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Hi, I'm Nikki!

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    I totally agree with you!  
    think you mean totally *not true  
    I totally agree with you, I think this question is great! +1
    Wow, really?  
    what about 9/11  
    it's not macintosh, it;s Apple +1
    I'm a girl, so lets go money  
    And you do know what happend on 9/11, come on 3 planes compared to one cruise. Than there have been 3 last year just near me, so point corrected.  
    Sure, like you're a superstar!  
    You're a motherf***ing stupid bratty b**tch  
    Actually Airplanes pollute the air more than Cruises pollute the ocean. Airplanes use up more fuel, therefore they leave more waste and that also causes Global Warming. I think you should know a little more information before you post comments like this. So cruise ships are the more eco-friendly way. Plus cruises are way more luxary and fun. A week out on the ocean to visit foreign places is way better than a couple hours in a plane to get to the place. Also on Airplane's there's turbulance and the last 20 minutes of the flight kill your ears. And I don't know about you but I fly first class and the service is horrible, the food is nasty, and I just can't stop thinking that we might crash. However, on Cruises we always have the biggest and most luxary suite and the service is extrordonairy, the suite is fabolous, and it is so much fun!! I always love to get off the the ship to see the great destination we've arrived to. BTW, you have bad taste in travel. +10
    The guy in step up was my dance teacher  
    I have both!!!  
    i'm Jewish, Hanukkah!!  
    I love my sister too much, too let her die  
    I fly from New York to Florida  
    Always in first class +22
    What, no it was actually Norwegian Gem, we had the biggest Suite with 8 rooms, a grand Piano, our own pool, hut tub, deck, butler, and massage char  
    I mean tfly on a plane +1
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