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    seduce ALL the guys! 7 years ago +2
    um thats paris... 7 years ago +13
    depends... what public bathroom? 7 years ago +1
    you would do your daughter? 7 years ago +20
    i like how they used those pics so miley would seems flat chested 7 years ago +3
    lol what social life? 7 years ago +3
    i would like step on people and everyone would hate me 7 years ago +1
    itll be fun and over quick and on the news lol 7 years ago +1
    crap clicked on the wrong one 7 years ago +4
    what kind of question is this..? 7 years ago +135
    pssh i coudnt get a rich boyfriend anyways 7 years ago +2
    neither did michael jackson lol! 7 years ago +4
    k um not jb, but at least i would know the truth 7 years ago +1
    well the choice was between never having sex at all and having it all the time. most of these people wouldnt want to be either, but still its a beautiful thing and so more than half or the *population of this world would rather experience it then die never experiencing it. 7 years ago  
    and male 7 years ago  
    so was like everyone else who wasnt white and rich 7 years ago  
    why cant i do both..? 7 years ago  
    but the baby itself will grow up to hate their own looks and feel ugly and distressed and lonely 7 years ago +2
    depends where i guess 7 years ago  
    you can also use surgery to remove fat or add shape to your body 7 years ago  
    i wouldnt do either but sniffing hurts yur nose 7 years ago +1
    but if you cant stop eating youll get reeeeally obese and also die. also you cant really breathe that well either 7 years ago +5
    no disease or famine? sounds gud to me... 7 years ago  
    wait how does he have toes if he has no legs 7 years ago  
    cause if you steal the other kittens acast he'll hat me forever!!!! D: 7 years ago  
    they have pretty female suits u know 7 years ago  
    polar bears are endangered, so i could go to jail 7 years ago  
    eh, she's learn better later. she'd prbly kill herself if she had no friends 7 years ago  
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