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    if it was drowning in water my step sister can swim so no biggy  
    meet justin beiber so i can kill him, i think my option is now justified. +3
    tigers are fine if they are fed and you dont annoy them  
    i'd play the stock market +1
    i fly planes, you are more likely to die in a carcrash  
    i'd harpoon the shark and get other sharks to eat it while i swim away  
    frogs apparently taste of nothing or like chicken so im down with it +37
    party but not do drugs or get pissed  
    i dont have a phone  
    spain even know i got 2nd degree burns from the sun  
    water because they dont mention where it comes from  
    winter everyones in the room like damn its cold and im outside like jeez its so hot  
    arm because they make mech arms, yes please, i need more arm strength any way  
    i scuba dive, i see whats down there anyway and how would you drink without getting salt water in the drink  
    gassed because i have a gas mask but hung because its a one second thing  
    i can't do relation ships, its not me :/, im just such a depressing person :(  
    i could just sleep it off...  
    i'd die instantly in space, i've always wanted to know what earth is like first person  
    rap it is, but not for the girls, money or fame. Just because its good  
    i like music so i will live  
    im a guy, so win, win  
    neither, apple is crap  
    if they girls i can ya , know  
    a kid, teenagers do not count as adults yet  
    im a scuba diver so i win :P  
    1950, still got allot of ww2 stuff floating around, yes please  
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