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    i dident have my first kiss yet  
    i LOVE gangman style  
    god exist  
    i like them both  
    i grow up with final fantasy +1
    im a 6 foot girl  
    verizon sucks for a family plan of 3 we paid 300 dollors a mouth but virgin molboi is better we pay 50 dollors a mouth for 3 of us  
    im movies there are girls with no shirt and no bra and theres really nothing reviling but with pants you know what i mean  
    i rock at rock band  
    i need my computer  
    i love singing  
    they make my but look awesome  
    i love dare or dare lolz  
    walmart gives me a headack  
    i have a single pierce  
    i love the xbox cuze you can download resident evil 4 and skyrim onine  
    farts are funny +2
    its worth to be alive so the human centipede p.s i love that movie  
    i dont like canada cuze thats where justin bebire is from the gross brat  
    perfume cuze then your beath smells good  
    work for somone else cuze you get payed more  
    i would want to know how i die because then i wount go and do the thing that cused me to die  
    i can talk in an australian acent  
    i love music  
    lodge reminds me of the shining witch scare me half to death  
    i love xbox cuze i can play the elder scrolls and resident evil 4 to download  
    good guys always win  
    just close all your curtins  
    i always wated to have fame  
    you can get a wig for hair loss  
    i play violin and thats a start  
    i love rain i think it pretty  
    i love gaming and i like unlimited gaming i love the elder scrolls skyrim  
    i pick geek cuze i love gaming  
    i like moving places but then you have to get a new job +1
    i love the hungry games  
    i like ninja  
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