :)  
    Im using Firefox right now  
    Ah dag man...  
    Boy, you must be on dog food. OBVIOUSLY michael jackson.  
    HAHAHAHAHA Romney pic LOL  
    Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Jesse Eisenberg, Vin Diesel; which one should i choose?  
    Dat right pic tho  
    Hakuna Matata FTW  
    Isnt that the truth?  
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