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im (not) a troll

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he has the skin of a bear 3 years ago  
nice pic 3 years ago  
well i guess it true 3 years ago  
i dont know what that means 3 years ago  
i can hide my condom in there then take them out when i need it 3 years ago +2
this is the wierdest question ever 3 years ago  
oui oui 3 years ago  
seems legit 3 years ago  
black 3 years ago  
it would be a wooden sppon like my mother did to me when i was yunger 3 years ago  
i can drink it after i have cummed in it :) 3 years ago  
wut 3 years ago  
im not sherlock 3 years ago  
good choice young chippewa 3 years ago  
funny 3 years ago  
whoooooo? 3 years ago +1
HE WILL KILL EVRYONE! 3 years ago  
canda! oh crapp i clickd the wrongd one! NOOOOOOOOOOO 3 years ago +1
iclicked thewrong onee. 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
father? 3 years ago  
omg, hey mom, i know you left me wen u were younger but pls com home dady mised you 3 years ago  
wuts the difference 3 years ago  
office 3 years ago +1
wuts watts ap/? 3 years ago  
hes ded. 3 years ago  
THE MOVIE IS BASED OFF THE BOKS STUPIDD source: Tomb Raider is a media franchise that began as a video game series and includes comic books, novels, theme park rides 3 years ago +1
i hear you buddy, get them while u can. find a gurl u luv then make babies and marry her/ 3 years ago +1
i think ive seen this one before... 3 years ago  
guns and bullets and bombs and explosives and... ya... 3 years ago  
more bears to fight off 4 fun 3 years ago +1
bill cosby 3 years ago  
more knawlege 3 years ago  
the papr is so thin i wud haf to tak more then 1 ;) 3 years ago  
i expected my dog would go poo once, i was right! 3 years ago  
hard 3 years ago  
i was so into this question i forgot to click one 3 years ago  
i duble dip 4 dayz 3 years ago  
its quite sad in my opinion 3 years ago  
i luv using vidy 3 years ago  
IS HE RELLY THAT TAL>!? 3 years ago  
what about trols/ 3 years ago  
so i can gogle myself 3 years ago  
.................................. 3 years ago  
wut 3 years ago  
i just live under my bridge 3 years ago +2
so i become latino 3 years ago  
i love cleaning up the mess of other people 3 years ago  
lol ya u are! 3 years ago  
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